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2044 The secret of the fifth dimension

The year is 2044. Humanity lives in a matrix of oppression that started in the year 2020. Unaware of the forces that hold the world in their grip, Simon works as a high-ranking civil servant within the Ministry of Truth in The Hague.

Then he is kidnapped by the resistance movement and discovers the truth.

What forces are running the government behind the scenes?

What role do extraterrestrial civilizations play in the galactic war in which humans are playing?

Start living lighter today

Start today with lighter life by Robert Bruggeman is the handbook for anyone who is looking for a way in the maze of spiritual teachers, courses, websites, movements and traditions that all claim to have the truth. By mapping out his own quest and sharing it with you, Robert gives you a valuable guide so you can find out what does and doesn’t work for you. It’s about getting closer to your core. That you become (even) more authentic. That you discover the power of vulnerability and embrace meaning and wisdom in your life. All of this will put you on the path to a truly lighter life.

The essence of transformational coaching

This book is written for all coaches (in training), healers, psychologists and other professional practitioners who want to grasp the essence of transformational coaching and show their clients the path to self-actualization.

Transformative coaching is about self-development in its breadth. The whole person is approached holistically and work is done on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This form of coaching has been emerging in the Netherlands in recent years.

Stop eating meat

An honest story about the production and consumption of meat.

Disturbing reports about the production and consumption of meat are the order of the day. And after the horse meat scandal in 2013 and the 20,000 pigs that were horribly burned in a mega stable in Gelderland, more and more Dutch people are questioning the product meat. Yet we continue to eat it en masse; why do we do that? This book is about the future of our food, health, environment and animal welfare. Robert Bridgeman goes into Stop eating meat looks for the answer and offers a wide range of possibilities for those who want to reduce or stop eating meat.

Start breathing today

In Start today with breathing Robert Bridgeman and Marleen van den Hout give you all the tools you need to optimize your quality of life with the help of a whole new breathing method. Breathing techniques come in all shapes and sizes.

Breathing specialists such as Iceman Wim Hof, Ukrainian scientist Buyteko and sports coach Koen de Jong each have their own perspective. But what if there was a technique that you could put under all these techniques to make them even more powerful? A low-threshold method that helps increase your health, energy and stamina and on top of that helps you find yourself again on a deep level?

Start meditating today (book)

Start meditating today is an invitation from Robert Bridgeman to make your life happier and healthier NOW! With this booklet + cd you will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, which has been scientifically proven to contribute to self-confidence, resilience and happiness.
With Start meditating today you will learn about the effect of meditation on your brain and gain insight into the secret of breathing. With the help of the CD you will be guided by Robert Bridgeman in your meditation process so you can be sure that you apply the technique of mindfulness mediation and breathing in the right way.

Start living lighter today (handbook)

Robert Bridgeman teaches you in his book Start today with lighter life, handbook for a conscious life in a conscious way to follow your own (life) path. Robert Bridgeman hit a personal crisis in 2008, losing his job, home and wife in a short period of time. He recovered miraculously quickly and came out much happier and healthier.

He wanted to know how this was possible and went looking for the reasons behind all those positive life-changing experiences. In Start Today with Lighter Living, Robert Bridgeman shares his worldwide quest through 33 religions, mystics, traditions, and methods. From Eckhart Tolle to Deepak Chopra, from yoga to Shamballah, from Iceman Wim Hof to Search Inside Yourself by Google: Robert Bridgeman underwent it all at the source.

Rest. Secret recipe for quality of life

Life is getting busier and busier. More and more stimuli, information and things that demand your attention. Smartphones, media, deadlines. In a week, you will receive as much information as you would have received in a lifetime a hundred years ago. It’s clear that the hustle and bustle is at the expense of something. continuous sth.

is detrimental to your quality of life. To unwind you go on holiday, perhaps to a faraway place, but is that really necessary? What if you could experience peace here and now? When you’re busy, but you don’t have to worry anymore? You understand how your brain and nervous system work and you have the right techniques to experience more peace? And how do they actually provide peace and quiet within Google? This book teaches you to integrate peace into your life in order to live more relaxed, more intensely and more consciously.

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