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Where are they? (Paravision article)

It is now 2021 and they are still not there. Every day countless people are eagerly looking forward to the landing of UFOs on earth. For example, in 2012, when many suspected the end of times, hundreds of people stood on the mountain of Bugarach, here near our house in Cathar country. There was a whole media circus around it that wanted to see if any extraterrestrial vehicles would land. Perhaps the believers on the holy mountain would be taken to other planets. Nothing happened…

Where are they? Our more evolved brothers and sisters from outer space? Are they abandoning us? Did they make a deal with our governments not to show up? Yet they are seen. In 2020, the UFO hotline of the Netherlands received a record number of reports of unknown objects in the sky. Even here in the Pyrenees where I live, when the sky is a bit clear, you can see numerous objects that do not fly in a straight path like satellites and airplanes, but make fast movements. Often individuals, sometimes more than one flying in formation. But no UFO landed in our backyard.

Why are there these hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts of people who saw UFOs. Of people being abducted by aliens for experiments? Why are so many U.S. military personnel who worked at nuclear missile launch bases who have testified under oath to having seen UFOs? So many pilots declaring the same thing? Where did the inspiration for books like UFO’s just exist come from Dutch scientist Dr. Ir. Coen Vermeeren? Or the Disclosure Project of the American Steven M. Greer? While they just don’t seem to want to land and shake hands with our world leaders? According to a large-scale study by NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, there are more than five billion Earth-like planets in our Milky Way alone. Then it can’t be that we’re the only ones in the Universe, can it? Anyone who puts a little research time into it comes to the same conclusion: UFOs exist and are numerous. But they don’t land, where is the first contact…?

The answer? They landed a long time ago. A very long time ago. Long before humanity was created 200,000 years ago (by alien races) they were there. The Annunaki, the Reptilians, the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, the Arcturians, the Syrians and many other races. When humanity appeared on the scene, these aliens became our gods. The Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic, Hindu and South American gods, among others, were all extraterrestrial beings that had evolved to the point where they were worshipped by humans. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, the Christian god is referred to as the Elohim. Which is translated as multiple gods. Later, because of political agendas, this was reduced to one god. Yahweh was mistaken for the original Source and took his place on Earth, under his explicit command to worship no other gods but him (which says it all). The extraterrestrial ‘gods’ have played a huge role in the creation, evolution and decline of civilizations throughout our history. And they continue to do so to this day.

Our society is controlled from the very top by alien races from the fourth dimension like (Draco) Reptillians and Greys. Invisible to humans, who find themselves in the third dimension, they call the shots and rule the world via a human elite. They have no interest in being seen through by the rest of the people and have no intention of landing anywhere. They prefer to remain active in the shadows. This has been the case since the fall of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago. Since 2012, however, we have been living in a new era. The world is rapidly ascending. Our vibration increases. Because the axis of Mother Earth is turning ever closer to the heart of the Milky Way, the planet and with it everything and everyone that lives in and on her is moving into an ever higher dimension of consciousness. We let go of the third dimension of the past three thousand years and climb, via the fourth, to the fifth, sixth, even thirteenth dimension (that last one will take some time). The alien races from the fourth dimension are suddenly becoming visible to more and more people. So do their mechanisms of oppression, with all the consequences that entails. Humanity rebels and releases them.

