There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven

There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven

There was a lightworker at the gates of heaven. It was literally heavenly there. A wonderful light surrounded him and he had already greeted his deceased ancestors.

Around him was an atmosphere of love and freedom.

An enormous light being lovingly welcomed him. “Glad you’re here. First, we’re going to go through a questionnaire to see which Heaven’s Gate you get to enter. The big one, or the small one.” said the creature.

The lightworker was happy and satisfied with his life. He had done well. In his practice as a coach and healer he had helped countless people. His articles and books inspired thousands. He had contributed considerably to the vibration of humanity, he thought.

“Good” said the creature kindly, looking interestedly at the questionnaire. “There we go with question one:

What have you done to reduce the power of the 1% richest in the world and redistribute wealth to all people?”

Startled, the lightworker looked at the creature. He didn’t know what to reply. “Not much I understand” the creature said forgivingly. “Then we go to the next question; what have you done to stop the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of children a year, with horrific things happening to them?”

Struck, the lightworker looked at the ground that was made up of clouds. “Um… um…” the light being looked at him hesitantly. “Again, not much. Fine, question three: What has been your role in reducing the suffering of people in refugee camps?” Again an empty look in the eyes of the lightworker.

The creature began chewing on her pen somewhat nervously. “Reducing the six billion animals slaughtered annually in the bio-industry?” The light being looked at the lightworker a little more intrusively now. “Then have you done anything for the Indians, the Palestinians, or the Tibetans who are so oppressed?” No response. “Maybe you’ve done something to stop the deforestation of rainforests? Or the pollution of oceans and air? No, either?”

Slowly but surely, the light being begins to lose her patience a little. “Dear lightworker, have you done anything to prevent wars, or help people in poverty? Or reverse the oppression of humanity? Have you shone your light on the wrongs of the world, or at least written something that would inspire others to do something about it?”

The lightworker feels tears welling up. He didn’t expect this. He thought he had done well. By setting up a successful practice after his awakening and retraining as a healer. By meditating a lot and influencing the vibration of the collective positively. By not paying attention to the negative things in the world. Because what you focus on grows. That was the answer! “Er… Ma’am” said the lightworker menacingly. She looked at him tenderly. “I just didn’t focus my attention on that, because what you focus your attention on grows.” There, that was it. He was pleased with himself.

The light being accidentally broke her pen. Just like that, the thing snapped. Pity, it was her favourite pen. She felt a shiver go over her wings and decided to remain very patient. Breathe in…. Breathe out… She looked straight into the lightworker’s eyes. “My dear fellow, you’ve been misinformed I’m afraid.” She said.

“What you pay attention to grows, you say… This is true in the third dimension of consciousness. Because attention in that dimension is often charged with struggle, or anger, or fear. Then, when you focus your attention on something, you are indeed feeding it.

But from the fifth dimension of consciousness, it is different. Because attention is then charged with love and compassion, you TRANSMUTE the very thing you are focusing your attention on. You turn it into love, you know?” The lightworker could go through the ground though. Or rather by the clouds beneath his feet. He would have known! They had told him this. He just never wanted to take it.

“But those oppressions and that child trafficking, those were conspiracy theories, right? Those only create more fear, right?” Tried the lightworker again. The light being shrugged her shoulders. “That’s what they would like you to believe, down there. You are a bit fooled dear lightworker. By calling the abuses conspiracy theories, those responsible for those abuses have found an ideal way to continue. Do you for instance want to claim that it’s not true that 1% of humanity has 99% of all wealth while 2 billion people live in poverty? Or do you think that the hundreds of thousands of children who, according to official figures, disappear every year are off to a secret party? Maybe you don’t believe in the control society in China and that it is slowly but surely being rolled out around the world? Or maybe you think that governments and corporations have people’s best interests at heart?”

The lightworker gasped. The way the light being was putting it now, he had never seen it. It all makes sense! He had just stayed away from all those plots. He thought he was doing the right thing, but now he realized that in doing so he had actually looked away. And by looking away he had helped make it possible! He felt a ball in his stomach that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

“You lightworkers are being sent to Earth on a mission.” continued the creature. Her frustration was now easy to see. This was yet another lightworker that she unfortunately couldn’t let in. That touched her. “Your mission is to transform first the darkness within yourself and then the darkness in the world. Of course, healing others is important too, but if on the other hand, you keep allowing trauma to arise from war, abuse and oppression, what are you really contributing? You, dear man, have had a wonderful life with all the trimmings. Financial success, happy clients, beautiful experiences, nice friends, a nice family. You are more than welcome to this and, after all, it is your own positive karma that created this life. But you have done nothing for people and animals in real need. Where is your compassion dear man? Where is your heart?”

