From 3D to 5D

Tijn Touber, Janosh and Robert Bridgeman are the initiators, together with 28 Dutch teachers, of this 5D project.

We believe that the focus should be on where we want to go together. The 5th dimension. How wonderful it would be if we spent a month with a large group of people putting the loving focus on the 5th dimension. Whatever it will be.

In the month of July 2020 there was 31 days at 8 o’clock a visualization, meditation or other expression of a teacher from our network on the From 3D to 5D page.

You can still watch these videos for free. The more people who participate, the more powerful the 5D field we all set.

The 5th dimension is already present in each of us. We only need to open her in our hearts.

In this way we can move together towards a world in harmony. The 5th dimension of love and compassion.

From 3D to 5D with Janosh, Tijn Touber and Robert Bridgeman