Slowly but surely we are getting closer in vibration to our Galactic, humanoid, brothers and sisters from the higher dimensions. The Arcturians, the Pleadians, the Syrians, the Lyrans, the Andromeans, and countless other races that are benevolent to us. Together they form the Galactic Federation. They are not gods and we do not have to worship them, we can learn from them and work with them. We have been difficult for them to reach for the past few thousand years because of the low vibration of consciousness of the third dimension. This allowed the fourth dimensional beings to have free rein, but it’s different now. Because more and more people are reaching a 5D+ consciousness, leaving the third and fourth dimension behind, there are more and more world citizens who can communicate with these highly developed beings. Where once only a single oracle could communicate with the “gods”, today there are countless mediums, healers, light workers, channelers and others who communicate with our extraterrestrial friends. More and more people speak the so-called Light language, which is a collective name for countless ancient and extraterrestrial languages such as Pleiadian, Syrian and Arcturian. We can all make contact with them. They are all around us and are eager to help us in our ascension process. The events on Mother Earth at this time have the keen interest of all humanoids in this Galaxy and beyond. Our fate is intertwined with theirs. Before long, our collective consciousness will be such that we will be able to meet them in the flesh. Meanwhile, for thousands of years they have been doing what they can to help us. They intervened in potential planetary catastrophes such as atomic bomb explosions. They monitor military bases to prevent, for example, nuclear missiles being fired into other countries. And they help neutralize 5G and vaccine effects. Our Galactic friends communicate with us through crop circles, channelers and galactic downloads. It is their clearly perceptible presence, combined with humanity’s growth in consciousness, that makes me positive about our collective destiny. As humans ourselves, we mature in the fifth dimension and are given the tips & tricks by our bigger brothers and sisters to clean up the mess we made in the third dimension.

Author: Robert Bridgeman

From Paravisie Magazine, June 2021 edition. Available at this link.

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A wake-up call

The world in 2044…

The world is in crisis. Old systems are reaching their limits, while on the other hand it seems as if they are trying with all their might to enslave mankind. Corona seems to be the ideal tool for those in power to roll out totalitarian measures. What’s behind that? How’s that going to end? Is there anything we can do to turn the tide for the better? Robert Bridgeman, following in the footsteps of the great George Orwell, wrote a dystopian future in novel form. Despite everything, he is hopeful: “An increasingly aware humanity will not allow itself to be suppressed and controlled lightly.”

Recently Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, said in an interview that the psychological dimension of the corona crisis is heavily underestimated. Desmet: “A crisis acts like a trauma that takes away historical awareness. People see trauma as an event in itself, whereas it is part of an ongoing process.” According to Desmet, an absolutist form of science has emerged that is related to totalisation in society. There can only be one truth. Desmet continues: “A pre-totalitarian state cuts all the social ties of the population. People no longer dare to speak freely to anyone and are less able to organise themselves because of restrictions. It is not difficult to recognise today’s situation in these phenomena. Among many other characteristics of emerging totalitarianism. The government has already let it be known that after vaccinations the measures will not simply disappear. It is notable that in countries with an advanced vaccination campaign, such as Israel and Britain, the measures are curiously tightening. ” (Source:

The world in 1984

As a teenager, I pulled the book 1984 from my father’s bookshelf. It grabbed me and I read it out in one breath. The writer George Orwell published the book in 1949. In the book you can read how the world looks like 35 years later according to the author. In the year 1984, the world consists of three superstates. These are constantly at war with each other. But the wars always take place in the areas between the rich, never in the rich areas themselves. The protagonist of 1984 lives in London, in the superstate of Oceania. In the empire, the elite have total power. The government, consisting of a single party, has control over truly every aspect of human life. The Party consists of 13% Fringe Party and only 2% is Core Party, the true elite. They see the proletariat, which comprises 85% of the population, as beings of a lower order and suppress them with all their might. These people, in turn, allow themselves to be oppressed. The population is kept in poverty and ignorance, and the most gifted of them are picked out by the thought police and killed before they can pose a danger to opposition. The thought police are watching everyone and have cameras and microphones hidden everywhere. Also in homes and offices. Mail is censored, people betray each other and children snitch on their parents. People are arrested, tortured and killed in public executions, and demonstrating is not an option at all. The country is in a constant state of war. The danger a totalitarian regime needs to exist. It’s all about fear, anger, hate and pain. Sex between men and women is a duty to the Party and should not lead to pleasure. Happiness is forbidden. The Party’s great goals are to conquer the world and destroy independent thought. Big brother is watching you is a winged statement from this book.

The main character works for the government, at the Ministry of Truth to be exact. This ministry is solely concerned with propaganda for the system. What the Party considers the truth, is the truth. There is only one true history and that is the past that the Party dictates. And when it invents a new history, the old history is rewritten. Old newspapers, books, photographs and messages are destroyed and exchanged for new ones. Throughout the story, the protagonist rebels against the party. He discovers that there is a conspiracy, a resistance movement, and joins it. To unfortunately discover that this resistance is a conspiracy of the Party and does not exist. He’s walking into a trap. For the Party, submission to them is sanity and resistance a sign of insanity.