The light being looked through the light worker at the clouds behind his feet. “I’m sorry, I can’t let you in. You failed the test…” the lightworker looked at her with tearful eyes. “The test? What test?” He stammered…

“You are sent to Earth on a mission. But Earth and everything on it is an illusion. It is a hologram, a matrix. Humanity itself creates the content of that matrix with its DNA programs and its collective beliefs. You lightworkers are sent to influence humanity to adopt other beliefs and to create a different matrix. One of love and harmony. We call that moving from 3D to 5D. From the third dimensional matrix of fear and power, through the fourth, to the fifth dimensional matrix of love and wisdom.”

“But that’s what I was doing anyway!” Shouted the lightworker a bit louder than was proper at the gate of heaven. The deceased behind him, in the ever-growing line, began to smooch with each other and looked at him. A little softer he continued “But I did, didn’t I? I helped hundreds of people in their transformation. And I did everything I could to make the vibration as high as possible, in myself and in the people around me.”

“Those things you did well too” nodded the creature. “But you forgot the most important thing. Shining your light where it is really needed. What do you think would have happened if lightworkers like John Lennon, Gandhi and Martin Luther King had focused on their practice and let go of the real problems? And they also lived in a period with a much lower vibration. Nowadays lightworkers don’t even get killed for their work like they did back then. It’s super safe.” The creature sighs. “You’re not the only one, though. And it’s not easy either. They send you into the illusion without clear instructions. You have to figure it out for yourself over and over again. Anyway, I can’t let you in…”

“What does that mean?” Asks the lightworker. “What am I supposed to do?” The creature smiles. “You may have another round. If you had just done your job you would have been free now and allowed to incarnate back on your own planet. However, because you have been sidetracked this life, you may now have another go.” The lightworker looked around a little uncomfortably. It was crowded at the gate of heaven and by now there were a lot of souls standing around the two of them listening in.

“Oh well” said one. “What difference does it make one round more or less. This time you’re just going to do it differently.” The lightworker turned toward the soul. “Did you do it differently then?” He asked. The soul smiled broadly. “Yes! I was allowed to do regression sessions with Indians to help them process their traumas. And he,” the soul pointed to a soul next to him. “He dedicated his life to saving children from the hands of human traffickers.” The two souls nodded to the light being. She nodded back and they walked on. “We’re going home!” called one over his shoulder. “Enjoy your last round!” The two souls disappeared through the gate of heaven.

The light being looked at the lightworker. “What are you going to do differently this time?” He thought. “Well, I just want a good life for myself again.” She nodded. “Besides that, I just really enjoy coaching and healing people.” She nodded again. “But this time I will add that I am going to make people aware of the oppression by the 1% elite on Earth. I’m going to get active and shine my light where it’s needed most. I will also do one other project. Either with human trafficking, refugee camps, or bio-industry.” The light being clapped her wings joyfully. “That’s fine!” She said. If each lightworker chooses one project, you can make a huge difference together. There are hundreds of millions of you on earth after all!”

And so it happened. The lightworker said goodbye to the light being and walked through the small door next to the sky gate. Behind the door was a small room where he could catch his breath. He rearranged his karma, tinkered some more with his DNA programs and gave a lick of paint to his life mission.

Then a door opened on the other side of the room. Determined and without further ado, the lightworker stepped through the door.


X Robert Bridgeman

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A book you want to read in one sitting.

The book 2044 is a novel, but in addition so incredibly exciting. Robert manages to intrigue me with his book. A book you can’t put down anymore.

What does the year 2044 look like?

The world has been going through a lot of changes lately and now that we are in a pandemic I was very curious to see how Robert sees the world in 2044. What changed? What does your humanity look like in his experience? But above all, how do we behave? Robert creates with his way of writing a very clear picture of how it could be. While reading I experience how he meant it. Maybe it’s because I’m totally in my own bubble while reading this book or because of his way of writing.

In any case, humanity lives in a matrix of oppression. Fake news is spread and people who want to get to the truth are labeled as geeks or wackos. Via a chip in our right hand we can regulate things. On your arm you have a tablet with which you can make calls and arrange things. In the cities there is a dense smoky atmosphere and the sunlight is almost invisible. Gives me the creeps. You don’t want to live like that, do you?

With an open attitude and an open heart

Lightworker, healer and transformation coach training. The first thought I get, this is probably a book to convince me. Written by a goat-socks type. Not something I’m proud of, but even I sometimes have preconceived notions about things I have absolutely no understanding of. But I decide to read this book with an open mind and an open heart. My Christian faith has taught me that you must be open to everyone. An open attitude will bring you so much more than a closed attitude full of criticism. This book 2044 I’m going to give a chance, because I’m incredibly curious what’s in it.

tough reading 2044 book review

It totally sucks

From moment one I am intrigued. A red-headed minister running to another building because he saw something. After every page I want to read more. Learn more. I even look things up while reading. Fortunately, he has a glossary so I can read back what is meant there as well. Simon works as a civil servant for the Ministry of Truth in The Hague and when a movie pops up that could ruin everything, Simon’s life changes too.

