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The road to the New Earth is an inner road. Another name for New Earth is the Fifth Dimension. It starts from the inside…

Within ourselves we dissolve ignorance and suffering. The more people free themselves from within, the faster humanity can be freed. What you focus light and love on from a high level of consciousness, transmutes (is converted into a higher frequency) and disappears. This is how it works inside yourself, but also in the illusion matrix around you that we call the world. We therefore shine our light on the events of the illusion.

We see the wars, we see what is happening in China, we see the oppression, the child porn networks, the child oppression of indigenous peoples, the horrors of bio-industry. The growing nets that are stretched around humanity.

More and more people are waking up in the fourth dimension. And go see what’s going on.

As John Lennon said, “The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets.”

The energy in the world is intense at the moment, because humanity as a collective is going deeper and deeper into the fourth dimension. Everything becomes visible. It is important to give problems attention from love, so that problem areas transmute into love. Never give attention out of struggle, or fear, that only feeds. More and more people understand that.

And look:

🙏One child pornography network after another is broken up.
🙏The attitude towards oppressed peoples is changing.
🙏People are becoming more aware about the effects of meat consumption.
🙏More and more people are starting to see through the illusion.

Just to name a few things.

So much goes right on earth!

Seeing through the illusion is the foundation of spiritual development.

🧘♂️Buddha saw through the 7 veils of ignorance held around humanity by Mara, the king of illusion and freed himself.
🧘♂️Jesus saw through the devil when he said, “the god of this earth is Satan.”
🧘♂️The Cathars saw through the deception of the Catholic Church.
🧘♂️The Gnostics saw through the Yaldaboath that controlled this world.
🧘♂️We see through the Reptillian elite who oppress humanity in the present.

Whatever the darkness is called; Mara, Satan, Yaldaboath or Reptillians, it can only exist with our approval. We create him in ourselves and our liberation can ultimately only take place in ourselves.

We’re not there yet. That is why we are launching a new project soon. A contribution to the New Earth.

I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Liberation Day!

I so hope that the children are freed too…


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Spiritual Warriors

Yesterday I posted a fictional and humorous story about a lightworker who stood at heaven’s gate and was judged for not doing enough for people and animals in need. It was a funny story, but every joke is a cue.

This morning I posted the following message, “While evil runs its course, good sits at home meditating.” I had my reasons for that too. Tonight the denouement of this campaign.

The idea?

Bringing spirituality back to the way it once was….

Recently I had a nice conversation with a journalist. He noticed that spiritual people are getting more and more involved in social issues these days. He thought that was remarkable. Wasn’t spirituality all about self-development and breaking away from society? I think that’s the world upside down…

More spiritually awakened people

There are more spiritually awakened people than ever (logical, given the transition to Aquarius). But they do less for society than ever before. Let me explain what I mean. Really, I know that many of you do advocate for the poor, weak and sick. I know that many are standing up for the light in many ways. But we can do so much more together.

Take a look at spiritual people in Asia. We can learn so much from them… I lived in Asia for almost two years and during that time I looked with admiration at the social commitment of Buddhist monks, Indian yogis and Thai healers.👳♂️ What a commitment…. What a commitment… What compassion…

🧘♂️In the photo, for example, you see Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức burning himself to death on June 11, 1963, in protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the then Catholic Vietnamese government.

🧘♂️The Indian people who peacefully freed themselves from the British. Led by their spiritual leader Gandhi.

🧘♂️The Tibetan Buddhists have been fighting side by side with their people against the Chinese since 1950.

🧘♂️As we speak, Buddhist monks and nuns in Myamar are fighting alongside the population against the regime.

And by fighting, I don’t mean standing around waving a sword. 🤺

They fight by helping others. By standing up for the weak. By sacrificing their own lives and bodies for those in need. For what is right. For the light Of course, their own development comes first. Most of them have the black belt meditation.

🙏Tibetan Rinpoche’s I met meditated in a cave for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

🙏Other monks and nuns I visited locked themselves away for meditation 3 months a year. It’s a regular thing.

