Projects of the Bridgeman Foundation

To support his mission, Robert established the ANBI Bridgeman Foundation in 2015. Together with the foundation board and the project leaders, he is committed to a world in harmony. Bridgeman Foundation is based on the principle that there is enough on this planet for everyone and pursues the end of suffering and a world in harmony. Bridgeman Foundation projects are characterized by creating awareness and sharing wealth.

Bridgeman Foundation is committed to people, animals, nature and Mother Earth in difficult circumstances and/or situations. The foundation carries out projects that create or increase social awareness and collects donations for projects that contribute to the welfare of people, animals, nature and Mother Earth.

Bridgeman Foundation works to eliminate the Big 5 Global Challenges. These are all consciously maintained vibrational fields that slow down the collective increase in vibration of humanity.

The Big 5 consists of the following vibrational fields:

  • Wars and refugee issues
  • Nature conservation
  • The bio-industry (with 6.2 billion animals slaughtered for consumption every year)
  • Oppression of indigenous peoples (like Indians and Tibetans)
  • Children & Young People

Of course, there are countless larger and smaller low-vibration fields to think of on Earth. Bridgeman Foundation commits to these five with concrete projects.

A Million Trees

Bridgeman Foundation works together with Because we Carry, an NGO on Lesbos that Nature is essential for the liveability of the earth. Trees produce oxygen and forests provide space for animals and plants.

The extreme logging of recent years in Europe leads to problems when it comes to health, air pollution and the environment.

A Million Trees wants to contribute to the quality of life on our planet by preserving and replanting a total of one million trees. For current and future generations.

Our mission is to purchase 1,265 hectares of land for the management and planting of 1 million trees. And preserving the natural landscape for the benefit of a rich bio-diversity of animals and plants.

Refugee issues

Bridgeman Foundation works together with Because we Carry, an NGO on Lesbos that tries to keep the refugee camps there livable for fugitives. In 2019, Bridgeman Foundation raised €70,000 for BWC and sent 29 people to help on the ground. Robert and his wife Monique both went to the scene as volunteers. More information about Because we Carry:

Bio-industry & Nature conservation

Together with a passionate team Robert made the seven-part internet documentary Stoppen met vlees. This documentary uses interviews with scientists, specialists, people from the livestock industry and well-known Dutch people to illustrate the situation in the Netherlands regarding the consequences of meat consumption on the eco-system, animal welfare and human health. More information:

Oppression of indigenous peoples

Along with cameraman Lex Olthof, Robert traveled to North Dakota U.S. in 2018 to document the largest Native American uprising ever. A pipeline was laid through sacred land and after 500 years of oppression, it was enough for the 600 tribes in America. 12,000 people gathered on the prairie near Bismarck in a huge tent camp. Robert and Lex made the internet documentary More than a pipeline about this event. More information:

Children & Youth

Especially for young lightworkers Robert, Monique, Foundation Bisonte, Margreet Verrij and Bibian van Drie developed the youth program Inside Out. Young people from 16 to 24 years old work on themselves online and offline, using techniques and methods from the Bridgeman Method. More and more young people are sensitive and intuitive. They feel ‘different’ and therefore unfortunately often less than others. One may suffer from fear of failure, withdraw, be unable to concentrate or have an angry outburst; another may worry a lot, suffer from compulsive behaviour, become sad or suffer from depression. Because of fear of judgement and/or rejection, these young people have carefully created masks to adapt to the world around them. With all its physical, emotional and psychological consequences. So it’s high time they learned to live instead of survive. And to change the feeling of ‘being different’ into being able to be yourself completely. The INSIDE OUT Youth Programme gives young people this opportunity! More information:

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