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There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven

There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven

There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven. It was literally heavenly there. A wonderful light surrounded him and he had already greeted his deceased ancestors.

Around him was an atmosphere of love and freedom.

An enormous light being lovingly welcomed him. “Glad you’re here. First, we’re going to go through a questionnaire to see which Heaven’s Gate you get to enter. The big one, or the small one.” said the creature.

The lightworker was happy and satisfied with his life. He had done well. In his practice as a coach and healer he had helped countless people. His articles and books inspired thousands. He had contributed considerably to the vibration of humanity, he thought.

“Good” said the creature kindly, looking interestedly at the questionnaire. “There we go with question one:

What have you done to reduce the power of the 1% richest in the world and redistribute wealth to all people?”

Startled, the lightworker looked at the creature. He didn’t know what to reply. “Not much I understand” the creature said forgivingly. “Then we go to the next question; what have you done to stop the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of children a year, with horrific things happening to them?”

Struck, the lightworker looked at the ground that was made up of clouds. “Um… um…” the light being looked at him hesitantly. “Again, not much. Fine, question three: What has been your role in reducing the suffering of people in refugee camps?” Again an empty look in the eyes of the lightworker.

The creature began chewing on her pen somewhat nervously. “Reducing the six billion animals slaughtered annually in the bio-industry?” The light being looked at the lightworker a little more intrusively now. “Then have you done anything for the Indians, the Palestinians, or the Tibetans who are so oppressed?” No response. “Maybe you’ve done something to stop the deforestation of rainforests? Or the pollution of oceans and air? No, either?”

Slowly but surely, the light being begins to lose her patience a little. “Dear lightworker, have you done anything to prevent wars, or help people in poverty? Or reverse the oppression of humanity? Have you shone your light on the wrongs of the world, or at least written something that would inspire others to do something about it?”

The lightworker feels tears welling up. He didn’t expect this. He thought he had done well. By setting up a successful practice after his awakening and retraining as a healer. By meditating a lot and influencing the vibration of the collective positively. By not paying attention to the negative things in the world. Because what you focus on grows. That was the answer! “Er… Ma’am” said the lightworker menacingly. She looked at him tenderly. “I just didn’t focus my attention on that, because what you focus your attention on grows.” There, that was it. He was pleased with himself.

The light being accidentally broke her pen. Just like that, the thing snapped. Pity, it was her favourite pen. She felt a shiver go over her wings and decided to remain very patient. Breathe in…. Breathe out… She looked straight into the lightworker’s eyes. “My dear fellow, you’ve been misinformed I’m afraid.” She said.

“What you pay attention to grows, you say… This is true in the third dimension of consciousness. Because attention in that dimension is often charged with struggle, or anger, or fear. Then, when you focus your attention on something, you are indeed feeding it.

But from the fifth dimension of consciousness, it is different. Because attention is then charged with love and compassion, you TRANSMUTE the very thing you are focusing your attention on. You turn it into love, you know?” The lightworker could go through the ground though. Or rather by the clouds beneath his feet. He would have known! They had told him this. He just never wanted to take it.

“But those oppressions and that child trafficking, those were conspiracy theories, right? Those only create more fear, right?” Tried the lightworker again. The light being shrugged her shoulders. “That’s what they would like you to believe, down there. You are a bit fooled dear lightworker. By calling the abuses conspiracy theories, those responsible for those abuses have found an ideal way to continue. Do you for instance want to claim that it’s not true that 1% of humanity has 99% of all wealth while 2 billion people live in poverty? Or do you think that the hundreds of thousands of children who, according to official figures, disappear every year are off to a secret party? Maybe you don’t believe in the control society in China and that it is slowly but surely being rolled out around the world? Or maybe you think that governments and corporations have people’s best interests at heart?”

The lightworker gasped. The way the light being was putting it now, he had never seen it. It all makes sense! He had just stayed away from all those plots. He thought he was doing the right thing, but now he realized that in doing so he had actually looked away. And by looking away he had helped make it possible! He felt a ball in his stomach that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

“You lightworkers are being sent to Earth on a mission.” continued the creature. Her frustration was now easy to see. This was yet another lightworker that she unfortunately couldn’t let in. That touched her. “Your mission is to transform first the darkness within yourself and then the darkness in the world. Of course, healing others is important too, but if on the other hand, you keep allowing trauma to arise from war, abuse and oppression, what are you really contributing? You, dear man, have had a wonderful life with all the trimmings. Financial success, happy clients, beautiful experiences, nice friends, a nice family. You are more than welcome to this and, after all, it is your own positive karma that created this life. But you have done nothing for people and animals in real need. Where is your compassion dear man? Where is your heart?”