A realisation in 1994

When I put the book 1984 back in my father’s closet after reading it, I was glad that Orwell’s vision of the future was wrong: fortunately the world hasn’t turned out like this I thought. And then my worldview changed in an instant. I vividly remember the moment when that satisfaction suddenly turned to the realisation that Orwell had not been wrong at all. There I was as an eighteen-year-old boy standing next to the bookcase. Aware of the real state of the world around me. From the beginning of my adolescence, I had trouble with the worldview that most people around me had. As a child I was already concerned with the inequality between rich and poor. And in that moment at the closet, everything became clear to me. At that time, in 1994, the world was effectively divided into superstates. The 2%, or perhaps 1% elite actually had the power on earth and 85% of humanity was oppressed and kept down. The middle class in between was, as in the book, kept poor enough to have to keep working and kept rich enough not to revolt. Only it wasn’t clearly visible on the surface. People didn’t see it and didn’t want to see it. I had many a discussion with friend and foe, but those around me refused to believe me. It was a hidden reality. Since then, the world has become no less Orwellian. Certainly not in this day and age, when the superstates of this world – particularly the United States, Europe, China and Russia – are becoming more and more visible as the states of the 1984 scenario. China is the best example, more Orwellian-totalitarian can hardly be.

The 2020 revolution

So it was no surprise to me that when the corona crisis came, the measures became more and more stringent and vaccinations were thrown up as the big solution from day one. “See!”, I shouted on social media. Convinced that by now humanity would have become aware of the Orwellian reality. Nothing appeared less true! Very quickly I learned to be more careful in my expressions about the measures. They only evoked more polarity and strife among the people who responded to my posts, especially on facebook. The present Ministry of Truth had done its propaganda work well in the world. The opinion of the Party, in this case dictated by the WHO, soon became the only truth allowed to exist. Meanwhile, the totalitarian state had unfolded in our modern society. Big Brother got 5G to make it even easier to watch us. People betray each other through click lines. Cross-thinkers are arrested and publicly pilloried, by the media and others, when they propagate a different reality. Demonstrations are broken up and people are kept inside through lockdowns and a curfew. The country is in a constant state of war, supposedly against a virus, the danger a totalitarian regime needs to exist. It’s all about fear, anger, hate and pain. And the people are kept in ignorance of reality. Happiness is forbidden. It’s not allowed in theaters, not in restaurants, not by getting together at home. Laughing, singing and enjoying together is no longer allowed. Independent thought is no longer allowed.

The majority of the population of the Netherlands is focused on returning to normal. ‘If I comply and cooperate, I maximize the chances of getting my old life back,’ most people seem to think. However, if you look back in history, you will see that this is an illusion. The current measures are an accumulation of the measures taken over the last one hundred and fifty years. As it now appears, measures are not going to decrease, but rather increase, something Professor Desmet confirmed in the interview mentioned above. Once everyone has been vaccinated, new virus mutations will emerge and people will still have to stay indoors. Step by step humanity is being sucked into a totalitarian system. An elite whose goal is one world government, one world language and one world religion. Just look at The Great Reset, which the network around the World Economic Forum (WEF) is so keen on. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, described in a vision for 2030 that people will no longer own property. You will own nothing, and you will be happy’, he states. These are not conspiracy theories, but the reality we face today. More than five years ago, the great philosopher Marcel Messing said, on (YouTube) video, that he expected a pandemic at any moment. The European Union had in fact adopted legislation that could force its citizens to take vaccinations in the event of a pandemic. It was now a matter of waiting for the pandemic that matched the new regulations. According to Messing, the purpose of vaccinations is to inject nanotechnology into human bodies. Nanotechnology that will only make the control of humanity easier and more efficient. Step by step, humanity is being sucked into the totalitarian world state.

