Do you want to specialize in transformation and healing?

Are you a lightworker looking for opportunities to deepen and specialize in transformation and healing? Bridgeman Lightworker Academy was founded in 2012 to support you in this process. The academy offers several courses such as the Transformation coach course of Robert Bridgeman, the Mystery School of Dr. Altazar Rossiter and trainings on intimacy and sexuality by Rianne Manten. Training courses for beginning transformation coaches, therapists and healers and training courses for experienced lightworkers.

Bridgeman Lightworker Academy is a consciousness organisation and has the goal to facilitate as many people as possible in personal development. The organization offers a place where everyone learns to manage themselves from a high level of self-awareness on all levels of existence. Our education, training and courses help you to be the ‘most authentic version of yourself’ and to develop the potential you were born with.

All education and training can be found here:

Transformation Coach Training

What does coaching really mean in this time of growing awareness? How do you work systematically as a coach without abandoning your intuition? And more importantly, how do you help your client transform to his or her authentic self in a sustainable way? If you want to coach people professionally and you are looking for a different kind of training where you can combine and use your own talents and passion, then this training is for you!

Transformation Coach Training Online

Are you a coach and would you like to approach your clients holistically? Problems can be uprooted at the origin, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Do you find it difficult to find a source of your clients’ issues?
Would you like to make a breakthrough in one session? Then follow this unique online training Transformative Coaching.

Human Fundamentals Trainer Training

The trainer training for mindfulness based emotional intelligence for professionals within organizations. A unique training with a unique approach. In 10 months you will be prepared to make the difference as a trainer in unlocking the human potential within organisations. And to do that well, we will challenge you in these 10 months to develop your own potential (further)

Regression training

For the third time Bridgeman organises this regression training in France!

This training will take place from 23 till 28 November in France at our inspiring training location ‘Terra Nova’.

In this course you will learn holistic hypnosis techniques so you can remove physical, emotional and spiritual imprints in addition to mental ones.

After completing this course you will be able to conduct independent regression and reincarnation sessions. Experience is not necessary.