The light being looked through the light worker at the clouds behind his feet. “I’m sorry, I can’t let you in. You failed the test…” the lightworker looked at her with tearful eyes. “The test? What test?” He stammered…

“You are sent to Earth on a mission. But Earth and everything on it is an illusion. It is a hologram, a matrix. Humanity itself creates the content of that matrix with its DNA programs and its collective beliefs. You lightworkers are sent to influence humanity to adopt other beliefs and to create a different matrix. One of love and harmony. We call that moving from 3D to 5D. From the third dimensional matrix of fear and power, through the fourth, to the fifth dimensional matrix of love and wisdom.”

“But that’s what I was doing anyway!” Shouted the lightworker a bit louder than was proper at the gate of heaven. The deceased behind him, in the ever-growing line, began to smooch with each other and looked at him. A little softer he continued “But I did, didn’t I? I helped hundreds of people in their transformation. And I did everything I could to make the vibration as high as possible, in myself and in the people around me.”

“Those things you did well too” nodded the creature. “But you forgot the most important thing. Shining your light where it is really needed. What do you think would have happened if lightworkers like John Lennon, Gandhi and Martin Luther King had focused on their practice and let go of the real problems? And they also lived in a period with a much lower vibration. Nowadays lightworkers don’t even get killed for their work like they did back then. It’s super safe.” The creature sighs. “You’re not the only one, though. And it’s not easy either. They send you into the illusion without clear instructions. You have to figure it out for yourself over and over again. Anyway, I can’t let you in…”

“What does that mean?” Asks the lightworker. “What am I supposed to do?” The creature smiles. “You may have another round. If you had just done your job you would have been free now and allowed to incarnate back on your own planet. However, because you have been sidetracked this life, you may now have another go.” The lightworker looked around a little uncomfortably. It was crowded at the gate of heaven and by now there were a lot of souls standing around the two of them listening in.

“Oh well” said one. “What difference does it make one round more or less. This time you’re just going to do it differently.” The lightworker turned toward the soul. “Did you do it differently then?” He asked. The soul smiled broadly. “Yes! I was allowed to do regression sessions with Indians to help them process their traumas. And he,” the soul pointed to a soul next to him. “He dedicated his life to saving children from the hands of human traffickers.” The two souls nodded to the light being. She nodded back and they walked on. “We’re going home!” called one over his shoulder. “Enjoy your last round!” The two souls disappeared through the gate of heaven.

The light being looked at the lightworker. “What are you going to do differently this time?” He thought. “Well, I just want a good life for myself again.” She nodded. “Besides that, I just really enjoy coaching and healing people.” She nodded again. “But this time I will add that I am going to make people aware of the oppression by the 1% elite on Earth. I’m going to get active and shine my light where it’s needed most. I will also do one other project. Either with human trafficking, refugee camps, or bio-industry.” The light being clapped her wings joyfully. “That’s fine!” She said. If each lightworker chooses one project, you can make a huge difference together. There are hundreds of millions of you on earth after all!”

And so it happened. The lightworker said goodbye to the light being and walked through the small door next to the sky gate. Behind the door was a small room where he could catch his breath. He rearranged his karma, tinkered some more with his DNA programs and gave a lick of paint to his life mission.

Then a door opened on the other side of the room. Determined and without further ado, the lightworker stepped through the door.


X Robert Bridgeman

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D-Day for 2044

21 -02- 21
Today is the day!

The official launch of 2044!!! 🥳🥳🥳

As of today the books can officially be shipped. Just a matter of days before it arrives on your doormat! It is a milestone in my life. Yesterday evening I celebrated the outcome of 2044 together with my brother Ruud. He gave me this picture of young Robert. I was 19 years young, hanging out of a train, somewhere in the Andes mountains of Peru, where I was travelling around for three months with two friends at that moment. 🗺

I had fled the life I knew. From the age of 14 I worked and from 16 I was a full-time cook in the catering industry. 🔪👨🍳 I didn’t feel like going to school anymore. I wasn’t happy at all. I was even depressed because my life had not taken the course I had hoped.

I wanted to study…

I wanted to be a diplomat.
And wanting to do something good for the world. 🌍I would have been very different at that age. And was disappointed in life. Unconsciously I was looking for like-minded people. But drowned myself in the alcohol, sex and parties…. 🕺

My brother reminded me yesterday how, as an adolescent, I often argued with people because I saw reality so differently than they did. Even then I didn’t believe that the world presented to us is correct. I did not believe blindly in science, or in what professors said. Or in the media. Like my friends did. 🌐

I had an extraordinary interest in awareness, in nature and spirituality. In the first year of my secondary school I read 150 books. I was, and still am, fond of reading… When I was 18 I took a book from my father’s bookcase. 1984 by George Orwell. 📖

I read it in one go. And saw my world view confirmed… A search ensued for several years… Soon to be far from home… Three months in Peru, a restaurant season on Vlieland, a year in Switzerland at a ski resort, half a year on Texel in the restaurant and a season in Amsterdam as a steward at Transavia … ✈