But when it comes down to it, they stand their ground. It used to be the same here in Europe. Magicians, monks, nuns, sorcerers, preachers, witches, healers, seers and oracles were important parts of societies throughout the ages.

🔥Partly because of the burning of witches from the 14th to the 18th century, we have become more cautious here in Europe.🔥

Stand up as a lightworker

This burning of witches was a strategic move by the church and the nobility at the time. The women were the precursors of a huge popular rebellion against the Catholic Church and the nobility at that time. By denigrating rebellious women as “witches” (now an honorary title) and punishing them with water tests and burnings, the power of the spiritual female rebellion was broken by the nobility and the church. We still notice this today. Spiritual Westerners are generally self-focused and don’t dare to do much. And that is quite understandable given the past, but also a bit of a shame. Because especially spiritual people could do so much by standing up from love and light for what is good. Now I hear you thinking. “Yes nice all, but those Buddhists had actual people in need to fight for in Vietnam, Tibet and Myamar.” Then I say in turn, we have many more people in need to stand up for. And not just people, but animals… There are so many people and animals on earth who suffer.

👉 More than 2 billion people and children living in poverty (also in the Netherlands)

👉Hundreds of thousands of people and children in refugee camps.

👉27 million slaves on earth right now

👉Millions of children trapped in sex networks

👉Indian people suppressed

👉 The Tibetans and Palestinians who are oppressed

👉6 billion animals eaten per year

👉 Countless species going extinct

👉 Not to mention the oppression of humanity by the 1% elite and their dark masters.

I could go on like this for a while. These are all people and animals for whom we can make a commitment. And there’s so much we can do. It really doesn’t have to be grand and enormous. Every little bit helps…

A few suggestions (for inspiration):

🕊 Give spiritual teachings, healings, etc. to people who need it for little or nothing

🕊 come together with a group of fellow lightworkers one evening a week to send light and love to crisis areas

🕊Write posts, blogs, articles, books, etc. About abuses you see

🕊make videos, movies, documentaries, etc. About abuses you see

🕊 Help an elderly neighbor with errands and chores

🕊 Do voluntary work at the food bank

🕊 buy a cart of groceries for a poor family

🕊Go spend a week helping out in the refugee camps on Lesbos with Because We Carry (or donate to them)

🕊 Go to a poor area and help 1 family to a better life

🕊post on social media about the oppression of the Indians, Uyghurs and Tibetans, for example

🕊 Stand there when Women for Freedom organizes another meeting

Raise money in your network for a foundation that you are sure is doing good work

There’s so much you can do. I’m sure you guys can make many more suggestions in the comments.

You know,

My message is actually simple.

True spirituality is caring for the weak. Assisting the sick and standing up for what is right. It always has been and it always will be. Bob Marley once said when asked why he worked so hard, “The people who are trying to make the world worse don’t even take a day off, how can I?”

🌎If we all stay home and do nothing and we let the oppressors, rapists, human traffickers, animal torturers and other servants of the dark have their way, the world will remain as it is now…🌍

There’s nothing wrong with darkness, but everyone agrees that darkness and light are a bit out of balance. It is partly up to us to restore this balance. Let us be careful that spirituality does not become a sport of self-gratification, where it is only about one’s own development, transformation and ascension.

😇 Of course self development is mega important.

😇Naturally, it is essential to transform your inner darkness.

😇Naturally, you continue to raise your vibration.

Raising your vibration is a means

However, they are not ends, but means. Resources to serve others with. In Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisattva concept exists. This is someone who is already enlightened and actually liberated from the wheel of birth and rebirth (The Wheel of Samsara). Despite his, or her enlightenment, the Bodhisattva comes back to earth.

Why? Because the Bodhisattva is not finished until suffering is abolished for all beings. That’s compassion…

True compassion is seeing suffering in another and the inner burning desire to help resolve that suffering.

🙋♂️Self development is the foundation you need to be able to help others.

🤷♀️Not an excuse to create a wonderful comfort zone for yourself.

