Chapter 1 - Panic

The book 1984, by Peter Toonen

Chapter 2 - Lightworkers

About Lightworkers, by Robert Bridgeman

Chapter 3 - Universal Truth

The shit from your past is the fertilizer for your future, by Maarten Oversier

Chapter 4 - The Awakening

Transformation, by Britta Light

Chapter 5 - The Hard Truth

Groping in the dark, by Juno Burger

Chapter 6 - The Dream Team

Unity Experience, by Robert Bridgeman

Chapter 7 - The Breakthrough

Breakthrough activation, by Janosh Stoffers

First watch this video explaining how an activation works

The activation

Chapter 8 - Baltazar

Transformation Protocol, by Altazar Rossiter

Chapter 9 - The Reptile Man

Annunaki to Illuminati, by Jaap Rameijer

Chapter 10 - Healing the Past

Crystal light codes, by Ariëtte Love

Chapter 11 - Dark Night of the Soul

About living with Osho, by Ilanit de Wilde

Chapter 12 - The New Earth

The 5th dimension, by Tijn Touber

Chapter 13 - The Revelation

The Revelation of John, by Robert Bridgeman

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