The Fifth Dimension

Biography Tijn Touber

Tijn Touber is a writer, musician and inspirator. He is the founder of the successful band Lois Lane. Tijn wrote the title song for the film Amsterdamned. After this musical adventure, he applies himself to the development of consciousness and gives training courses to, among others, the Amsterdam police, delinquents in the Bijlmer Bay, visitors to Lowlands, judges, doctors and the army. Tijn wrote seven books about his inner adventures. His best-known works are Spoedcursus Verlichting and Time Bender. He is the initiator of meditation network City Lighting with over a thousand living rooms, School Lighting and Kids Lighting. Together with his partner Binkie he organizes Time Bender Events, Game of Life Concerts, Sound Healings, Silent Retreats and Meditation Courses.

Tijn Touber