wake up call paravisie

Behind the scenes What are the forces behind this ever-increasing oppression? Why can billions of vaccines against a virus that particularly affects the elderly be produced and financed in such a short time, while two billion people are going to bed hungry as we speak? Why can these measures be rolled out so efficiently worldwide, while millions of children disappear worldwide, apparently unable to be found? Why are billions of euros of funds available, while people are dying in refugee camps? The answer may surprise you. The forces behind the totalization of world power are not focused on improving people’s lives. They aim to create as much separation, fear and suffering in the world as possible. The reason is very simple: it’s their food. The small elite in control of the world does not stand alone. They serve a power that is even greater. All my life I have heard that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Then you could draw the conclusion that world hegemony is in the hands of a handful of super-rich. However, humanity is not dominated by its own species, but by another race that is just outside the perception spectrum of humans. For many people, this is a far cry from what they are used to. However, understanding what is really going on changes everything. The increasing oppression of mankind is not done by people. Something else is going on. Planet Earth has been occupied by another race for over 13,000 years. Namely, the Draco-Reptilians! Reptilians were already on Earth when the dinosaurs were alive. They consider this planet their world and have appropriated the right to oppress the people and animals that live on it. The Reptilians in turn are possessed by forces even more sinister. Non-light forces known as the Archonians. These beings entered our universe a long time ago. They are separate from the original creation and, unlike humans, have no connection to the Universal Source of everything. In order to obtain Source energy, the Archontic forces use other life forms as a medium. The Reptilians, who occupy forty planets besides Earth, are an ideal vehicle due to their empathy-less nature. Through them, the Archons feed on Source energy from humans. However, because they are unenlightened, they do not do this by harvesting love and compassion, they do it by bringing humanity into a state of suffering and then feeding on the energies of fear, anger and pain, for example.

Light vs. Unlit

I don’t know how the above looks to you, but I do know that for the majority of Dutch people this will not immediately be seen as a possible reality. Still, it’s important that more and more people start to see what’s going on. It may come to light and be resolved. It was therefore time for a new version of the book 1984. During the first lockdown of 2020, I sat down and a story in ten days came through me. A story about the world in the year 2044. Like Orwell, I had traveled quite a bit in time and was painting a story of humanity in the future. Like Orwell, it became a not too rosy picture. For what will the world look like in 2044 if today’s measures are continued? You guessed it: a totalitarian state. A world where there can only be one reality. A world of oppression and total control. By extending current developments to 2044, insight is gained into what is actually going on at the moment and where this timeline could go if we do nothing now. There are a few major differences between the book 2044 and Orwell’s 1984. The first is that I’m no George Orwell. The novel I wrote is my seventh book, but the first novel I wrote. I in no way want to measure myself against the great Orwell. 2044 is an homage to his work. The second difference is that 1984 is a political novel and 2044 is a spiritual novel. And that brings me to the third difference. In my view, George Orwell has failed to see two important developments. They don’t appear in 1984. The first is the awakening of humanity to the new consciousness. From 3D to 5D, from Pisces to Aquarius, from Kali to Dwapara. An increasingly conscious humanity will not allow itself to be suppressed and controlled just like that. You can see this in the counterweight that is given to the measures from the spiritual angle and by many free scientists, doctors and journalists. The second development is the galactic help that humanity has at this time in that awakening. The Galactic Federation, including the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Syrians, and many other alien civilizations, are getting closer. They were also the ones who whispered this story to me in ten days. Federation members help humanity dismantle the elite and its Reptillian masters. Mind you, I’m talking about helping, not saving. Humanity is allowed to wake up from within and receive help in this process. Indeed, each individual may first awaken within and transmute and transcend the Archontic forces within themselves. The Reptillian-Archons are ultimately a reflection of the unlit within ourselves. When the current developments are extrapolated to 2044, with the addition of the two developments of the collective awakening and the galactic help, suddenly a different picture emerges. Would a third-dimension totalitarian regime make it in twenty-three years? While humanity awakens in the fifth dimension? Could the Reptilians and their elite continue to suppress the awakening humans and resist the power of the Galactic Federation? To get a possible answer to these questions (and more) I can only, in all modesty, invite you to read 2044.

paravisie 2044

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Fear of Death (!/?)