🙇♂️But a tool that you can use to serve others from compassion. As an instrument…

Sorry to bolt, but I see it happen too often.

I don’t want to offend anyone either. 🤓

These posts are really not for making you feel guilty. Or to trigger your spiritual ego.

These posts are a sincere call to get back to practicing spirituality the way it was meant to be practiced.

💫We are the instruments through which the light comes.

💫Our own practice has cleansed us as a channel.

💫Through us, light can shine into the lives of those who suffer, those who are poor, those who need help.

💫For people, children and animals in need.

Let’s get back to doing what we came here for.

🔥I’m really not calling on you to set yourself on fire as a protest against anything.

🤺Or that you have to go over your limits.

🤷♀️Or that you should give yourself away.

I don’t think so. Just take care of yourself. And take good care of others who need it. I invite you to look from love and compassion at what you can do for those others. To stand up for what is right. So that, in addition to your own development, you can also dedicate yourself to people and animals in need. Out of love and compassion. Then together we can move towards a world in harmony. To a New Earth. A Terra Nova.

We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Be the change!

As the Indians say:

‘For the good of all.

To support all life

Yet, and for the next 7 generations.’

A cosmic hug from me!


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A book you want to read in one sitting.

The book 2044 is a novel, but in addition so incredibly exciting. Robert manages to intrigue me with his book. A book you can’t put down anymore.

What does the year 2044 look like?

The world has been going through a lot of changes lately and now that we are in a pandemic I was very curious to see how Robert sees the world in 2044. What changed? What does your humanity look like in his experience? But above all, how do we behave? Robert creates with his way of writing a very clear picture of how it could be. While reading I experience how he meant it. Maybe it’s because I’m totally in my own bubble while reading this book or because of his way of writing.

In any case, humanity lives in a matrix of oppression. Fake news is spread and people who want to get to the truth are labeled as geeks or wackos. Via a chip in our right hand we can regulate things. On your arm you have a tablet with which you can make calls and arrange things. In the cities there is a dense smoky atmosphere and the sunlight is almost invisible. Gives me the creeps. You don’t want to live like that, do you?

With an open attitude and an open heart

Lightworker, healer and transformation coach training. The first thought I get, this is probably a book to convince me. Written by a goat-socks type. Not something I’m proud of, but even I sometimes have preconceived notions about things I have absolutely no understanding of. But I decide to read this book with an open mind and an open heart. My Christian faith has taught me that you must be open to everyone. An open attitude will bring you so much more than a closed attitude full of criticism. This book 2044 I’m going to give a chance, because I’m incredibly curious what’s in it.

tough reading 2044 book review

It totally sucks

From moment one I am intrigued. A red-headed minister running to another building because he saw something. After every page I want to read more. Learn more. I even look things up while reading. Fortunately, he has a glossary so I can read back what is meant there as well. Simon works as a civil servant for the Ministry of Truth in The Hague and when a movie pops up that could ruin everything, Simon’s life changes too.

He is kidnapped and discovers the truth. After each chapter, I want to continue reading. You just want to know what else is going to happen and which way it’s going to go. In my head, I’m making my own movie out of the book 2044. How awesome would it be if this was actually made into a movie? That’s what this book deserves. It is so incredibly well written and the story makes you think.

Robert makes you think about the world

While reading this book, I think about how I see the world now. There’s so much going on around us. Actually, the things that happen in the book 2044 are already happening. There are countries that already practice censorship. In those countries you are not allowed to say what you think. How bad would it be if this happened all over the world? Do we look at each other with love or is it mainly envy? Awesome questions worth thinking about! I also watch the media. Are we being told everything, or is censorship already taking place in the Netherlands? That is exactly what Robert wants to achieve with this book. Mission accomplished.

A lot of new information

Reading this book 2044 gives me new insights, but also an awful lot of new information. Robert knows a lot about the different religions. Regularly I see things from the Bible come back in his book. After each chapter there is a QR code that you can scan. You’ll end up at a video on Robert’s site. This will give you even more information, inspiration and food for thought. This book is so much more than a book. It gives you new insights, it inspires, but above all it makes you think. You don’t put it down until you’ve read it all the way through. Everyone should read this book.

