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Robert has published six non-fiction books on spiritual development and will soon publish his first novel 2044.

Online courses

Robert developed these online trainings to give you the opportunity to go through your spiritual process step by step. Through a balanced combination of theory, experiences and exercises you will not only learn mentally, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually. The training courses are offered through Bridgeman.


Are you a lightworker looking for opportunities to deepen and specialize in transformation and healing? Bridgeman Lightworker Academy was founded in 2012 to support you in this process. The academy offers several courses, such as the Transformation coach course.


What are you up against? Sabotage mechanisms? Not knowing what you want in life? Old pain? Or would you like to get to know yourself better and go deeper? Now there is the opportunity to work on yourself for a week in Robert’s own house. At Terra Nova, the collective vibration is sky high.


Do you work within an organization that is open to awareness, or are you a conscious entrepreneur, or director? In 2014, Robert founded the company HUMAN Potentials with his associates. The mission of HUMAN Potentials is to move the consciousness of organizational leaders and professionals from fear, power & control to love, wisdom & compassion so that organizations contribute to a sustainable world in harmony.

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