He is kidnapped and discovers the truth. After each chapter, I want to continue reading. You just want to know what else is going to happen and which way it’s going to go. In my head, I’m making my own movie out of the book 2044. How awesome would it be if this was actually made into a movie? That’s what this book deserves. It is so incredibly well written and the story makes you think.

Robert makes you think about the world

While reading this book, I think about how I see the world now. There’s so much going on around us. Actually, the things that happen in the book 2044 are already happening. There are countries that already practice censorship. In those countries you are not allowed to say what you think. How bad would it be if this happened all over the world? Do we look at each other with love or is it mainly envy? Awesome questions worth thinking about! I also watch the media. Are we being told everything, or is censorship already taking place in the Netherlands? That is exactly what Robert wants to achieve with this book. Mission accomplished.

A lot of new information

Reading this book 2044 gives me new insights, but also an awful lot of new information. Robert knows a lot about the different religions. Regularly I see things from the Bible come back in his book. After each chapter there is a QR code that you can scan. You’ll end up at a video on Robert’s site. This will give you even more information, inspiration and food for thought. This book is so much more than a book. It gives you new insights, it inspires, but above all it makes you think. You don’t put it down until you’ve read it all the way through. Everyone should read this book.

Via Book Inspiration of Stoerleesvoer

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When the dam breaks

The below post from Light Flash touches me.
This is what I live for:
“When the dam breaks,
all children are freed.
And the whole matrix collapses.
Nothing will ever be the same again.
It gets better, different, freer.
The past proves the future.
History is replaced
by the truth.
All hearts open out of free will,
the veil is removed,
so we can finally get our
can see their own greatness.
The earth is transforming,
man makes a process
of evolution by.
The intention of life
goes from money to welfare.
Disease disappears through healing
and healing.
We’ll have to get used to it.
and all our old habits and
to let go of patterns.
Which in itself is not a problem
has to be when you find yourself
allows you to follow your good feelings.
We will be amazed
in amazement,
and ourselves as human beings again
to invent.
Many inventions that make life
of mankind,
will emerge
after sometimes 100 years of oppression.
The energy on earth will change completely,
the frequency and the vibrations
bring balance, harmony and equilibrium.
Sensitive people will see this immediately
as they can sense the energies
of recent years have also
can feel.
Lighting, space, breathing,
embrace, welfare will be the new
Because we have a whole new world
go in and invent new ones
ready to be taken into our world
there is much to learn.
New ways of thinking,
new experiences, new knowledge
and wisdom, insights and inspirations.
What we have time for
to discover because money is no longer
is what drives us.
The tension goes off, from the body,
of the mind, of the soul.
Something you can’t even imagine
can make in this day and age, when you
look around you and you’ll see none of this
big change.
Of all the messages sent to me
have passed, the theme is always,
if the dam breaks, it’s done.
And that relies on divine timing.
But everything is ready.
It’s going to take a lot of people
who can help others
a shock, people who
feel, people who listen,
people who care from the heart.
This is the time to feel which
side you’re being pulled on.
What are you doing here at this time?
Because for the time to come
you are here on Earth.
Ready the hands
from the sleeves,
to throw open your heart and your
to bring love into the world?
It’s safe.
There are many of us.
Speak up and follow your heart.
And be willing to learn.”
Author: Flash of Light
Let’s go 5D!

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let's go 5d

Let’s Go 5D

The control net spans humanity more and more…
Vaccinations, 5G, nanotechnology, implanted chips, social distancing, one world government, destruction of contact professions.
Slowly but surely, the control model developed in China is being rolled out across the rest of the world.
Everything is done to keep man in a low 3D vibration…
With might and main, man is prevented from realizing who he really is.
And liberate themselves in the fifth dimension.
Everything is done to keep people in the illusion of separation

In fear of suffering and death…

πŸ‘‰ But you’re not afraid of death at all….

πŸ‘‰ You haven’t eaten frikandells for years either….

πŸ‘‰ And you see through the lies….

πŸ‘‰And you see razor sharp how the darkness is trying to keep humans disconnected with all the so called “measures”….

Without illusion of separation, fear of suffering and fear of death, what would be left of this pandemic? Nothing… People wouldn’t fall for it anymore. So…
What can you do to make a difference? Simple really…

5D life. What’s that?

πŸ•Š Living in connection with yourself, with others and with Mother Earth.

πŸ•Š Working on your spiritual development.

πŸ•Š working on transforming the dark pieces within yourself.

πŸ•Š Going to live in small Tribes and communities, inside, or outside the cities.

All over the world, beautiful cities of light, peaceful living communities, spiritual centers and city tribes are emerging in which people live 5D lives in connection with each other. Like we do here at Terra Nova. All these people together keep the 5D field on their piece of Earth. And all those pieces together form a 5D Grid of light and love across the planet. The more of us start living 5D, the stronger that Grid becomes. The faster the quantum leap to 5D of all humanity can take place. The result is a world in harmony.

Therefore: Let’s go 5D!

It’s up to us.