Via Book Inspiration of Stoerleesvoer

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Let’s Go 5D

The control net spans humanity more and more…
Vaccinations, 5G, nanotechnology, implanted chips, social distancing, one world government, destruction of contact professions.
Slowly but surely, the control model developed in China is being rolled out across the rest of the world.
Everything is done to keep man in a low 3D vibration…
With might and main, man is prevented from realizing who he really is.
And liberate themselves in the fifth dimension.
Everything is done to keep people in the illusion of separation

In fear of suffering and death…

👉 But you’re not afraid of death at all….

👉 You haven’t eaten frikandells for years either….

👉 And you see through the lies….

👉And you see razor sharp how the darkness is trying to keep humans disconnected with all the so called “measures”….

Without illusion of separation, fear of suffering and fear of death, what would be left of this pandemic? Nothing… People wouldn’t fall for it anymore. So…
What can you do to make a difference? Simple really…

5D life. What’s that?

🕊 Living in connection with yourself, with others and with Mother Earth.

🕊 Working on your spiritual development.

🕊 working on transforming the dark pieces within yourself.

🕊 Going to live in small Tribes and communities, inside, or outside the cities.

All over the world, beautiful cities of light, peaceful living communities, spiritual centers and city tribes are emerging in which people live 5D lives in connection with each other. Like we do here at Terra Nova. All these people together keep the 5D field on their piece of Earth. And all those pieces together form a 5D Grid of light and love across the planet. The more of us start living 5D, the stronger that Grid becomes. The faster the quantum leap to 5D of all humanity can take place. The result is a world in harmony.

Therefore: Let’s go 5D!

It’s up to us.

X Robert Bridgeman

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When the dam breaks

The below post from Light Flash touches me.
This is what I live for:
“When the dam breaks,
all children are freed.
And the whole matrix collapses.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
It gets better, different, freer.
The past proves the future.
History is replaced
by the truth.
All hearts open out of free will,
the veil is removed,
so we can finally get our
can see their own greatness.
The earth is transforming,
man makes a process
of evolution by.
The intention of life
goes from money to welfare.
Disease disappears through healing
and healing.
We’ll have to get used to it.
and all our old habits and
to let go of patterns.
Which in itself is not a problem
has to be when you find yourself
allows you to follow your good feelings.
We will be amazed
in amazement,
and ourselves as human beings again
to invent.
Many inventions that make life
of mankind,
will emerge
after sometimes 100 years of oppression.
The energy on earth will change completely,
the frequency and the vibrations
bring balance, harmony and equilibrium.
Sensitive people will see this immediately
as they can sense the energies
of recent years have also
can feel.
Lighting, space, breathing,
embrace, welfare will be the new
Because we have a whole new world
go in and invent new ones
ready to be taken into our world
there is much to learn.
New ways of thinking,
new experiences, new knowledge
and wisdom, insights and inspirations.
What we have time for
to discover because money is no longer
is what drives us.
The tension goes off, from the body,
of the mind, of the soul.
Something you can’t even imagine
can make in this day and age, when you
look around you and you’ll see none of this
big change.
Of all the messages sent to me
have passed, the theme is always,
if the dam breaks, it’s done.
And that relies on divine timing.
But everything is ready.
It’s going to take a lot of people
who can help others
a shock, people who
feel, people who listen,
people who care from the heart.
This is the time to feel which
side you’re being pulled on.
What are you doing here at this time?
Because for the time to come
you are here on Earth.
Ready the hands
from the sleeves,
to throw open your heart and your
to bring love into the world?
It’s safe.
There are many of us.
Speak up and follow your heart.
And be willing to learn.”
Author: Flash of Light
Let’s go 5D!

