What if everything you think you know turns out to be different?

The year is 2044. Humanity lives in a matrix of oppression that started in the year 2020. Unaware of the forces that hold the world in their grip, Simon works as a high-ranking civil servant within the Ministry of Truth in The Hague.

Then he is kidnapped by the resistance movement and discovers the truth.

What forces are running the government behind the scenes?

What role do extraterrestrial civilizations play in the galactic war in which humans are the playthings?

2044 the mystery of the fifth dimension

The path to love is our spiritual destiny

Love creates miracles, heals all wounds, and purifies all lower energies


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Lightworker, writer, meditation teacher, documentary maker and social multi-entrepreneur. For the past 10 years Robert has been studying ancient cultures, prophecies and writings that tell of the birth of humanity and the unfolding of the New Earth. Robert founded Bridgeman Lightworker Academy together with his wife Monique and is committed to the shift from 3D to 5D which humanity is facing now. Robert lives with his family at the retreat centre Terra Nova, in the middle of the mysterious Cathar country on the edge of the Pyrenees. He is actively involved in raising awareness of the consequences of, among other things, the bio-industry, the oppression of indigenous peoples, worldwide child abuse, situations in refugee camps and the increasing oppression of humanity. Robert also lectures and trains within larger organizations, banks and governments through his company Human Potentials to bring love and light where it is needed most.

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