Saving human lives is pretty much the most important credo of our western society today. All possible places where people could potentially die from accidents have been densely regulated as much as possible. Traffic is designed to have minimal traffic fatalities. The construction industry has strict safety rules to prevent people from dying. Deadly diseases have been reduced by increased hygiene (and vaccinations?) and the development of life-extending drugs has become a multi-billion dollar business. Time for a critical evaluation?

In this day and age, the fear of death is more visible than ever. To prevent deaths in ICUs, measures are accepted that have a profound impact on today’s society. Countless elderly people get lonely, countless entrepreneurs go bankrupt, countless people lose their jobs. The number of deaths is accurately tracked daily and shared extensively in the media. Supposedly these measures are to save lives. Because dying is something you shouldn’t want. We learn as children that death is terrible. The quality of life is secondary to the fear of dying. Paradoxically, this fear only applies to people who are like us. What happens, for example, to the six thousand children who, according to the World Food Program, die of hunger every day as a result of those same measures, does not move the average Westerner any more than a donation to Unicef. Whether the feeding of this fear is justified, by the way, we can leave open the question. Did vaccines really eradicate deadly diseases, or did the rise of hygiene play the key role in that? And besides… do all the mouth guards and spacing rules really help? Or are the annual flu deaths now being buried as coronas? Everyone has his or her own ideas about that. But when it’s your time… it’s your time. People used to die in droves from diseases like the plague and smallpox. Nowadays, they are massively affected by diseases such as cancer and heart failure. Nature always finds a new way.

Ideal leverage
The fact is that the fear of death is an ideal means of pressure for governments to keep their citizens in line. In the Middle Ages, people were not so afraid of death. If you died it was God’s will and if it was your time, it was your time. The eternal burning in hell, however, was terrified. Medieval people were controlled by their rulers with the threat of purgatory. What few people know is that until late in the seventh century, reincarnation was an accepted thought in Europe. Primitive Christians like the Essenes, Manicheans and Cathars experienced an afterlife. People who believe they continue to exist after dying are hard to subdue. This is one of the reasons why these gnostic groups had to be exterminated as heretics. Purgatory was introduced to keep Christian citizens and peasants in line. But belief in a Biblical God, as well as belief in the accompanying hell, has declined dramatically since the Renaissance. For most people, nothing replaced death and death became a pitch black hole. A nothingness, an end of existence. The grim reaper who cuts the thread of life with his scythe, after which life stops. One became more and more attached to existence. To well-being, to wealth and to manifestation. Having to let go of existence became a collective trauma. Everything is about living as long as possible. The fear of purgatory passed into the fear of death itself. And that fear is exploited today in the same way that the fear of hell was exploited a thousand years ago.

Dying before dying
I sometimes wonder… Without fear of death, would we have so many traffic rules? Without mortal fear, would site regulations call for double fall protection? Would one, without fear of death, have children vaccinated so enthusiastically? Would they lock up the elderly any longer? Wear mouthguards? Five feet of clearance? Or would quality of life become more important than quantity? Life is short, and when the time comes…

fear of death paravision

Whereas the church and the nobility exploited the fear of hell to maintain power, those in power today have discovered the fear of death as a successful instrument of oppression. Of course, fear of pain and disease also plays a part, but if they didn’t lead to the illusionary end, they would be much more acceptable. You, as a ParaVision reader, probably know or feel that death is not an end. With any luck, you’ll enjoy your existence to the fullest without being overly attached to it. One of my teachers once told me, “You should be able to walk away from your life at any time and leave everything behind.” He meant dying before dying. When you realise that you are not your body, personality, thoughts and emotions, but something much bigger than that, and you let go of your ‘little self’, you will soon be able to move on to the next round more easily. As a reincarnation therapist, death fascinates me, as do the lives before it. Professionally, I know countless other lives from my own past. With hundreds of clients I was allowed to travel to their lives before birth into the present existence. Death is a transition. It’s a new beginning. Fear of it is similar to a baby’s fear in the womb of life after birth. No one knows how he or she will react when the time comes. Do you stay calm, or do you panic? Is it painful, or do you sleep peacefully? Whatever it is, don’t cross the bridge until you meet it. Sooner or later, you and I will have to face it, too. If it’s your time, it’s your time. But don’t let those in power continue to use the fear of your own death, or that of your loved ones, to rob you of your freedom!

