Monday Inspiration

How wonderful, special and magical it is to be human! How extraordinarily special it is to be allowed to live a life!

👉 No matter how hard it is sometimes, there is always a bright side to it.
👉 No matter how beautiful it often is, there is always a shadow to it.

☯️ And if you can embrace yin and yang… And accept the impermanence of life.
When you can feel your pain properly without wallowing and embrace your pleasure without getting attached to it…. Then life is a wonderful adventure for the soul.

The soul makes no distinction between right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, pleasant and unpleasant. To the soul, your life is a magical lesson. And you are your Soul in the temporary manifestation of a Human! Enjoy it dear soul! The good times and the bad! Don’t take yourself, the world around you and what you experience too seriously.

Don’t take the sad and painful periods too literally. And don’t cling to the happy and sunny times. Everything comes and goes in life. And above all, let go of what others think of you. Also, souls who come here to learn lessons and enjoy!

The people who most oppose you when you stand in your light will one day awaken themselves. You’re a mirror to them.

And besides…

No one has a monopoly on truth. There are no books on the ultimate truth! The world around you may seem to have gone into a storm, but know that the storm will subside on its own. You can enjoy a storm too.

Life is like a roller coaster ride for from the soul’s point of view….

You’ve been on a lot of rides. And you’ll make quite a few more!

5 inspiration tips:
1. Life is short, intense and fleeting. Make of it what you can when it comes to work and private life, but don’t forget to live it and be it!

2. Help people and animals where you can. Do as much good as you can. Every action counts, no matter how small.

3. And above all do what you feel Passion for. That’s always true. Passion is the language of the Soul. And your soul knows exactly what your destiny is in this life…

4.Be grateful that you can have this experience. Especially in this time and place in the world.

5. And perhaps the most important:
Enjoy it.
Dear friends.
Enjoy it!

The highs and the lows. The beauty and the ugliness. In the end, it’s all illusion. And all is one.

Enjoy this fine week!

X Robert Bridgeman

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sometimes you're just done with it

Sometimes you’re just done with it

“Say Robert. What are you actually doing about the real problems in the world with your New Age drivel, what do you know about it?”

I sometimes get questions like this from people who see me on social media, but don’t bother to research my work. People sometimes think that being a lightworker means that you do nothing and that you only shine light and love. Nothing is less true. Being a lightworker = being a shadowworker.

That means transformation of the darkness within myself and my students and clients…. But also actively shining light on the unlit and the collective traumas in the world.

👉 Not from 3D fear, powerlessness and struggle (then you feed what you focus your attention on)

👉 But from 5D love and compassion. (then transmutes what you focus your attention on)

Large, collective traumas keep the vibration of humanity low and make ascension difficult. Their low vibrational fields send fear, pain and suffering into the Matrix. This affects us all… And in doing so, the suffering of so many living beings in this day and age is unnecessary. We can put an end to this together. We can meditate and be positive as much as we want to raise our vibration (which is also important), but as long as these sandbags are still there, our human ascension balloon will not come up.

I categorize the major traumas into THE BIG 5:
(In no particular order)
– Poverty and oppression of mankind as a whole
– Oppression of indigenous people like the Indians and Tibetans
– Refugees
– Bio-industry
– Child abuse and youth problems

In each of these fields I am active as a lightworker. People often don’t know that, because I don’t show it. I do not do this alone, but together with many brothers and sisters. I know very well that I don’t have to defend myself. But I am a little tired of the unfounded judgments. I’m just a human being too 😉 😉 I’m just a human being too.

For these reasons, for once I’m coming up with a list of some of my pursuits that are FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. 🕊 Not to get my hopes up, there are people who do a lot more and everyone does what they can. Well, to inspire everyone. You can do so much more as an individual than you think….

Here we go… What people don’t know about me:


That ten years ago my wife and I were walking around in slums in Vietnam and giving yoga and meditation lessons to the inhabitants of a garbage dump.
We also collected money for hearing aids for deaf children in Vietnam. For seven years now we have been actively supporting the Keti Utulie Foundation from Bridgeman so that the poorest people in Kenya can go to school and have food. That we have supported numerous smaller and larger projects over the years.

💫Indian oppression

That I stood there in Standing Rock, North Dakota when an oil pipeline was laid through the sacred land of the Sioux Indians and made the internet documentary More than a pipeline about it.

The docu is free to watch at:

That I subsequently sat at the table with the ING bank and ABN AMRO to persuade them to withdraw from the oil project. (The team and I were a small cog in a huge movement there by Greenpeace and countless others, among others). Both banks got out.