X Robert Bridgeman

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4 timelines

This article was written with love. In gentleness and compassion. I hope everyone can read it that way.

This post has no intention of polarizing. Think of this post as informational for lightworkers.

It should also be clear that as an author, I am under no illusion that people “in” 3D are better, or less, than people “in” 13D and everything in between. It’s not about superiority, or polarity, but about stages of consciousness.

Starting point:

Humanity is making a consciousness transition from the third to the fifth dimension and beyond.

If you follow me on social media, chances are you inspire and guide others through this transition.

Then you also see that the number of people making the transition has grown exponentially.

Consider, for example, the 500,000 people who visited the From 3D to 5D platform in July 2020 in its first month of existence.

Guiding people in their transition from 3d to 5d is not always easy. You have to deal with all kinds of resistances, world views, levels of consciousness and theories. This article wants to help you get some clarity on that.

In the guidance of people to 5D you have to deal with roughly four timelines:

1. 3D: The fear and unconsciousness in the third dimension.

2. 4D: The transition from 3D to 5D through the fourth dimension. More understood, but not yet always a bed of love.

3. 5D: Awakening in the fifth dimension. To live from love and compassion.

4. from 5D to 13D: these are the stages of spiritual awakening.


A large group of people are aware in the third dimension. The system is in control. They may have a feeling that something is wrong, but it hasn’t manifested itself yet. The system still has quite a grip on them and they often still defend it from their DNA programming. They often believe the official narrative and have difficulty accepting arguments that refute it. People who do this are called “wappies,” for example.


A growing group of people are aware of the fourth dimension. They see world events as they are and see through the official stories. In this group there is still a relatively large amount of fear, powerlessness and struggle. The risk is that you will overshoot the mark in far-reaching conspiracy theories. The fourth dimension is the transitional dimension from the third to the fifth dimension.


Those who have awakened to the fifth dimension can look at events in the world with love and compassion. They are living out the New Earth and embody the new man. The system has virtually lost its hold on them and they are free to live their lives.

5D to 13D

From the fifth dimension the consciousness can develop further to the thirteenth dimension. These are different stages of enlightenment. Polarization and duality is becoming less and less. 13D is seen as a state of complete oneness with Source.

So when you post about events in the world you have to deal with these four groups.

Suppose you post about the effect of vaccinations on the soul. That vaccinations are designed to separate the person from the soul.

😑People in the third dimension may react angrily, or try to attack you personally. That you’re a public health hazard, or that you’re polarizing. Unconsciously, they defend the system that still has so much hold over them.

😠People in the fourth dimension may go along with you, but often react from conflict and anger. They direct their anger at, for example, the government, the pharmaceutical industry, or other stakeholders. By doing this they are still feeding the system.

πŸ™‚ People in the fifth dimension take the message as information and look at the content with compassion and love. They respond substantively and supportively. Substantive criticism is always given lovingly and with respect.

πŸ˜‡People beyond the fifth dimension don’t respond, or with a heart πŸ˜„

Of course, it is not all as black and white as described above.

And here comes the punch line:

We all have all these timelines in us at the same time.

Parts of you and me, for example, are consciously in 5D+, but other parts of us are still “in” 3D.

All 13 earth dimensions are always present in every human being….

It’s all about what you’re aware of for the most part. Conscious in 3D, 4D, or 5D?

People who are predominantly conscious in 3D can have wisdom from the thirteenth dimension and people in the seventh dimension can still react very 3D to certain situations πŸ˜‰

So it’s not black and white.

Also, these dimensions are only a mental concept. But they do make it easy to understand what is happening in ourselves and around us.

The fact is that humanity is making a transition in consciousness, from fear to love, from taking to giving and from separateness to oneness.

Countervailing forces are doing everything they can to keep humans in the third dimension.

But these forces are fighting a rearguard action…

People are awakening massively and exponentially.

We have been awakening in 5D since 2012. It’s just that not everyone realizes it yet…

Matter of time.

Let’s go 5D!

X Robert

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Let’s go 5D

The control net spans humanity more and more…

Vaccinations, 5G, nanotechnology, implanted chips, social distancing, one world government, destruction of contact professions.

Slowly but surely, the control model developed in China is being rolled out across the rest of the world.

Everything is done to keep man in a low 3D vibration…

With might and main, man is prevented from realizing who he really is.

And liberate themselves in the fifth dimension.

Everything is done to keep people in the illusion of separation

In fear of suffering and death…

πŸ‘‰ But you’re not afraid of death at all….

πŸ‘‰ You haven’t eaten frikandells for years either….

πŸ‘‰ And you see through the lies….

πŸ‘‰And you see razor sharp how the darkness is trying to keep humans disconnected with all the so called “measures”….

Without illusion of separation, fear of suffering and fear of death, what would be left of this pandemic?

People wouldn’t fall for it anymore.

What can you do to make a difference?

Simple really…
5D life.

What’s that?

πŸ•Š Living in connection with yourself, with others and with Mother Earth.