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Trapped souls

She was under the big brass pyramid in our treatment room. Her eyes closed and her body contorted. “I’ll kill you,” I heard come out of her mouth in a strange, low, voice. It wasn’t her who said that. Multiple alien consciousnesses had hacked into her body and aura at a young age. It wasn’t strange that she had so many problems in her life. That she so often had the feeling that she wasn’t really living and that she seemed to be sabotaging herself. An hour later, four alien entities had been taken by the Light, never to return to Earth. All the trauma and pain they had caused, they took with them. The space created in her allowed us to allow her soul to incarnate a little more in her body. She felt reborn and it showed in her beaming face. Not that this is the end of
her treatment, the real work starts now: learning to be human!

You don’t want to make a living out of the people we get under the pyramid here in the south of France who have been hacked by dark forces. Forces that manifest as entities, parasites, demons, reptilians, archons and other forms of consciousness that invade a person’s body, aura, soul and sometimes even the Akashic Records. Always for their own gain and always at the expense of the host, or hostess. In the collective belief system of society over the past two thousand years, the dark creatures have become non-existent fables. They are not there for most people. But we as ParaVisie readers know that the reality is different. Denying these creatures has given them free rein. They can penetrate the auras of children and humans unhindered, where they can greatly influence the thoughts, emotions and behavior of the host and lead to obsessions. They are responsible for sabotaging behaviors, neuroses, voices in the head, negative emotions, low self-esteem, suicidality, self-mutilation, depression, addictions, and negative behaviors, among others. Mental health institutions, addiction clinics and forensic facilities are full of people who are influenced by dark forces. Of course these people have a responsibility of their own, but in general they don’t know that they are influenced, or even possessed. Their practitioners in the regular circuit don’t know that either and unintentionally treat the symptoms.

In my experience, it is often the incarnations of souls who come to bring high vibrations to earth that have to endure the most. We regularly have clients here at Terra Nova who were abused at a young age. Either by a demon that has embedded itself unseen in a person and is committing the abuse through neighbor, pastor or grandfather, or by direct energetic rape by demons. The effect of this trauma is lifelong, and since the incarnated human soul first has its wounds to heal before it can fulfill its life mission, as a lightworker, until healing occurs, this person is often disabled for life. And it could be worse. Dark forces not only have an enormous influence on our well-being, they also manipulate our karma and can influence the where and how of our incarnations. Some of the highest vibrating souls around Earth, for example, are repeatedly incarnated into satanic pedophilia networks. A huge prison of souls.

trapped souls paravision september 2020

"If humanity would realize what the influence of dark forces on is our collective well-being, there should be a "shudder through society.

This information was recently channeled by Elizabeth April from the Galactic Federation of Light. The VPRO programme Argos recently had a programme about these networks in which this was confirmed. The bio-industry is also a prison for souls, where the same souls incarnate again and again and come to a traumatic end. In this time of transition to the heart consciousness of the fifth dimension, these practices are coming to light.

If humanity truly realized the impact of dark forces on our collective well-being, a shudder would run through society. One would realize that the struggle is not between rich and poor, elite and people, or black and white, but between humanity and dark forces. For us conscious people, there is a clean task. Not fighting the demons and their excesses – that only makes them stronger – but letting awareness and light shine on their existence in order to support mankind in its individual and collective liberation.

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On to freedom!

These are turbulent times for today’s lightworkers. The unrest and fear caused by the coronavirus and the measures taken are slowly ebbing away. And what awaits us in the future? Vaccines, 5G, megalomaniac government control? Lightworker Robert Bridgeman sees it from his center Terra Nova in France with eyes as determined as they are compassionate and points out the current time (and struggle?) for us.