That I built ovens in a refugee camp on Lesbos, distributed breakfast and did odd jobs for Because we carry (photo). That my wife Monique took care of pregnant women in the Moria camp on Lesbos for two weeks. That 29 volunteers through the Bridgeman Foundation network have gone to Lesbos to help. That we as a Bridgeman network raised around €100,000 for Because We Carry


That the team and I worked for four years on making the bio-industry visible in the Netherlands and:

🐄 Wrote the book Quitting Meat
🐄 And made the 7-part internet documentary Quitting Meat.

The docu is available for free at:

💫Young people

That our ANBI foundation Bridgeman Foundation has now been offering sponsored transformation pathways for sensitive young people who are stuck for five years.

More info

💫Suppression of humanity

That I am a behind-the-scenes questioner for journalists and influencers who want to know more about the real situation like, for example, the Satanist Child Abuse Networks.

And that in blogs, posts on Facebook and Telegram and my Paravisie column I do not mince my words about what I observe in the world at this moment.

That I participate in (online) peace meditations and contribute in many ways through our free platform From 3D to 5D

That I spent 10 months writing the book 2044 to help people see what is going on right now, the reality we are heading towards and the different choices we can make right now. 2044 The mystery of the fifth dimension

To me, that is Lightwork. For me, that’s shining light in the dark.
Hard work for freedom. With your feet in the clay.


For the dear people who think something of me on this subject, I have the following question:
“What do you actually do for people and animals in need?”

X Robert Bridgeman


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Manifesting from the heart

Everything is made up of atoms, atoms in turn are energy and energy is manifested Consciousness…. All 50 trillion cells in your body are made up of energy and thus are manifested Consciousness. All thoughts, beliefs and emotions are energy and therefore manifested Consciousness…. All the people around you, all the stuff and even all the experiences are energy and therefore manifested Consciousness….

Everything in and around us is consciousness. And Consciousness can be influenced by… your consciousness. Both consciously and unconsciously.

You unconsciously create your reality in every moment. Because you unconsciously influence the Conscious. When you see through this, you can start to consciously influence Consciousness. And with that, you can consciously shape your life. In all respects…

For example in terms of work, home, family and social, but also in terms of spiritual development, finances and your contribution to humanity.

The trick is not to do this from your lower ego. From your will, mind and lego, you can manifest a beautiful life for yourself. But will it make you happy? Does it give you any real satisfaction?

Chances are, you won’t. Because you manifest what you think makes you happy. Not what really suits you. And connect with your destination…

When you manifest from your Heart it becomes a different story. Your Heart is the gateway to your Soul and your Soul is the Bridge to Source…. When you manifest from your Heart, you create a reality that fits the authentic you. That matches your destination.

Then life becomes a magical adventure full of synchronicity and miracles.


X Robert Bridgeman

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Homage to dying

🕊A tribute to Marije*🕊

Death… can be terrible for those left behind, but a blessing for the deceased. Right? Or is it more nuanced? Last Saturday I visited Marije* in a Dutch hospice. She has a form of cancer and wanted to meet me before she goes. I was in Holland just that week and felt it was important to respond to her request. In her peaceful room, Marije and I talked about death and her dying process. The lovely employees of the hospice let us be. Marije told me that the closer she came to death, the less frightening it became for her. She perceived a bright light and a warmth. But when she got further away from death, she found it scary again.

And that’s it… Fine and scary at the same time. Partly because of the many testimonies of people with a near-death experience (for example from the work of Dr Pim van Lommel), we know that death is a transition to a much finer place than here.

The soul knows this… Not the personality. He’s scared. Afraid of what it might leave behind. Afraid of the pain of relatives. Afraid to let go… It is not for nothing that almost all spiritual currents talk about letting go and detachment. The dying of the personality before physical death is considered a high good in most spiritual teachings.

If you can let go in life, you can let go in death. And death is beautiful… Countless times I was allowed to see her with dying people, or with those who had died. I was allowed to experience her countless times in the many reincarnation sessions that I underwent and conducted with others. Countless times I entered the light during unity experiences. Countless times I’ve spoken with the deceased in healing sessions, or in my children’s bedroom…

There’s nothing scary about death. I know. And yet… when I think of my own death. Then I think especially of letting go of my wife and children. The idea that my boys would have to grow up without a father gets to me. I’m not afraid of death. Not for a long time… But I am afraid to leave my children alone.

And that’s why I feel so much compassion for Marije, who will be doing that in the near future. That is… if no miracle happens.

🕊And of course you can always do that.🕊

We discuss that once she gets over to the other side, she will have tremendous wisdom and insight. That she will then understand her life on a deep level. The point of her dying, and the reason her children should be motherless so young, will unfold before her when she is over…. I explain to her how her ancestors will be waiting for her on the other side. Death is basically the taking off of the physical body, but the rest remains for a while. Over there on the other side.