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Homage to dying

🕊A tribute to Marije*🕊

Death… can be terrible for those left behind, but a blessing for the deceased. Right? Or is it more nuanced? Last Saturday I visited Marije* in a Dutch hospice. She has a form of cancer and wanted to meet me before she goes. I was in Holland just that week and felt it was important to respond to her request. In her peaceful room, Marije and I talked about death and her dying process. The lovely employees of the hospice let us be. Marije told me that the closer she came to death, the less frightening it became for her. She perceived a bright light and a warmth. But when she got further away from death, she found it scary again.

And that’s it… Fine and scary at the same time. Partly because of the many testimonies of people with a near-death experience (for example from the work of Dr Pim van Lommel), we know that death is a transition to a much finer place than here.

The soul knows this… Not the personality. He’s scared. Afraid of what it might leave behind. Afraid of the pain of relatives. Afraid to let go… It is not for nothing that almost all spiritual currents talk about letting go and detachment. The dying of the personality before physical death is considered a high good in most spiritual teachings.

If you can let go in life, you can let go in death. And death is beautiful… Countless times I was allowed to see her with dying people, or with those who had died. I was allowed to experience her countless times in the many reincarnation sessions that I underwent and conducted with others. Countless times I entered the light during unity experiences. Countless times I’ve spoken with the deceased in healing sessions, or in my children’s bedroom…

There’s nothing scary about death. I know. And yet… when I think of my own death. Then I think especially of letting go of my wife and children. The idea that my boys would have to grow up without a father gets to me. I’m not afraid of death. Not for a long time… But I am afraid to leave my children alone.

And that’s why I feel so much compassion for Marije, who will be doing that in the near future. That is… if no miracle happens.

🕊And of course you can always do that.🕊

We discuss that once she gets over to the other side, she will have tremendous wisdom and insight. That she will then understand her life on a deep level. The point of her dying, and the reason her children should be motherless so young, will unfold before her when she is over…. I explain to her how her ancestors will be waiting for her on the other side. Death is basically the taking off of the physical body, but the rest remains for a while. Over there on the other side.

Finally, the deceased goes to the Light where the information and energy from the emotional body, mental body and personality structure merge into the karmic (causal) memory. This information and energy then goes back to the next life as karma. But you don’t have to go straight to the Light. You may choose to stay a while. To support your loved ones. As so many do…

I told Marije she could stay with her children after she died. To support and protect them. I advised her to get a code with them. That if she blinked a lamp twice, for example, her children would know it was her. The dead are like electric fields. They can affect electricity like in a television or a lamp. And signal with it. They can also communicate directly with the living. Only not everyone can understand them… Marije and I did a healing where we asked the light of the Source to free her from trauma, fear and pain. She softened and relaxed. I shared a 2500 year old Buddhist technique with her: the Metta meditation. That comes down to sending love. Love to her sick organs, love to herself (ouch, tricky), love to her loved ones and love to the world. Sending love is the best she can do right now.

And she does. That sweet, brave Mary.

Reflection… I’m not going to die yet. If it’s your time, it’s your time is my belief. And I intend to make it to 104. (If that doesn’t work out, I’m okay with that too). A luxury position I realize when I look at Marije. Marije doesn’t know how long she has left. An agonizing uncertainty for the personality. A resignation for the soul. A struggle for her between those two opposites. Her children are left in good hands. She wrote cards and letters for them that they get when they reach a certain age. And she’ll be there for them herself. Over there on the other side. She will watch over them and support them when they are struggling.

And if the light flashes twice… They’ll know Mum’s around.

X Robert Bridgeman

*Marije is of course a fictitious name.

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You feel it’s not right…

As a child, you learn that logic, facts and evidence are important in life.

What you feel is far less important than what you think.

You learn to suppress your feelings with your ratio.
Suppressing your heart with your head.

That makes you susceptible to illusions and lies.

The heart lives in reality.
The head lives in a dream.

And then when someone says there’s a virus and you have to follow all kinds of measures, you do.
Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Despite the fact that your heart tells you that nothing is right and you feel that there is more going on behind the scenes than you can understand…
You’re in anyway.

And if you speak out about your feelings, you’ll be called out for voting, for unfounded conspiracy theorists. Someone who bases his or her opinion on emotions rather than the hard facts.

But the facts are not so hard at all. The facts are from the head.