I didn’t find the like-minded people I was looking for. And returned, disillusioned, to Zwolle, the city where I come from. I brought my then wife from Amsterdam. And got to work. My literal thoughts then were:
“Apparently I’ve been wrong all this time. Life is just not about working and starting a family. Then I’ll just be successful.” 🕵️♂️

I was 21… I was successful. At 24, I started my first business. More followed. I also held management positions. A quick, somewhat stout guy in a suit. Lots of money, nice car, big network, own house, married. No kids, just miscarriages. You can’t have everything…

But I was not happy at all. I was even depressed because my life had not taken the course I had hoped for. I went to do a part-time HBO Personnel & Employment training and started working in the construction services industry. From intermediate to general manager with 80 employees in 8 years. 👤

And then came the wake up call at the end of 2007. I lost a job, a marriage and a house in six months… Through the pain and humiliation, my ego snapped and I awoke. (For the critical reader: By now I have a new ego 😋). From that moment on I realized that young Robert had not been wrong at all. The spiritual path of my youth continued.

Until today…

Not that I never worked again after that. I was still an interim director in education and a personnel manager in construction until my great love Monique and I left for Asia for two years in 2010. ⛩🎎🧧

That was one of the best decisions of my existence so far. A choice that leads to my present life… Last night I was lying in bed looking at the picture of young Robert. I asked him how he felt about us having a novel published now. That we now live in a transformation center in southern France and are happy with Monique and the boys. 👨👦👩👦🤾♂️

That we may inspire, help heal and educate so many people…. That we were allowed to publish 7 books and 3 documentaries. He could not have hoped then, 23 years ago, for a life as it looks now. He’s glad we didn’t become diplomats. But living in freedom…

He’s happy I’m happy. And not depressed for years. That my life has taken a course he didn’t even dream of… I gave him a hug. I gave myself a hug. Because he’s me and I’m him…

And today our first novel is out!
2044 is a fact! My world view poured into an exciting story. Where the book 1984 left off, 2044 continues… An homage to the great Orwell of my youth.

Today is national holiday in Bridgeman’s house 😄🥳🥰
Today is a day to be close to each other.

Thank you for your support, dear Facebook friend.
This is all thanks to you…

We’re strong together, you and I.
Together for a world in harmony!

For the good of all!

X Robert Bridgeman

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There is quite a bit going on in Europe. People take to the streets en masse in Vienna, German cities, Paris, London, and in Dutch cities.

No matter how peacefully they try to protest (drinking coffee) there are all kinds of groups -with their own agendas- that disrupt the peacefulness with brute force…

So what’s the solution?
If you can no longer safely walk the streets to express your opinion, what is left of a democracy?

We find that struggle, begets struggle. No matter how peacefully you protest against something, the moment you protest against something, you are already in the polarity.

That’s why the Women for Freedom demonstrations worked so well. They stand FOR freedom rather than against the system. They sing and laugh and have fun. Not a trace of violence.

When I directly or indirectly call for civil disobedience I am NOT talking about protesting something. NOT to fight about it.

But about standing from love and peacefulness FOR what you believe.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be done in the streets.
🕊Peacefully stand up on social media.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be done at the ballot box in March.
🕊Peacefully standing up can be in conversations you have.
🕊Peaceful rising can be in books you write, columns and articles.
🕊Peaceful rising can be done with film, speeches, live messages and video.
🕊Rising peacefully can be done simply by embodying it.

Peaceful rising can be done in so many ways.

When I talk about people like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, and Mahatma Gandhi, I mention them because they all recited how to peacefully manifest what you believe in.

But they are not the only examples.

Just look at people in the Netherlands these days like; Tijn Touber, Maarten Oversier, Peter Toonen, Lisette Thooft, Bonnie Bessem, Elske Falkena, Jan Bommerez, Ariëtte Loeffen-in Het Veld, Altazar Rossiter, Davy Diekstra, Denise Diekstra, Ennio R Senese, Frank Ruesink, Geert Kimpen, Michelle Shanti, Michael Pilarczyk, Niels Brummelman, Nicole E. Zonderhuis, Sanne Burger, Anna Zeven and so many others who, each in their own way, are committed to peaceful solutions.

In the end, this all takes place in 3D and 4D. The solution is a mass ascension to 5D.

That ascension has been written in countless prophecies for thousands of years.

It also says that before it gets better, it gets worse, chaos, turmoil, fear.

In my view, the best thing we can do consists of two elements:
1. Keeping your vibration high (also by facing your own demons). If enough people do that worldwide, we’ll pull the rest of humanity into 5D with us.
2. Peacefully shine your light on the unlit. Where you see abuses, where people and animals are suffering.

It’s just a matter of holding on now.
👉 From staying in your core.
👉 Of standing by what you believe in.
👉 Of having respect for other truths.
👉 For dialogue instead of discussion.
👉 Of keeping the humor up, no matter how hard that can be….

Standing up for PEACE is always a good thing.

Whatever you believe.


Loving greetings,
Robert Bridgeman

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