Historical book, written by George Orwell. 2044 is an homage to this book. I read 1984 in my teens and became influenced by it. See also the QR code video by Peter Toonen at chapter 1 about 1984. The sketched society and world division in 2044 is based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. I read the book when I was eighteen and it has always mesmerized me. Especially since I realized that the world Orwell drew was an enlargement of the world as it is today. The ministries of Truth, Peace, Abundance and Love were inspired by 1984. Orwell, however, did not take into account two developments in his book:

  1. The spiritualization of humanity and the expansion of human consciousness and the ascension to a five-dimensional consciousness of love.
  2. Help from alien peoples and the impact of galactic events on humanity.

Thanks to these two influences, 2044 will end differently…

3D printer

A three-dimensional printer that can produce objects based on digital construction drawings. Originated in a project by MIT and 3D Systems in 1990. Printing in 2020 will only be possible for objects based on raw materials such as plastics and metals. In 2044, a 3D printer can also print food and beverages without the need for raw materials, based on quantum mechanics.

5G – 13G

The 5G communications network is a continuation of the 3G and 4G networks. Seemingly an enormous advance in speed and application possibilities. With 4G, data is sent in 50 milliseconds, whereas with 5G this is only 1 millisecond. This allows information to be uploaded and downloaded faster. International payments will run more smoothly. The 5G network also enables emergency services to work in a more coordinated way. The Internet of Things, in which reality will connect objects to each other, is thus coming closer. Ambulances can communicate with traffic lights and police computers with artificial intelligence in street cameras and facial recognition with bank details, mobility and the like making police investigations more effective. The 5G network is distributed in the Netherlands via the 3.5 gigahertz frequency band. It consumes much more energy than 4G and requires many more 5G masts. The disadvantages of 5G are numerous. Firstly, enormous quantities of trees had to be removed for the construction of the network. They were blocking the radiation. Second, increased surveillance capabilities can lead to increased control in the wrong hands. Thirdly, the radiation has a negative effect on humans, animals and plants. The radiation also lowers the collective consciousness. The 5G networks are the beginning of city matrices within which people can be fully controlled. The combination of nanotechnology injected with vaccines and the forthcoming handchips means that physical, emotional and mental processes in humans can be manipulated from the outside. Few people realize that 5G is the march to 13G and beyond, any upgrade to the communication networks will amplify the big-brother effect on society.


Archangel is the name of an angel who occupies a special place. They are found in the Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The main archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Most names of archangels end in el, a reference to the Abrahamic God EL. In English, Archangel is close to Archont. They are therefore considered to be the other side of the same ‘Archontic’ coin. According to the Gnostic writings, the Abrahamic archangels are servants of the Demiurge, Yahweh, Lucifer, the Devil, or Satan. They are copies of the actual archangels in the Pleroma. This may be taken into account when invoking archangels. The advice is to always call upon those beings who are connected to the original Source. In addition to archangels, the Yahwehite hierarchy also has Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Powers, Forces, Vorstel and Angels. The same applies to these emanations as to archangels. They too exist in the original Pleromatic creation and have been copied on earth to serve the dark.


An activation is remembering and activating an unconscious ability. This can be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. DNA activations involve the activation of the twelve strands of DNA. It also restores the connection with the divine essence of DNA. Activations can take place for example through protocols, sound, sound codes, initiations by masters and geometric forms.


This is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 that is produced by oxidation of adrenaline (Wikipedia). Adrenochrome is extracted from adrenalized blood. By subjecting its donor to extreme pain, fear and terror, the body responds with a fight-or-flight response that causes the adrenal glands to release adrenaline into the blood. Adrenochrome is known as a drug that can not only lead to ecstasy, but also gives energy and starts a rejuvenation process. Ancient cultures such as the Aztecs engaged in human sacrifice. It is thought that this is a custom passed down from the Anunnaki and that the blood was used as a drug and rejuvenator. The younger the victim, the higher the quality of the adrenochrome and the rejuvenation factor. Since time immemorial, children have been tortured and sacrificed for the tapping of adrenochrome by Elites around the world.

Advaita Vedanta

The Advaita Vedanta is a living tradition from India that is classified under the Vedic Sanatana Dharma. Advaita is thousands of years old. The starting point is non-dualism. The Advaita, or the non-two, reveals that the true nature of man and creation is non-dual. The Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita are important pillars of this tradition. According to the Advaita, man is not a small, insignificant individual, but the I AM, or Brahman. The limitless one. Non-dual reality of all that exists. Practice of Advaita Vedanta leads to liberation from the search for happiness. Important teachers in this tradition are Shankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Jiddhu Krishnamurti, Papaji and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. In the Netherlands Jean Klein, Wolter Keers and Paul Smit. Neo Advaita is a Western movement that has broken away from tradition and believes that no practice is needed to achieve oneness. Well-known teachers are Jeff Foster and Tony Parsons.

Reading tip: I AM / I am by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

See also: www.advaita.nl, www.advaitaweb.nl and www.nondualiteit.nu


The General Intelligence and Security Service. Falls under the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The ‘secret service’ of the Netherlands. One of the AIVD’s tasks is to investigate individuals and organisations which could pose a threat to the democratic legal order. It also conducts security screenings for candidates in positions of trust. It promotes security measures, conducts investigations of other countries, and prepares threat and risk assessments.

See also: www.aivd.nl

Akashic Chronicles

A dimension of consciousness in which the vibration of every soul and every life is stored. In English the Akashic Records. The term Akasha is a word from Sanskrit, an ancient language from India. Akasha stands for the All and the Akashic Records are also seen as a huge library in the collective consciousness where everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen is stored. Access to these chronicles provide deep insight into the past, present and future. Channelers, oracles, shamans, mediums and healers can develop this access within themselves.