The head which is very limited in language…

Can the head give a description in language of the taste sweet?
No, the head can’t…

Can the chief give a description of the color blue?
No, the head can’t…

Can the head give a description for the feelings love, or happiness
No, the chief has no idea.

Taste, colour and feelings can only be experienced. Don’t describe it.

And if the head already has no idea of what tastes and colors really are, what does the head actually know about them?

In spiritual development you learn to go from head to heart.
You learn to experience reality instead of thinking it.
You learn that feelings are the language of the soul.

Of course, the head is a handy navigational tool.
But it can never take the place of feelings.

And you have to learn to feel.
It takes years of meditation, transforming your traumas and blockages and other practices before your feelings are crystal clear and you can trust your intuition.

But you can trust your feelings now.
And listen to your inner compass.

That’s where reality lies.

As John Lennon said:
“The more real you become, the more unreal the world becomes.”

The more you rely on your feelings, the more you will see through reality. And the less susceptible you are to the illusion of facts and logic.

Facts, logic and reason thus become tools that you use to substantiate your feelings. Instead of the other way around.

I wish you much intuition.

X Robert

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Spirituality does not mean being without ego

There was once a time when spiritual development was about escaping from illusion. The Buddhists wanted to escape from the wheel of samsara to Nirvana. The Cathars and Gnostics wanted to escape from the counterfeit creation to the Pleroma. The non-dualists of the Advaita Vedanta wanted to escape from dualism to unity. They wanted to get out of here. Out of the matrix prison that imprisoned the Buddha Nature, the Divine spark, or the I AM. Out of illusion, into Paradise. But we live in a very different time these days. The vibration on Earth is many times higher than it was a thousand years ago. Spirituality is no longer about fleeing from the third dimensional matrix of fear, into the fifth dimensional matrix of love and light. Spirituality at this time is about bringing the fifth dimension of light into the third dimension of fear….

We have to do it here. In the body. The ascension is no longer that of the individual… But those of all mankind and Mother Earth… We are all on our own journey in this ascent process. No one is enlightened. No one has been fully realized… Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

The human ego is on a journey. Of identification with body and personality. To identification to Higher Self and Soul. And eventually, even identification with the Source… But ego remains ego. It is an illusion to think that ego can be transcended in this incarnation.
Or that it should… Ego is as it were a means of transportation with which the soul travels through this time/space dimension. It’s about reprogramming your ego. From fear to love… From separateness to unity… From taking to giving… Imagine if all people on Earth reconditioned their ego from fear to love…. From LEGO (lower ego) to HEGO (higher ego)

What would the world be like then?
Would there be any more suffering?
Would there still be child abuse?
Would there still be refugee camps?
Would there still be a war? Would there still be a bio-industry?
Would there still be deforestation and environmental pollution?
Would there still be oppression? Of course not.

People who live in a consciousness of wisdom, love and compassion cannot abuse or oppress others. That is bringing the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension. That is what spirituality is all about these days. We’re not people trying to be spiritual. We are spiritual beings of light who are allowed to discover what it is like to be human.

Real man.
Loving person.
With a touch of darkness.
And a lick of compassion.
With a touch of ignorance.
And a pinch of lego.

People living together in harmony and love.

With himself.
With each other.
And with Earth.

That’s spirituality.

X Robert Bridgeman

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Manifesting from the heart

Manifesting is done in every moment. You create the reality you live in. How? Through the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel, but especially from your karma from other lives and your belief systems. That could serve you, sure. Maybe you have a really nice life. With everything you could possibly want. But… maybe something is gnawing deep inside? Or do you have the feeling that you never really get around to doing the things that you would really like to do?

Many people live a life that runs parallel to the life for which they feel deep inside that they came to Earth. It looks like it, but it’s not. When you realize that you yourself are manifesting your life, it makes perfect sense that it would go that way. You manifest your existence unconsciously from your conditioning. What does that mean? That old karma dictates your life, supplemented by the beliefs and ideas you downloaded from your parents and other educators.