πŸ•Š Working on your spiritual development.

πŸ•Š working on transforming the dark pieces within yourself.

πŸ•Š Going to live in small Tribes and communities, inside, or outside the cities.

All over the world, beautiful cities of light, peaceful living communities, spiritual centers and city tribes are emerging in which people live 5D lives in connection with each other.

Like we do here at Terra Nova.

All these people together keep the 5D field on their piece of Earth.

And all those pieces together form a 5D Grid of light and love across the planet.

The more of us start living 5D, the stronger that Grid becomes.

The faster the quantum leap to 5D of all humanity can take place.

The result is a world in harmony.

That’s why:

Let’s go 5D!

It’s up to us.

X Robert Bridgeman

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In your head.

Telling you what to do
Who keep bringing you down

Which may seem compelling
And have been in your head for a long time
You don’t know other than that they’re there

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you should listen to them
Whatever they want from you
As perverse as they are sometimes
Or terrifying

You try to push them away, those voices
With loud music
Watching television, series, or movies
With even harder work
By always having people around
With alcohol or other drugs
Because you don’t want to hear them, those voices

And which voices are right for you?
And which one isn’t?

But what if I tell you that you’re not your votes?
Just like you’re not those 60,000 thoughts you have a day.

What if you know that those voices and thoughts are being generated by split-off parts in your consciousness? For example:
– split personality parts
– inner child pieces
– deceased ancestors
– coatings
– father and mother pieces
– entities
– implants
– archons

What if I told you that you could also heal and transform all of the above, so that fewer thoughts, neuroses, sabotage and fears arise in your consciousness?

Peace of mind…
I have helped countless people get rid of their inner voice.
From junkies to bank executives.
And everything in between.
Every person has voices.
And every man can get rid of it.
And any coach/healer can learn how to do that.

And you know what happens then?
It creates space…
Space to listen to your Soul and your guides.
They do not communicate in voices, but in images, in feelings and in symbols.

The Soul…
Your soul mission…
Beyond the voices in your head lies your freedom.


Want to work on your voices live with me?
Then book a transformation retreat here at Terra Nova:

Here at


Want to learn how to transform voices in others?

On April 3rd my ONLINE Transformation Coach Training will start.

You can already register:

Transformative coaching online

See you soon!

X Robert Bridgeman

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The abundance project

There’s plenty…
For everyone.

Only not everyone knows the laws of manifestation and abundance.

And not all people are (yet) able to tune in to the frequency of abundance.

Some people understand the frequency of abundance a little too well.

And become, say, billionaires…

Abundance without empathy and compassion has allowed a small fraction of people to be puissantly wealthy.

And a great many of them poverty-stricken.

And that’s not nice. People sometimes say that very poor people are also happy.

Monique and I have been very regularly on rubbish dumps and in very poor villages, camps and neighbourhoods.

Where people had to sell their children to survive.

Where people had nothing.

And were overrun by flies, cockroaches and rats.

Even in a country like the Netherlands many people are poor.

Poverty is not nice.

And also not necessary.

There is more than enough for everyone!

Abundance without empathy and compassion automatically becomes a disaster.

As we have for the past forty years in the huge gap between rich and poor.

The 1% richest people in the world could help the 2 billion poorest people in an instant.

But they don’t…

It’s not in their interest, unfortunately…

Apart from initiatives by individuals.

But we can share our abundance!

There are countless positive projects by people with their feet in the clay.

And many small ones make a big one too!

In addition, when you give abundance, you receive abundance in life.

πŸ•ŠTherefore this spontaneous idea:πŸ•Š

What projects do you know of that really make a difference?

Precisely those projects often need money from people who do not immediately want control over their project (what large donors often do).

πŸ™Let’s share.

If anyone who knows of a great project put it under this post.

(I mean really know. That you know the foundation or people behind the project and have seen with your own eyes what the project does).

And that the others then choose which projects they want to contribute to and donate accordingly.

And then announce it in the chat.

Then we can achieve a wonderful positive flow.

A stream of loving abundance in Corona time.

Are you with me?

πŸ‘‰Please post your project(s) below with a brief description.


πŸ‘‰Donate to one or more of the projects being posted.


πŸ‘‰Do both. πŸ₯°

Let’s go!

(I reserve the right to remove questionable projects to maintain quality. 😎)

X Robert Bridgeman

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A wake-up call

The world in 2044…

The world is in crisis. Old systems are reaching their limits, while on the other hand it seems as if they are trying with all their might to enslave mankind. Corona seems to be the ideal tool for those in power to roll out totalitarian measures. What’s behind that? How’s that going to end? Is there anything we can do to turn the tide for the better? Robert Bridgeman, following in the footsteps of the great George Orwell, wrote a dystopian future in novel form. Despite everything, he is hopeful: “An increasingly aware humanity will not allow itself to be suppressed and controlled lightly.”

