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I didn’t understand people

Ever since I was a kid I didn’t understand people. I marveled at the way people treat each other and the world.
I couldn’t reach it…
As a five-year-old, I once exited the Paris metro with my parents and brother. We walked onto the place du centre Pompidou and the first thing I saw was a female beggar with a sleeping child. I spontaneously started crying and begged my mother to do something about it.
🌏The difference between rich and poor has always been a mystery to me. That there is 1% of rich people who are getting richer, while billions of people are suffering and getting poorer
And for the rest of us to let it happen…
Was a big mystery to me as a kid.
I grew up with a grandfather who taught me how to watch birds. And experiencing nature.
We went out together with binoculars and I remember that I wanted to be a forester in those days….
🌍The continued deforestation of jungles, the extinction of animal races, and the ongoing pollution of the oceans and air made me watch the news in bewilderment as a child.
During my adolescence, I often had discussions with friends and family members. I didn’t understand the world. Why all the war? Why hurt each other so much? Why treat nature this way?
Nobody knew…
By now I myself had become tougher as a result of surviving at school and in a society that I did not understand.
The little boy who didn’t understand any of it was locked up in a tough shell….
After my awakening 13 years ago, the little guy resurfaced. He was just sitting there.
Once we had rolled up those tough protection mechanisms together, he and I found each other again.
Still neither of us understand much about the world.
🌎For example, I don’t understand how anyone could kill another human being. Let alone groups of people.
🌎The whole concept of waging war in which rulers, formerly kings, now politicians, fight out their interests on the backs of soldiers and civilians strikes me as such a strange thing.
🌍I don’t understand how anyone can rip off another person. Let alone groups of people.
🌎How people within large corporations can market their products knowing they are spreading cancer through their addictive sugars, carbs, meat and tobacco….
I’m in way over my head.
🌏I don’t really understand how anyone could kill an animal, except maybe in a survival situation.
What I do understand is when someone poaches out of poverty. But the person who then buys the dead animal products I don’t understand.
No judgment, but lack of understanding…
I believe that people are essentially love.
So why do we put each other and the world through so much trouble?
Not every human being is a physical body is essentially light.
For thousands of years we have lived in a low consciousness of power and fear.
The third dimension, the Piscean age, Kali…
There are just as many unlit beings incarnated in a human body as there are light beings….
This created two groups:
(This is not polarization, but information)
πŸ‘‰There are human beings who love life.
πŸ‘‰And there are human beings who love death.
Both groups have an equal right to be here.
The second group perhaps even more so than the first at the moment.
Just look at the basic design of Creation.
It’s about death.
The Flower of life, the symbol for 3D reality, is called the Daisy of death.
The rabbit is eaten by the fox…
The salmon is caught by the bear…
The gazelle calf is devoured by hyenas…
The sick zebra is slaughtered by two lions…
The house sparrow is torn to shreds by the buzzard…
Nature itself is ruthless.
Isn’t it logical then that humans are too?
The Europeans exterminated the Indians as much as possible…
The Chinese are destroying the Tibetans…
Population groups destroyed each other in Rwanda, Israel and the former Yugoslavia…
Aren’t sufferings like the refugees on Lesbos, the Uyghurs in Chinese camps, the destruction of Syria, ritual child abuse in Europe, censorship on social media, and the oppression of Native Americans just part of it?
Part of the Daisy of Death?
From that perspective, I am beginning to understand humanity.
Destruction is ingrained in basic human programming.
It’s hardwired into the DNA…
The Cathars believed that humanity was made up of Souls who had been captured from the original Creation (Pleroma) into this counterfeit Creation (Kleroma).
This hologram, this illusion, this matrix…
According to the Cathars (and other Gnostic movements), the creator of this matrix was Satan, Lucifer. The devil.
(Demiurge, or Yaldaboath)
In order to prove that this was not so and that the creator of this reality is a merciful good god, the Catholic Church then brutally exterminated the Cathars to the last man with crusades and inquisition.
In doing so, the Church has, for me, proven the Cathars right forever.
The creator of this illusionary world is the Devil who pretends to be God.
If we assume that we live in a counterfeit creation created by the Lucifer, then suddenly everything becomes clear.
Then we understand the Vatican, then we understand the Illuminati, then we understand the World Economic Forum.
Then they’ll understand why the cute little bunny has to be devoured
And why the wars must be fought.
The refugee camps are explainable.
But what are we lightworkers doing here?
Our predecessors, the Cathars, like the Buddhists, were only concerned with getting out of the cycle of rebirth in this illusion.
They had a pure lineage to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and passed on their holy spirit through the Consolamentum, the laying on of hands.
They thus had, just like the Buddhists with meditation, a method to return to the original Creation.
Cathars went through the Consolamentum to the Pleroma…
Buddhists went through the enlightenment process to Nirvana…
Freedom of the Soul.
What do we do with these insights in this day and age?
What is the meaning of our existence as lightworkers, if we have incarnated into a dark illusion from which our predecessors fled?
πŸ•Š Times have changed.πŸ•Š
The vibration is different than it was 1000 years ago.
Spiritual development in this day and age is no longer about finding a way out of illusion through enlightenment, Pleroma, or Nirvana…
The vibrations on Earth have become so high that the Crystal field, the Universal Flower of life, has become available to all.
If you think of the Flower of Life as the 3D consciousness…
And the Crystal field as the 5D consciousness…
Then let them both be there.
They are equally important.
We’re bringing 5D into 3D.
In doing so, we are making an opposite movement and bringing enlightenment/Pleroma/Nirvana into the illusion.
We bring the Crystal field into the Flower of Life…
So that all people can awaken to a new consciousness.
A consciousness of unity, love and compassion.
Together we will bring God’s kingdom to Earth.
So that this illusion of separation dissolves and becomes one again with the original Creation.
I think that’s our mission this round of life.
(And the next few rounds, too, maybe.)
Let’s go 5D! All of us this time!

Robert Bridgeman

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