Do you want to go into the depth online?

Robert developed these online trainings to give you the opportunity to go through your spiritual process step by step. Through a balanced combination of theory, experiences and exercises you will not only learn mentally, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will also find online trainings from some of Robert’s friends like Aymeric Blanc and Rianne Manten. The training courses are offered through Bridgeman.

Online Knowledge Training Transformative Coaching 

Do you already have experience with holistic transformation? Have you experienced the fantastic effects transformation has on you? And do you want to learn to get to the core of your blocking beliefs yourself? Learning to uproot your own blockages?

Or are you a coach, healer or psychologist (practising or in training)? Do you (sometimes) find it difficult to get to the core of your clients’ issues?

In both cases, this knowledge training Transformative Coaching Online is ideally suited for you. To learn to transform yourself. Or to discover whether you want to follow the training as a transformative coach and want to get started with the material in a career (you can only apply the material to clients after having practiced in the physical training under the guidance of experienced transformative coaches).

Online self-healing modules | Trauma Talks

You meditate. You practice yoga. You are well on your way on your spiritual path, yet… Yet that one pattern returns every time.

As a result of the conversations between Robert and Giel, Robert has designed a unique self-healing module, with which you heal the trauma within yourself. They are four powerful protocols, aimed specifically at:

– Your inner child
– The relationship with your parents
– Past lives
– And experiencing who you essentially are

Are you ready? Then give yourself the Self Healing Module as a gift now and get rid of that trauma once and for all.

Online Manifesting from your Heart

You may know it. You make plans and you are very enthusiastic. Only after a month or maybe two you will lose the ‘drive’. How come?

It may have to do with the fact that the goals you set for yourself come from your (lower) ego. You want them with your mind, but they may not be meant for you at all. Can you imagine that there are deeper missions and desires within you? And imagine if you could discover and manifest it. What would that do to the quality of your life?

BASIC 10 day online challenge (€24.99)

How spiritually inclined are you? Choices, all day long. Does it drive you crazy too?

  • Numerous decisions every day
  • Not being able to sleep at night
  • Constantly brooding.
  • Listening to your mind or your gut.
  • Asking yourself: ‘what do I want?

Training of 6 months (now €59,- instead of €149,-)

Spiritual life with both feet on the ground
Develop in this ONLINE training such a deep and encompassing consciousness that you really LIVE from connection with your soul!

Follow the training now for the special rate of €49.00 instead of €119.00. You can start immediately! You will receive as additional gift the 4-week meditation training!

Holy Grail Online (€55)

A secret, as old as mankind, is hidden in our hearts. Only those who dare to make the journey inwards will discover what cannot be found outside ourselves: the essence of our existence. The Holy Grail inside you.

Janosh and Robert Bridgeman take you along -online- on a journey to the Holy Grail within yourself. Four weeks full of healing, meditations, activations and initiations. Discover how Sacred Geometry lifts you up and changes your life, when you embrace it as our ancestors did. In ancient cultures this universal ‘language’ was used for various rituals and initiations. Why? Behind the Sacred Geometry lies the secret of creation. Sacred Geometry puts us in touch with who we really are.

Get inspired during the four online sessions by the unique combination of Janosh and Robert. Experience the geometric ‘DNA codes’ of Janosh, penetrating deeply into the subconscious. Learn how you can contribute to your own evolutionary process and how you can get in touch with your ‘Holy Grail’ through active meditation. Let yourself be touched by Robert’s deep transformation sessions, where karmic wounds and old sins dissolve and transmute into love.