Retreat at the magical Terra Nova?

What are you up against? Sabotage mechanisms? Not knowing what you want in life? Old pain? Or would you like to get to know yourself better and go deeper? Now there is the opportunity to work on yourself for a week in Robert’s own house. At Terra Nova, the collective vibration is sky high. You step right into the fifth dimension. In this energy you will work with proven methods to transform physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditioning. Meditation and exercise every day, super delicious and healthy food and deep transformation processes. But also a very pleasant week with like-minded people. Relaxing in the pool, natural lake, sauna, or by the fireplace, the magical energy of the Pyrenees and Cathar country… Several retreats are offered. Transformation retreats, exclusive transformation retreats, retreats with fellow teachers, meditation retreats and more. The exclusive transformation retreats are given by Robert.

Terra Nova is a symbol of the free world. In the land of the ancient Celts and Cathars, at the foot of the Pyrenees. A power place where you can safely awaken and grow. We live and work in attunement with the earth, nature and the energy of ancient nature peoples. From harmony and softness you will be given space to expand and deepen your consciousness, transform yourself and enlighten your life. We do this with both feet on the ground and without it being too woolly.

The energy, the retreats and the people of Terra Nova guarantee you a big step in your awakening process, as a human being and as a lightworker.

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Everything we do at Terra Nova contributes to the New Earth. To the new human consciousness of love, wisdom and compassion. The Aquarian age of giving and sharing. Here you will meet others who are in the same process as you. Here you make contact with the invisible world and here, above all, you make contact with all parts of yourself. The lightworkers at Terra Nova keep a protected field of love in which you may be completely who you are. Who you really are. Detached from identification with conditioning, authentic and spiritual and with both feet on the ground.

Terra Nova is the place where you can be yourself. Your spiritual and personal growth and your self-realization are paramount.

Here you can connect with yourself and like-minded people during your stay. A safe haven, in the middle of beautiful nature under the Pyrenees, for anyone concerned with the development of consciousness.

Follow a retreat on this unique power spot

Would you like to follow a retreat at a magical place in the South of France? Whether you want to follow our silence retreat, transformation retreat, a yoga retreat or a retreat organized by external teachers, you are welcome!

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