Need a partner for awareness in your company?

Do you work within an organization that is open to awareness, or are you a conscious entrepreneur, or director? In 2014, Robert founded the company HUMAN Potentials with his associates. The mission of HUMAN Potentials is to move the consciousness of organizational leaders and professionals from fear, power & control to love, wisdom & compassion so that organizations contribute to a sustainable world in harmony. We work for organisations that invest in a sustainable working environment with self-confident, mentally vital and resilient employees. Our HUMAN methodology consists of consultancy, in-company training, open registration events, coaching, a book to be published, train-the-trainer training and community.

HUMAN Potentials helps professionals get the most out of themselves through consciousness growth. Our trainings are packed with brain science, effective breathing, concentration, mindset and self-management techniques. We inspire and activate professionals to become and be the best version of themselves. And that reflects on their surroundings, both privately and professionally. That is why we do not believe in a Human Resources approach but in HUMAN Potentials.

Human Potentials works with banks, various governments and media companies, among others. For more information:

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