As long as you do this unconsciously you will always end up at the same point in your life. Over and over the same people, similar events, over and over the same painful lessons.

However, there is a deeper part in you that can take you down a completely different path. The entrance to that part is your heart chakra. The heart is the gateway to your Soul. And your Soul is the bridge to Source. Imagine that, instead of being able to manifest from cause and effect and the conditioning of your parents, you could manifest from the connection with Source within yourself? Would that change anything in the life you lead? Yes, of course. Consciously listening to your deepest inner self is something completely different from unconsciously fumbling around based on your conditioning.

Even if you are someone who sets conscious goals every year and knows what you want. Still the question is, from where do you want this? From your depth? Or from the idea you have of how life should be. Do you follow my will, or thy will? In short: do you live from your ego, or from your core.

Learning to live consciously from your deepest Source is a lifelong process. It requires you to dissolve your conditioning piece by piece and work through your karma piece by piece. Until your core becomes visible. Compare it to an onion that you peel off, layer by layer. Besides that you can already connect with the Source in yourself through for example meditation, psychedelics, crystal codes or geometric activations. The more you connect yourself to your Source, the higher your vibration from within becomes.

The more old conditioning and karma you let go of, the more your true self emerges. You become more and more aware and get to know your Soul’s desires. And then you are consciously manifesting from your heart. Then you can start living the life you had planned for yourself before you were born. With all the prosperity, satisfaction and happiness that goes with it. It’s not that life is all roses and moonbeams then, I don’t want to create that illusion. Hard work, setbacks and pain are part of existence.

Are you triggered by this story? Soon we will start a 4-part online course Manifesting from the Heart. To help you discover the deeper desires and wishes within yourself for the new year 2021. To set goals, not from your head and ego, but from your heart and Soul and perhaps directly from your deepest self. The course will give you the steps for manifesting from your heart, but also go in depth to transform the most prominent manifestation blockages. Then you learn to listen to your Soul and I teach you the formula for conscious manifestation in your life.

Live long and prosper!

X Robert

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In Process


Fierce trials over the last three months.

My father is in the process of healing his family karma through reincarnation therapy.

And I resonate full force.

His healing process is my healing process and I have no choice but to go along and do my own inner work on this piece.

For 12 years now I have been doing deep inner process work with myself. But nothing I’ve worked through before has been as intense as this one.

I’m going for it, too, I have to say. In the run-up to the publication of 2044, I find it wonderful to be able to heal a large piece of (family) karma. That just makes me a better channel and instrument when it erupts next.

Session after session I undergo. With my teachers and mentors, with colleagues and friends.

I’m working through pieces I didn’t already know in relation to my father, my grandmother, my great-grandparents, some relevant past lives and much more.

A rain of insights pour over me day after day. Meditating, contemplating, writing, talking about it with like-minded people. (Besides work and family of course) And sometimes just dive into a movie, socials, cigar moment, or book. It’s all part of the process.

But how heavy it feels… Everything hurts. My chest area, my stomach, my back, my shoulders… and I’m tired… exhausted…

Process work is not necessarily nice if you’re in the middle of it. I have no desire or energy for anything. I don’t look the part to me (which is totally ok). I feel run-down and saggy. It’s just what it is and it’s all part of the game.

Inner process work is not a quick fix either.

Everything is felt and lived through.

There is no other way to achieve true integration.

It’s also very nice and rewarding in a paradoxical way….

It’s like I’m simultaneously allowed to slog through the mud and swim in a tub of champagne.

But I enjoy it intensely.

It gets even brighter inside.

Go deeper and deeper.

And, uh…

I know I’m doing this for the generations before me and for myself.

But especially for the generations after me. My sons and their descendants.

Deep thanks to my wife Monique, the children, my brother and partner Hans Wijnen the Bridgeman team, the Terranovians and all the friends and family who give me so much love, support and space.

And to all the facilitators who help and support me in the processes.

And of course a big thank you to my parents for making this possible by doing their own inner work.

I have a feeling we’re going to see a few more big floors in the next few weeks….

X Robert Bridgeman

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