Recently Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, said in an interview that the psychological dimension of the corona crisis is heavily underestimated. Desmet: “A crisis acts like a trauma that takes away historical awareness. People see trauma as an event in itself, whereas it is part of an ongoing process.” According to Desmet, an absolutist form of science has emerged that is related to totalisation in society. There can only be one truth. Desmet continues: “A pre-totalitarian state cuts all the social ties of the population. People no longer dare to speak freely to anyone and are less able to organise themselves because of restrictions. It is not difficult to recognise today’s situation in these phenomena. Among many other characteristics of emerging totalitarianism. The government has already let it be known that after vaccinations the measures will not simply disappear. It is notable that in countries with an advanced vaccination campaign, such as Israel and Britain, the measures are curiously tightening. ” (Source:

The world in 1984

As a teenager, I pulled the book 1984 from my father’s bookshelf. It grabbed me and I read it out in one breath. The writer George Orwell published the book in 1949. In the book you can read how the world looks like 35 years later according to the author. In the year 1984, the world consists of three superstates. These are constantly at war with each other. But the wars always take place in the areas between the rich, never in the rich areas themselves. The protagonist of 1984 lives in London, in the superstate of Oceania. In the empire, the elite have total power. The government, consisting of a single party, has control over truly every aspect of human life. The Party consists of 13% Fringe Party and only 2% is Core Party, the true elite. They see the proletariat, which comprises 85% of the population, as beings of a lower order and suppress them with all their might. These people, in turn, allow themselves to be oppressed. The population is kept in poverty and ignorance, and the most gifted of them are picked out by the thought police and killed before they can pose a danger to opposition. The thought police are watching everyone and have cameras and microphones hidden everywhere. Also in homes and offices. Mail is censored, people betray each other and children snitch on their parents. People are arrested, tortured and killed in public executions, and demonstrating is not an option at all. The country is in a constant state of war. The danger a totalitarian regime needs to exist. It’s all about fear, anger, hate and pain. Sex between men and women is a duty to the Party and should not lead to pleasure. Happiness is forbidden. The Party’s great goals are to conquer the world and destroy independent thought. Big brother is watching you is a winged statement from this book.

The main character works for the government, at the Ministry of Truth to be exact. This ministry is solely concerned with propaganda for the system. What the Party considers the truth, is the truth. There is only one true history and that is the past that the Party dictates. And when it invents a new history, the old history is rewritten. Old newspapers, books, photographs and messages are destroyed and exchanged for new ones. Throughout the story, the protagonist rebels against the party. He discovers that there is a conspiracy, a resistance movement, and joins it. To unfortunately discover that this resistance is a conspiracy of the Party and does not exist. He’s walking into a trap. For the Party, submission to them is sanity and resistance a sign of insanity.

A realisation in 1994

When I put the book 1984 back in my father’s closet after reading it, I was glad that Orwell’s vision of the future was wrong: fortunately the world hasn’t turned out like this I thought. And then my worldview changed in an instant. I vividly remember the moment when that satisfaction suddenly turned to the realisation that Orwell had not been wrong at all. There I was as an eighteen-year-old boy standing next to the bookcase. Aware of the real state of the world around me. From the beginning of my adolescence, I had trouble with the worldview that most people around me had. As a child I was already concerned with the inequality between rich and poor. And in that moment at the closet, everything became clear to me. At that time, in 1994, the world was effectively divided into superstates. The 2%, or perhaps 1% elite actually had the power on earth and 85% of humanity was oppressed and kept down. The middle class in between was, as in the book, kept poor enough to have to keep working and kept rich enough not to revolt. Only it wasn’t clearly visible on the surface. People didn’t see it and didn’t want to see it. I had many a discussion with friend and foe, but those around me refused to believe me. It was a hidden reality. Since then, the world has become no less Orwellian. Certainly not in this day and age, when the superstates of this world – particularly the United States, Europe, China and Russia – are becoming more and more visible as the states of the 1984 scenario. China is the best example, more Orwellian-totalitarian can hardly be.

The 2020 revolution

So it was no surprise to me that when the corona crisis came, the measures became more and more stringent and vaccinations were thrown up as the big solution from day one. “See!”, I shouted on social media. Convinced that by now humanity would have become aware of the Orwellian reality. Nothing appeared less true! Very quickly I learned to be more careful in my expressions about the measures. They only evoked more polarity and strife among the people who responded to my posts, especially on facebook. The present Ministry of Truth had done its propaganda work well in the world. The opinion of the Party, in this case dictated by the WHO, soon became the only truth allowed to exist. Meanwhile, the totalitarian state had unfolded in our modern society. Big Brother got 5G to make it even easier to watch us. People betray each other through click lines. Cross-thinkers are arrested and publicly pilloried, by the media and others, when they propagate a different reality. Demonstrations are broken up and people are kept inside through lockdowns and a curfew. The country is in a constant state of war, supposedly against a virus, the danger a totalitarian regime needs to exist. It’s all about fear, anger, hate and pain. And the people are kept in ignorance of reality. Happiness is forbidden. It’s not allowed in theaters, not in restaurants, not by getting together at home. Laughing, singing and enjoying together is no longer allowed. Independent thought is no longer allowed.