Finally, the deceased goes to the Light where the information and energy from the emotional body, mental body and personality structure merge into the karmic (causal) memory. This information and energy then goes back to the next life as karma. But you don’t have to go straight to the Light. You may choose to stay a while. To support your loved ones. As so many do…

I told Marije she could stay with her children after she died. To support and protect them. I advised her to get a code with them. That if she blinked a lamp twice, for example, her children would know it was her. The dead are like electric fields. They can affect electricity like in a television or a lamp. And signal with it. They can also communicate directly with the living. Only not everyone can understand them… Marije and I did a healing where we asked the light of the Source to free her from trauma, fear and pain. She softened and relaxed. I shared a 2500 year old Buddhist technique with her: the Metta meditation. That comes down to sending love. Love to her sick organs, love to herself (ouch, tricky), love to her loved ones and love to the world. Sending love is the best she can do right now.

And she does. That sweet, brave Mary.

Reflection… I’m not going to die yet. If it’s your time, it’s your time is my belief. And I intend to make it to 104. (If that doesn’t work out, I’m okay with that too). A luxury position I realize when I look at Marije. Marije doesn’t know how long she has left. An agonizing uncertainty for the personality. A resignation for the soul. A struggle for her between those two opposites. Her children are left in good hands. She wrote cards and letters for them that they get when they reach a certain age. And she’ll be there for them herself. Over there on the other side. She will watch over them and support them when they are struggling.

And if the light flashes twice… They’ll know Mum’s around.

X Robert Bridgeman

*Marije is of course a fictitious name.

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Spirituality does not mean being without ego

There was once a time when spiritual development was about escaping from illusion. The Buddhists wanted to escape from the wheel of samsara to Nirvana. The Cathars and Gnostics wanted to escape from the counterfeit creation to the Pleroma. The non-dualists of the Advaita Vedanta wanted to escape from dualism to unity. They wanted to get out of here. Out of the matrix prison that imprisoned the Buddha Nature, the Divine spark, or the I AM. Out of illusion, into Paradise. But we live in a very different time these days. The vibration on Earth is many times higher than it was a thousand years ago. Spirituality is no longer about fleeing from the third dimensional matrix of fear, into the fifth dimensional matrix of love and light. Spirituality at this time is about bringing the fifth dimension of light into the third dimension of fear….

We have to do it here. In the body. The ascension is no longer that of the individual… But those of all mankind and Mother Earth… We are all on our own journey in this ascent process. No one is enlightened. No one has been fully realized… Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

The human ego is on a journey. Of identification with body and personality. To identification to Higher Self and Soul. And eventually, even identification with the Source… But ego remains ego. It is an illusion to think that ego can be transcended in this incarnation.
Or that it should… Ego is as it were a means of transportation with which the soul travels through this time/space dimension. It’s about reprogramming your ego. From fear to love… From separateness to unity… From taking to giving… Imagine if all people on Earth reconditioned their ego from fear to love…. From LEGO (lower ego) to HEGO (higher ego)

What would the world be like then?
Would there be any more suffering?
Would there still be child abuse?
Would there still be refugee camps?
Would there still be a war? Would there still be a bio-industry?
Would there still be deforestation and environmental pollution?
Would there still be oppression? Of course not.

People who live in a consciousness of wisdom, love and compassion cannot abuse or oppress others. That is bringing the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension. That is what spirituality is all about these days. We’re not people trying to be spiritual. We are spiritual beings of light who are allowed to discover what it is like to be human.

Real man.
Loving person.
With a touch of darkness.
And a lick of compassion.
With a touch of ignorance.
And a pinch of lego.

People living together in harmony and love.

With himself.
With each other.
And with Earth.

That’s spirituality.

X Robert Bridgeman

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You feel it’s not right…

As a child, you learn that logic, facts and evidence are important in life.

What you feel is far less important than what you think.

You learn to suppress your feelings with your ratio.
Suppressing your heart with your head.

That makes you susceptible to illusions and lies.

The heart lives in reality.
The head lives in a dream.

And then when someone says there’s a virus and you have to follow all kinds of measures, you do.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Despite the fact that your heart tells you that nothing is right and you feel that there is more going on behind the scenes than you can understand…
You’re in anyway.

And if you speak out about your feelings, you’ll be called out for voting, for unfounded conspiracy theorists. Someone who bases his or her opinion on emotions rather than the hard facts.

But the facts are not so hard at all. The facts are from the head.

