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Are you a coach and would you like to approach your clients holistically? Problems can be uprooted at the origin, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Do you find it difficult to find a source of your clients’ issues?
Would you like to make a breakthrough in one session? Then follow this unique online training Transformative Coaching.

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The (live) Transformation Coach training of the Bridgeman Academy is unique in its kind. During the course you will be trained as a Bridgeman Transformation Coach in nine months, learning to coach your clients on self-development in its breadth. You approach them holistically, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You will learn to fathom and uproot deep entanglements and help your clients on their way to a brighter life.

In the past year (2020), the need for people to be allowed to develop into transformation coaches has remained unchanged. Because of all kinds of developments, there is a great demand for online opportunities to deepen. Especially for coaches who want to capture the essence of transformational coaching, the Bridgeman Academy has now developed a unique new online training program. This program is suitable for you as a coach when you first want to immerse yourself in the subject matter online before you follow the regular training program. So it is not a replacement for the training, but a preparation, or if you do not want to work as a transformational coach, but want to grasp the essence of this.

If you have completed the online training to Transformation Coach you have:

  • A strong foundation in the Bridgeman methodology. You have gained a basic understanding of what the method entails and the areas in which it works.
  • More insight into yourself as a coach. You know where you stand in the process of facilitating transformations on a holistic level.
  • Knowledge of how to locate deep-seated entanglements, blockages and pain points in your clients. You know how to fathom problems and trace them back to their root, whether in this or a previous life, in this dimension or another.
  • Knowledge about the intervention: how do you facilitate and guide a transformation process with your client?

The online training consists of four different modules that you schedule as you see fit.

Coaching is a respected profession in the Netherlands. Until recently, there was a yawning gap between life and business coaching on the one hand, and the more spiritual coach variants on the other. As a result, many coaches and psychologists remain on the “safe” side of the spectrum. Work is done at the mental, social and personality levels, but the deeper emotional and spiritual layers are not considered. And yet that is usually where the roots of many issues lie.

That gap has now been closed with transformational coaching, which teaches you as a coach to get to the essence of the problem with your clients. To fathom and uproot.

What’s important for you to know is that the online training gives you the knowledge and understanding of what you do as a transformational coach. After completing the online training, you are not yet able to work as a transformation coach: for that you need to have done a lot of energetic work under the guidance of an experienced transformation coach. We’ll come back to this later.

The online training -Transformation Coach Online- consists of four modules. Each of the modules will help you further in your process of getting to grips with the Bridgeman methodology. The four modules are:

Module 1: The foundation

During module 1 -The Foundation- you will get closer to the Bridgeman method as a professional. You will learn the essence of transformational coaching and of living spiritually with both feet on the ground. This is the condensed version of Roberts’ book, which is used during regular training. You’ll learn about:

  • The 7 layers of existence;
  • The 8 steps of transformational coaching;
  • Chakras;
  • The NOW;
  • The wheel of life;
  • The new consciousness;
  • The ring model;
  • The T-model;
  • The law of manifestation;
  • Who you are in essence.

Module 2: You as a transformational coach

During module 2 you will learn more about yourself as a transformational coach. You will learn if you want to work professionally with the Bridgeman method and how this fits in with your unique way of working as a coach. You will gain knowledge about, among other things:

  • What is a lightworker;
  • Energetic cleansing;
  • Guides and Helpers;
  • You the channel;
  • Commute;
  • Your higher self.

Module 3: Getting to the bottom

In the third module -understanding- you learn to understand the problems of your client and to feel where to start. Where is the starting point in uprooting a blockage? Is it karmic? Is it in this life or a previous life? In this dimension or another? You’ll learn about:

  • Basic needs
  • Karma
  • Personalities
  • The pain/joy principle
  • The workings of the brain.

Module 4: Rooting

The fourth and final module focuses on uprooting the issues with which your client approaches you. You learn, as it were, more about the intervention itself: how to approach it, how it works. Issues that will be addressed are:

  • Trance;
  • Transforming tires;
  • Regression;
  • Reincarnation;
  • Inner-child-healing;
  • Guardians and internal entities;
  • External entities.

For each module you will receive a video from Robert containing the material. You will also receive a PDF file with a short summary of the content.

You will also be included in a private Facebook group, along with others participating in the online training, to share findings and ask questions together.

We just mentioned it briefly: the online training helps you to develop as a professional coach in a broad sense, to be able to choose for holistic coaching.

You have the knowledge after following the online training, but you cannot call yourself a transformation coach yet. The reason for this is because you need to practice under the guidance of a professional for this.

Have you decided that you want to deepen your coaching so that you can facilitate your clients on all levels -physical, mental, spiritual and emotional- to uproot deep blockages and entanglements? Then this online training will help you with the knowledge. Afterwards, if you decide to continue, you will receive a discount on the physical training, during which you will make flying hours under the guidance of inspiring professionals during several weeks of lessons in the Netherlands and France.

If you are still unsure about the online training, you can choose to first take module 1 as an introduction and learn more about the essence of transformational coaching.

You can also choose to first follow the Masterchallenge for free, where during seven days you challenge yourself to ask critical questions in different areas of your life. At the end of the challenge you will be able to understand what you have to gain from the online training.

Module 1

Follow the first module De Fundering for €299,00 incl. VAT (instead of €374.75).

All modules

Follow the full training for €999,00 incl. VAT (instead of €1,499.00)


I prefer to follow the free Online Masterchallenge first. We start on April 3.