What does eating meat by us Dutch have to do with famine, water wastage and climate change? Is the situation in the Netherlands really that bad and why do I get cancer and heart attacks from eating meat?

As a documentary filmmaker, I visited Standing Rock in December 2016 to bring the voices of he Sioux to be heard, support their cause, and gain global exposure. More than a pipeline is a story about 500 years of First Nations oppression and how Standing Rock is actually another chapter in that story.

What would it be like if a group of untrained climbers climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without any medication, using only breathing techniques? How would this group of climbers deal with altitude sickness symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea?

Here you will find a growing series of mini documentaries about the Cathars, including The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau and The Fall of Montségur.