The head which is very limited in language…

Can the head give a description in language of the taste sweet?
No, the head can’t…

Can the chief give a description of the color blue?
No, the head can’t…

Can the head give a description for the feelings love, or happiness
No, the chief has no idea.

Taste, colour and feelings can only be experienced. Don’t describe it.

And if the head already has no idea of what tastes and colors really are, what does the head actually know about them?

In spiritual development you learn to go from head to heart.
You learn to experience reality instead of thinking it.
You learn that feelings are the language of the soul.

Of course, the head is a handy navigational tool.
But it can never take the place of feelings.

And you have to learn to feel.
It takes years of meditation, transforming your traumas and blockages and other practices before your feelings are crystal clear and you can trust your intuition.

But you can trust your feelings now.
And listen to your inner compass.

That’s where reality lies.

As John Lennon said:
“The more real you become, the more unreal the world becomes.”

The more you rely on your feelings, the more you will see through reality. And the less susceptible you are to the illusion of facts and logic.

Facts, logic and reason thus become tools that you use to substantiate your feelings. Instead of the other way around.

I wish you much intuition.

X Robert

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Manifesting from the heart

Manifesting is done in every moment. You create the reality you live in. How? Through the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel, but especially from your karma from other lives and your belief systems. That could serve you, sure. Maybe you have a really nice life. With everything you could possibly want. But… maybe something is gnawing deep inside? Or do you have the feeling that you never really get around to doing the things that you would really like to do?

Many people live a life that runs parallel to the life for which they feel deep inside that they came to Earth. It looks like it, but it’s not. When you realize that you yourself are manifesting your life, it makes perfect sense that it would go that way. You manifest your existence unconsciously from your conditioning. What does that mean? That old karma dictates your life, supplemented by the beliefs and ideas you downloaded from your parents and other educators.

As long as you do this unconsciously you will always end up at the same point in your life. Over and over the same people, similar events, over and over the same painful lessons.

However, there is a deeper part in you that can take you down a completely different path. The entrance to that part is your heart chakra. The heart is the gateway to your Soul. And your Soul is the bridge to Source. Imagine that, instead of being able to manifest from cause and effect and the conditioning of your parents, you could manifest from the connection with Source within yourself? Would that change anything in the life you lead? Yes, of course. Consciously listening to your deepest inner self is something completely different from unconsciously fumbling around based on your conditioning.

Even if you are someone who sets conscious goals every year and knows what you want. Still the question is, from where do you want this? From your depth? Or from the idea you have of how life should be. Do you follow my will, or thy will? In short: do you live from your ego, or from your core.

Learning to live consciously from your deepest Source is a lifelong process. It requires you to dissolve your conditioning piece by piece and work through your karma piece by piece. Until your core becomes visible. Compare it to an onion that you peel off, layer by layer. Besides that you can already connect with the Source in yourself through for example meditation, psychedelics, crystal codes or geometric activations. The more you connect yourself to your Source, the higher your vibration from within becomes.

The more old conditioning and karma you let go of, the more your true self emerges. You become more and more aware and get to know your Soul’s desires. And then you are consciously manifesting from your heart. Then you can start living the life you had planned for yourself before you were born. With all the prosperity, satisfaction and happiness that goes with it. It’s not that life is all roses and moonbeams then, I don’t want to create that illusion. Hard work, setbacks and pain are part of existence.

Are you triggered by this story? Soon we will start a 4-part online course Manifesting from the Heart. To help you discover the deeper desires and wishes within yourself for the new year 2021. To set goals, not from your head and ego, but from your heart and Soul and perhaps directly from your deepest self. The course will give you the steps for manifesting from your heart, but also go in depth to transform the most prominent manifestation blockages. Then you learn to listen to your Soul and I teach you the formula for conscious manifestation in your life.

Live long and prosper!

X Robert

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There is quite a bit going on in Europe. People take to the streets en masse in Vienna, German cities, Paris, London, and in Dutch cities.

No matter how peacefully they try to protest (drinking coffee) there are all kinds of groups -with their own agendas- that disrupt the peacefulness with brute force…

So what’s the solution?
If you can no longer safely walk the streets to express your opinion, what is left of a democracy?

We find that struggle, begets struggle. No matter how peacefully you protest against something, the moment you protest against something, you are already in the polarity.

That’s why the Women for Freedom demonstrations worked so well. They stand FOR freedom rather than against the system. They sing and laugh and have fun. Not a trace of violence.

When I directly or indirectly call for civil disobedience I am NOT talking about protesting something. NOT to fight about it.

