The documentary, by Dutch filmmakers Robert Bridgeman and Lex Olthof, tells the story of a scientific investigation on Kilimanjaro. From the perspective of researcher Robert Bridgeman who guides a group of 22 climbers to the summit. What would it be like if a group of untrained climbers climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without any medication, using only breathing techniques? Hoe would this group of climbers deal with altitude sickness symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea?

Mt Kilimanjaro Africa

Robert himself had already participated in a climbing expedition led by Iceman Wim Hof in 2014. They climbed Kilimanjaro in shorts and within 48 hours to demonstrate the power of breathing techniques, cold training and mindset. The expedition members had been trained for six months or more. This inspired Robert, as an adventurous consciousness researcher, to scientifically demonstrate the power of breathing techniques.

When Robert was asked to guide a group of entrepreneurs from Zwolle in breathing and mindset to climb the Kilimanjaro, he saw his chance.

It was a group of entrepreneurs who had taken the initiative to push their boundaries for a number of good causes.

The expedition was accompanied by professor of cardiology Dr. Arnoud van ‘t Hof. He and fellow expedition initiator Marius Nijland were inspired to link scientific research to the expedition. They wanted to investigate what the effects of breathing techniques would be on a group of untrained people who were exposed to altitude for long periods of time. Because of the two groups they had a research group and a control group at their disposal.

Bridgeman: “I want to show that breathing techniques are equal (or perhaps even superior) to, in this case, the altitude sickness drug Diamox. If this can be demonstrated, what other drugs can be replaced by bodily techniques such as breathing?”.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible. My special thanks go to the 22 entrepreneurs from Zwolle for the invitation.