Silence isn't empty. It's full of answers.

The fall of Montségur

The mystery of Rennes le Chateau


Vitality and health

Unity and the ocan model

Annunaki and the Origin of Mankind

Loneliness and the illusion of separation

Courage and trust

Law of attraction

Technique to know your true self


Transform the bands

Who you really are

Fear of the corona crisis

The journey of self empowerment

Function of pain

Robert about the lighter life summit (retrospective)

Lighter living in darker times

Robert on Awakening


Eight steps Bridgeman Transformation Intervention Model

Essence of human being

What is connection?

Tips for an energetically clean practice space

Stop eating meat

Expanding consciousness

The essence of Transformative Coaching

Manifest your soul's desires with the 3 V's

Are you a lightworker?


Emotional wounds

The five-second rule for decisions

Power of rituals

Do you act out of love or out of fear?

Contact with your soul

You think you know

You have the illusion of separation


New consciousness

Learning to manifest

Bridgeman breathing method

You don't understand yourself

You're afraid of what others will think of you

It is not too late "a world for harmony

The cause of inauthentic behaviour

About Decisions & Failures

Your thirties dilemma

Pain & Pleasure

Falling asleep