But about standing from love and peacefulness FOR what you believe.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be done in the streets.
🕊Peacefully stand up on social media.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be done at the ballot box in March.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be in conversations you have.
🕊Peaceful rising can be in books you write, columns and articles.
🕊Peaceful rising can be done with film, speeches, live messages and video.
🕊Rising peacefully can be done simply by embodying it.

Peaceful rising can be done in so many ways.

When I talk about people like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, and Mahatma Gandhi, I mention them because they all recited how to peacefully manifest what you believe in.

But they are not the only examples.

Just look at people in the Netherlands these days like; Tijn Touber, Maarten Oversier, Peter Toonen, Lisette Thooft, Bonnie Bessem, Elske Falkena, Jan Bommerez, Ariëtte Loeffen-in Het Veld, Altazar Rossiter, Davy Diekstra, Denise Diekstra, Ennio R Senese, Frank Ruesink, Geert Kimpen, Michelle Shanti, Michael Pilarczyk, Niels Brummelman, Nicole E. Zonderhuis, Sanne Burger, Anna Zeven and so many others who, each in their own way, are committed to peaceful solutions.

In the end, this all takes place in 3D and 4D. The solution is a mass ascension to 5D.

That ascension has been written in countless prophecies for thousands of years.

It also says that before it gets better, it gets worse, chaos, turmoil, fear.

In my view, the best thing we can do consists of two elements:
1. Keeping your vibration high (also by facing your own demons). If enough people do that worldwide, we’ll pull the rest of humanity into 5D with us.
2. Peacefully shine your light on the unlit. Where you see abuses, where people and animals are suffering.

It’s just a matter of holding on now.
👉 From staying in your core.
👉 Of standing by what you believe in.
👉 Of having respect for other truths.
👉 For dialogue instead of discussion.
👉 Of keeping the humor up, no matter how hard that can be….

Standing up for PEACE is always a good thing.

Whatever you believe.


Loving greetings,
Robert Bridgeman

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Now, if we all accept this…

That we are spiritual beings playing the role of human beings.
Unlimited, self-healing and powerful.
The pandemic will be over soon.

So do it all.
Even if you don’t believe it…

Then pretend to.

Not to yourself!

For the elderly.
Or to relieve the care.
Solidarity, huh? Come on.
We’ll work it out together.

Just try it and then three months to see what the effect is.
Everyone has to participate. Otherwise it won’t work…

What do you say? Not scientifically based?
No, but neither are lockdowns, curfews, mouth guards, keeping your distance and closing businesses, right?

That’s all right.
We’re just gonna try it for three months.

And if we all do that….
Watch this.

Why not give this measure a chance?
We have nothing to lose.

So I suggest.
Starting tomorrow.
Does everyone believe he’s a spiritual being in the temporary guise of a human being.
For three months.

Let’s see what the effect is.
Everybody, join in!
Good luck!
I’m looking forward to it already!!!

See you tomorrow!


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In the footsteps of the Cathars

In the Ariége valley, near the town of Tarascon, lie the Église caves of Ussat. Allegedly the initiation caves of the Cathars.

In the three official sources on the Cathars, the caves are not mentioned.

But then again… those were written by Catholic writers. And the Catholics were precisely the ones who exterminated the Cathars with their 120-year crusades and inquisition…

So how reliable is that information?

In the 1940s, a former school teacher rediscovered the caves.

They had been hidden for seven hundred years.

He discovered that an entire cave system was used to live and work in.

The Cathar parfaits, the puren, were the priests and bishops of the Cathar church. They lived and studied in these caves.

A life of chosen poverty, chastity, detachment, prayer and meditation. Very similar to that of Buddhist monks.

When you go deeper into the caves, you will discover the seven-chakra caves. Seven rooms, connected to each other by narrow corridors.

Meditating in the pitch-dark heart chakra room is a life-changing experience. And chanting in the high crown chakra room is breathtaking. Maybe one day you’ll come with me…

It is seven hundred years since the last known Cathar parfait was burned.

Legend has it that after seven hundred years the laurel will bloom again.

This time is that of the resurrection of the Cathars.

The Cathars were the bearers of the Christ consciousness that they passed on through the Consolamemtum.

This time is that of the new consciousness.

Aquarius, or the Christ Consciousness.

It’s no coincidence that we live an hour away from the initiation caves…

I feel the burning inner call to go deeper and deeper into Catharism and to be instrumental in the resurrection of the Cathars.

And Soul Desires you have to follow.

I teach others.

And so do I.

Today (Saturday) we go to Montségur. The last stronghold of the Cathars, where the last Cathar church was located. It was destroyed in the year 1244 by the Catholics.

I’ll be going live from there this afternoon I think.

To be continued.

X Robert Bridgeman

voetsporen der Katharen

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