The majority of the population of the Netherlands is focused on returning to normal. ‘If I comply and cooperate, I maximize the chances of getting my old life back,’ most people seem to think. However, if you look back in history, you will see that this is an illusion. The current measures are an accumulation of the measures taken over the last one hundred and fifty years. As it now appears, measures are not going to decrease, but rather increase, something Professor Desmet confirmed in the interview mentioned above. Once everyone has been vaccinated, new virus mutations will emerge and people will still have to stay indoors. Step by step humanity is being sucked into a totalitarian system. An elite whose goal is one world government, one world language and one world religion. Just look at The Great Reset, which the network around the World Economic Forum (WEF) is so keen on. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the WEF, described in a vision for 2030 that people will no longer own property. You will own nothing, and you will be happy’, he states. These are not conspiracy theories, but the reality we face today. More than five years ago, the great philosopher Marcel Messing said, on (YouTube) video, that he expected a pandemic at any moment. The European Union had in fact adopted legislation that could force its citizens to take vaccinations in the event of a pandemic. It was now a matter of waiting for the pandemic that matched the new regulations. According to Messing, the purpose of vaccinations is to inject nanotechnology into human bodies. Nanotechnology that will only make the control of humanity easier and more efficient. Step by step, humanity is being sucked into the totalitarian world state.

wake up call paravisie

Behind the scenes What are the forces behind this ever-increasing oppression? Why can billions of vaccines against a virus that particularly affects the elderly be produced and financed in such a short time, while two billion people are going to bed hungry as we speak? Why can these measures be rolled out so efficiently worldwide, while millions of children disappear worldwide, apparently unable to be found? Why are billions of euros of funds available, while people are dying in refugee camps? The answer may surprise you. The forces behind the totalization of world power are not focused on improving people’s lives. They aim to create as much separation, fear and suffering in the world as possible. The reason is very simple: it’s their food. The small elite in control of the world does not stand alone. They serve a power that is even greater. All my life I have heard that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Then you could draw the conclusion that world hegemony is in the hands of a handful of super-rich. However, humanity is not dominated by its own species, but by another race that is just outside the perception spectrum of humans. For many people, this is a far cry from what they are used to. However, understanding what is really going on changes everything. The increasing oppression of mankind is not done by people. Something else is going on. Planet Earth has been occupied by another race for over 13,000 years. Namely, the Draco-Reptilians! Reptilians were already on Earth when the dinosaurs were alive. They consider this planet their world and have appropriated the right to oppress the people and animals that live on it. The Reptilians in turn are possessed by forces even more sinister. Non-light forces known as the Archonians. These beings entered our universe a long time ago. They are separate from the original creation and, unlike humans, have no connection to the Universal Source of everything. In order to obtain Source energy, the Archontic forces use other life forms as a medium. The Reptilians, who occupy forty planets besides Earth, are an ideal vehicle due to their empathy-less nature. Through them, the Archons feed on Source energy from humans. However, because they are unenlightened, they do not do this by harvesting love and compassion, they do it by bringing humanity into a state of suffering and then feeding on the energies of fear, anger and pain, for example.

Light vs. Unlit

I don’t know how the above looks to you, but I do know that for the majority of Dutch people this will not immediately be seen as a possible reality. Still, it’s important that more and more people start to see what’s going on. It may come to light and be resolved. It was therefore time for a new version of the book 1984. During the first lockdown of 2020, I sat down and a story in ten days came through me. A story about the world in the year 2044. Like Orwell, I had traveled quite a bit in time and was painting a story of humanity in the future. Like Orwell, it became a not too rosy picture. For what will the world look like in 2044 if today’s measures are continued? You guessed it: a totalitarian state. A world where there can only be one reality. A world of oppression and total control. By extending current developments to 2044, insight is gained into what is actually going on at the moment and where this timeline could go if we do nothing now. There are a few major differences between the book 2044 and Orwell’s 1984. The first is that I’m no George Orwell. The novel I wrote is my seventh book, but the first novel I wrote. I in no way want to measure myself against the great Orwell. 2044 is an homage to his work. The second difference is that 1984 is a political novel and 2044 is a spiritual novel. And that brings me to the third difference. In my view, George Orwell has failed to see two important developments. They don’t appear in 1984. The first is the awakening of humanity to the new consciousness. From 3D to 5D, from Pisces to Aquarius, from Kali to Dwapara. An increasingly conscious humanity will not allow itself to be suppressed and controlled just like that. You can see this in the counterweight that is given to the measures from the spiritual angle and by many free scientists, doctors and journalists. The second development is the galactic help that humanity has at this time in that awakening. The Galactic Federation, including the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Syrians, and many other alien civilizations, are getting closer. They were also the ones who whispered this story to me in ten days. Federation members help humanity dismantle the elite and its Reptillian masters. Mind you, I’m talking about helping, not saving. Humanity is allowed to wake up from within and receive help in this process. Indeed, each individual may first awaken within and transmute and transcend the Archontic forces within themselves. The Reptillian-Archons are ultimately a reflection of the unlit within ourselves. When the current developments are extrapolated to 2044, with the addition of the two developments of the collective awakening and the galactic help, suddenly a different picture emerges. Would a third-dimension totalitarian regime make it in twenty-three years? While humanity awakens in the fifth dimension? Could the Reptilians and their elite continue to suppress the awakening humans and resist the power of the Galactic Federation? To get a possible answer to these questions (and more) I can only, in all modesty, invite you to read 2044.

