The Modern Mystic

Humanity and planet Earth are in a major transition moment. For the first time in about 6,000 years a profound change is taking place in the collective human consciousness. In the past millennia this consciousness was based on fear, hierarchy, separation, power and greed. Since the transition year 2012 a new consciousness is on its way. A consciousness of love, wisdom, connection and compassion.

From the old fear consciousness, humanity has brought the planet and itself to the brink of collapse. Despite technical and scientific revolutions, there is unprecedented suffering on the planet.

Millions of people live in slavery; child and human trafficking reign supreme; the ecosystem is under pressure, animals are dying out and primeval forests are disappearing. It is time for humanity to awaken en masse to the new heart consciousness also called the Christ consciousness, or the 5th dimension. We as humanity are at a fork in the road and may choose between darkness and light, between taking and giving, between fear and love, from Homo Economicus to Homo Universalis.

The stake is the survival of man, nature and Earth and the TERRA NOVA, the New Earth. A world and humanity in harmony.

About Robert Bridgeman

"Why mystic? Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός, mystikos, 'mysterious') concerns the passionate pursuit of a personal union of the soul with the Universal Source."

Biography Robert

Robert Bridgeman is a modern day mystic, healer, speaker, author and lightworker. He has been researching traditional mystical movements for 12 years now. Not only from books and knowledge, but also by immersing themselves in the traditions and methods. Robert lived in Asia for two years, where he immersed himself in the many branches of Buddhism.

He meditated with meditation masters in monasteries and centres in India, Vietnam, Nepal and Thailand. And learned from Native American peoples. For thirteen years he was apprenticed to various shamans, mediums and healers. He studied for a year and a half with an energy healer in Thailand and for 10 years with various teachers, such as his Kabbalah teacher Koos Ris, his Buddhist meditation teacher Dingeman Boot and with the English Sourcer Altazar Rossiter. He also specialized in EFT, hypnosis, trance, breathing techniques, meditation and countless other modern transformation methods. He also immersed himself in Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, the Gnosis and countless other movements.

Robert combines these millennia-old traditions with modern neuroscience and direct information from Source. Always with both feet on the ground.

He studied for a year in San Francisco at a joint venture between Google and Stanford University where he researched state-of-the-art brain science and took lectures from several well-known scientists. He also immersed himself in quantum physics.

After apprenticing with Iceman Wim Hof for a year, he found himself on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, dressed in just shorts at -20 degrees Celsius. Robert is a regression and reincarnation therapist and energy healer. Meanwhile Robert trained 200 Transformation Coaches in his Bridgeman Method from Bridgeman Lightworker Academy. Through the social enterprise HUMAN Potentials, his ideas are disseminated within governments and large organizations. Also, through this company 150 meditation trainers have now been trained.

Robert gives transformation retreats from the Spiritual centre TERRA NOVA at the foot of the South French Pyrenees, in the middle of the mystical Cathar country where he lives with his wife Monique, their three sons Ché Zen, Luca and Rafa and their team. He loves hiking in the mountains, writing, his family, their dog Nova, outdoor living, yoga, meditating, making documentaries, contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, smoking cigars, complete thinking, researching the history of humanity, inner alchemy, the shift to the 5th dimension, ceremonies, traveling, bird watching, sports, self-defense, physical challenges and archery.

Robert’s Bridgeman Foundation organizes hands on projects that contribute to a world in harmony. Robert is a multi TEDX speaker and has spoken and trained globally at organizations such as Google, KLM, SAP, PepsiCo, RTL, NOS, ING Bank, Rabobank and Engie. He has published six non-fiction books on spiritual development and a first novel 2044: The Mystery of the Fifth Dimension. He also made three internet documentaries that support his mission.

A personal note from Robert

I hope you don’t see the above as chest beating. I try to be open and vulnerable. Think of it as my coming out… Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

I share it so that I can be completely in it from humility. This is the path I’ve been walking for the past 12 years. My aim is to contribute to a world in harmony. A humanity without suffering and peace on earth for all beings.

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