We live in complex times. A beautiful and eventful, but also a complicated time. Large groups of people
have become worried about the measures the government is enforcing and are demonstrating throughout the Netherlands. The government insists on controlling regulations and steers clear of vaccines. As citizens, we no longer know who governs us. We think that the government is in control, but in reality the government is in the middle.

Between two fires
On the one hand there is the interest of the citizen, the entrepreneur and the welfare in the Netherlands, on the other hand the much larger interests of the big tech companies, the big pharmaceutical companies and the big banks. Professor Bob de Wit of Nijenrode calls these organisations Corporate States. They have become huge global power blocs that have a big say in clubs like the WHO and the World Economic Forum. According to De Wit, only countries like China and America will soon be able to compete in the power race of the corporates. The fact is that these large organizations are controlling the world more and more. For example, the WHO, along with YouTube, currently has a policy of removing all videos about Corona that contradict WHO guidelines. That this is possible underlines the claims of Professor De Wit. But there is another layer beneath this power play. Those are the people behind the big companies. These people are getting richer and more powerful. It is now known that 1% of the world’s population has by far the most wealth and power. They could feed the whole world, but they don’t. Rather, they force vaccines against so-called diseases on the entire world population. Vaccines containing nanotechnology that can influence and control the vaccinated human being from the outside.

Change of era
According to professor Dr. Jan Rotmans, we do not live in an era of change, but in a change of era. And the last 2000 years have seen countless transitions. Every transition, a group of rich people rise up and try to seize power in the vacuum created. Just look at the nobility and the Catholic Church who seized power after the collapse of the Roman Empire and look at the big industrialists like the Rockenfellers and Rothshilds who seized power at the beginning of the industrial revolution. For example, in this day and age, we see big tech moguls like the founders of Google and Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft seizing power. And then we automatically get to the next layer that lies beneath that movement. There is, in fact, a considerable similarity between all those power grabs of the past thousands of years.

Paravisie August 2020

The Roman Catholic Church was a continuation of the Roman Empire. Those same forces that were behind Roman world control were the forces behind, say, the Nazis in World War II, behind the big industrialists and behind today’s tech companies and the 1% behind them. What are these forces? In the 1946 found Nag Hammadi writings of the Gnostics from 2000 years ago, these forces are called the Archons. Dark beings, without a divine core, oppressing humanity from an invisible dimension.

These forces do everything they can to keep humanity in a state of suffering and fear. Simply because these are the energies they feed on. These Archontic forces therefore have every interest in a frightened humanity that stays one and a half metres away from each other and goes out of connection with them. They have every interest in a humanity that gets vaccinated with nanotechnology and that can be monitored on the streets with 5G and facial recognition. They have every interest in a humanity made less and less empathetic and compassionate by artificial intelligence, serving the Archons like suffering robots. Archontic forces may not be animated, but they are unprecedentedly intelligent and are trying to close the net around humans to gain total control. There’s bad news for them, though…

Wake Up
Since 2012, another movement has been evident. Humanity is awakening. Where the Archontic forces from their 4th dimension try to keep humanity in the 3rd dimension of power and fear, more and more people are waking up in the 5th dimension of love (and higher). A tragedy for the Archons, as any human awakening in the 5th dimension has become elusive to them. And all those awakened people, they pull the rest of humanity along with them. We won’t take it anymore. The deception and manipulation of the dark forces is becoming more and more visible. Rulers like the Rockenfellers, the Rothshilds and the big tech leaders are falling through. It’s not for nothing that someone like Bill Gates has been put through the wringer on the internet lately. The Archonites’ great nightmare is coming true. Humanity is slipping through their fingers after thousands of years. They know, as we do, that before too long they will have to find a new planet to feed on fear and suffering, simply because that will no longer be found here on earth. They know that humanity is on the road to freedom and they are doing everything they can to protect their food sources and keep us in oppression. But as Gandhi said, “Oppression can take place only with the consent of the oppressed.” The people on the Malieveld and in those countless cities show that this permission is now withdrawn. The 5th dimensional human cannot be suppressed. We may soon organize a farewell committee for the Archons and their 1% friends. On to freedom!

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