paravisie 2044

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D-Day for 2044

21 -02- 21
Today is the day!

The official launch of 2044!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

As of today the books can officially be shipped. Just a matter of days before it arrives on your doormat! It is a milestone in my life. Yesterday evening I celebrated the outcome of 2044 together with my brother Ruud. He gave me this picture of young Robert. I was 19 years young, hanging out of a train, somewhere in the Andes mountains of Peru, where I was travelling around for three months with two friends at that moment. πŸ—Ί

I had fled the life I knew. From the age of 14 I worked and from 16 I was a full-time cook in the catering industry. πŸ”ͺπŸ‘¨πŸ³ I didn’t feel like going to school anymore. I wasn’t happy at all. I was even depressed because my life had not taken the course I had hoped.

I wanted to study…

I wanted to be a diplomat.
And wanting to do something good for the world. 🌍I would have been very different at that age. And was disappointed in life. Unconsciously I was looking for like-minded people. But drowned myself in the alcohol, sex and parties…. πŸ•Ί

My brother reminded me yesterday how, as an adolescent, I often argued with people because I saw reality so differently than they did. Even then I didn’t believe that the world presented to us is correct. I did not believe blindly in science, or in what professors said. Or in the media. Like my friends did. 🌐

I had an extraordinary interest in awareness, in nature and spirituality. In the first year of my secondary school I read 150 books. I was, and still am, fond of reading… When I was 18 I took a book from my father’s bookcase. 1984 by George Orwell. πŸ“–

I read it in one go. And saw my world view confirmed… A search ensued for several years… Soon to be far from home… Three months in Peru, a restaurant season on Vlieland, a year in Switzerland at a ski resort, half a year on Texel in the restaurant and a season in Amsterdam as a steward at Transavia … ✈

I didn’t find the like-minded people I was looking for. And returned, disillusioned, to Zwolle, the city where I come from. I brought my then wife from Amsterdam. And got to work. My literal thoughts then were:
“Apparently I’ve been wrong all this time. Life is just not about working and starting a family. Then I’ll just be successful.” πŸ•΅οΈβ™‚οΈ

I was 21… I was successful. At 24, I started my first business. More followed. I also held management positions. A quick, somewhat stout guy in a suit. Lots of money, nice car, big network, own house, married. No kids, just miscarriages. You can’t have everything…

But I was not happy at all. I was even depressed because my life had not taken the course I had hoped for. I went to do a part-time HBO Personnel & Employment training and started working in the construction services industry. From intermediate to general manager with 80 employees in 8 years. πŸ‘€

And then came the wake up call at the end of 2007. I lost a job, a marriage and a house in six months… Through the pain and humiliation, my ego snapped and I awoke. (For the critical reader: By now I have a new ego πŸ˜‹). From that moment on I realized that young Robert had not been wrong at all. The spiritual path of my youth continued.

Until today…

Not that I never worked again after that. I was still an interim director in education and a personnel manager in construction until my great love Monique and I left for Asia for two years in 2010. β›©πŸŽŽπŸ§§

That was one of the best decisions of my existence so far. A choice that leads to my present life… Last night I was lying in bed looking at the picture of young Robert. I asked him how he felt about us having a novel published now. That we now live in a transformation center in southern France and are happy with Monique and the boys. πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©πŸ‘¦πŸ€Ύβ™‚οΈ

That we may inspire, help heal and educate so many people…. That we were allowed to publish 7 books and 3 documentaries. He could not have hoped then, 23 years ago, for a life as it looks now. He’s glad we didn’t become diplomats. But living in freedom…

He’s happy I’m happy. And not depressed for years. That my life has taken a course he didn’t even dream of… I gave him a hug. I gave myself a hug. Because he’s me and I’m him…

And today our first novel is out!
2044 is a fact! My world view poured into an exciting story. Where the book 1984 left off, 2044 continues… An homage to the great Orwell of my youth.

Today is national holiday in Bridgeman’s house πŸ˜„πŸ₯³πŸ₯°
Today is a day to be close to each other.

Thank you for your support, dear Facebook friend.
This is all thanks to you…

We’re strong together, you and I.
Together for a world in harmony!

For the good of all!

X Robert Bridgeman

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