General Ministry

The Ministry of Philip Fair and John Kissinger which coordinates general government policy and communications as well as Reptillian affairs.

Altazar Rossiter

Dr. Altazar Rossiter PhD (born 1948) is an English spiritual teacher and healer from the London area. He developed the Altazar Method used by Baltazar, Arthur and Britta in 2044 in Simon’s healing process. The Altazar Method assumes the presence of the Source and the light of the Pleroma in every individual. This Source can be called upon to allow healing light to flow through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of a person and to transmute deep traumas, belief systems, karma from other lives and from ancestors, entities and Archons and all other imaginable low vibrations in a person into love and back to Source.

Read: Spiritual Intelligence by Altazar Rossiter.


A humanoid (humanoid) life form, originating from the planet Andromeda. Member of the Galactic Federation.


Originating from the planet Niburu. This planet is also known as planet X and is located in our solar system as the tenth planet. Niburu orbits the sun at a rate of 3600 years. In 445,000 B.C., the Anunnaki are believed to have landed on Earth. 200,000 B.C., they started genetic engineering of great apes. They mixed the DNA of these great apes with their own DNA and created modern man. This story is described on the fifty-eight hundred year old Sumerian clay tablets that were translated by scientist Zecharia Sitchin (1920 – 2010).

Read: From Anunnaki to Illuminati by Jaap Rameijer.


This empire was founded in 2023 and embraces the entire North American continent, including Greenland as well as Europe up to former Belarus, Kaliningrad and the Ukraine, the border with the Great Russian Empire. Ameropa in 2044 is the most powerful empire in the world and is ruled by Prime Minister Philip Fair, along with his council of ministers.


The New Testament predicted the end of the world in The Revelation of John. The word Apocalypse is associated with this, but in fact the Greek word means revelation or unveiling. The Revelation of John describes the end of times, but also the beginning of a new era.

Readers tip: the Bible


Dark, or unlit beings whose name means rulers. They are already mentioned in the Nag Hammadi scriptures written around the birth of Christ. The purpose of Archons is to imprison the human soul and suppress human nature. By keeping humans in a low consciousness of fear and suffering, the Archons enable themselves to feed on these low frequency energies. The gnosis dedicates the creation story to the Archons. The chief Archont has several names: Yaldaboath, the Demiurge, Satan, Mara and Yahweh. Yaldaboath was born to Eon Sophia when she tried to save her creation from the darkness. He in turn created the planets, suns and stars and eventually man. Yaldaboath, Yahweh and the Anunnaki prince Enlil could very well be one and the same. Archons have ‘taken over’ several galactic races such as the Reptilians and probably the Greys. Many people, especially leaders and Elite members, have also been taken over by these mentally spiritual parasites. They program the human consciousness so that their presence goes unnoticed and people become like them. Fearful, jealous, petty, slavery-oriented, murderous, vengeful, et cetera. A false programming because in reality human beings are compassionate, empathetic and divine. The Archons dominate the first four dimensions of consciousness. Fully conscious people who experience their divine core in the fifth dimension cannot dominate the Archons, nor can galactic beings like Pleiadians, Andromans and Arcturians.

Read: From Anunnaki to Illuminati by Jaap Rameijer.


In the Boötes galaxy there is a star called Arcturus. This planet, according to Edgar Cayce, is the most advanced community in the universe. Arcturus is the planet of highly evolved humanoids dedicated to support and healing. They have a masterful technique that we can’t really imagine. The Arcturians work closely with Sirians and other members of the Galactic Federation. In this book, the Arcturians are depicted as five-foot-tall, blue creatures with big eyes and three fingers on each hand.

Arthur Light

Arthur is Britta Light’s partner and lives with her and their team of fifty lightworkers on Diamond Ray. He is a tall well-built and athletic man of sixty-five years (September 28, 1978). His high vibration makes him look much younger. He has long grey hair and a grey beard. Arthur is a great healer and lightworker. He awoke at age twenty-nine after a career in business. From that moment on he dedicated his life to light work. He was also high priest in several realms and knows his previous incarnations. In doing so, he is permanently in the seventh dimension. Britta and he met in 2019 and married that same year. Arthur is the male leader of the lightworker movement. His clothing consists of white robes.


The awakening to the fifth dimension and higher is called ascending, growing in vibrational frequency, a transformation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Mother Earth is at the end of a 26,000 year cycle. As a being, she has now transcended the third dimension of consciousness and passed the fifth dimension of consciousness. Humanity is joining this ascending movement of the planet.


Arcturian commander of the starship Athena. Assanah was given as a name by the Arcturian Saia, channeled by Janosh Stoffers.

Athena starship

Arcturian starship, part of the Galactic Federation’s star fleet.


According to the Greeks, 100,000 B.C. Atlantis founded by the god Poseidon (who is also often seen as the Anunnaki prince Enki). Plato described the Atlantic genesis. Atlantis was an island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean. It had an advanced civilization that worked with crystal technology. Atlantis also had an Elite who conducted spiritual experiments that did not always end well and were not very empathetic. Many lightworkers today are the incarnations of the Atlantic Elite. This negative karma they come to repay as the great karmic debt. Atlantis went down in three stages. The last phase took place at the great Flood in 10,500 BC.

Aquarius/Pisces era

In chapter 1, Simon receives a phone call. The ringtone is from ‘The age of Aquarius‘ by the band The 5th Dimension. This issue was published in 1969, at the time of the hippie revolution. Among the hippies, fifth dimensional consciousness was a concept. This period is also seen as the first major, international, resurgence of fifth dimensional consciousness on Earth in thousands of years. Aquarius is an astrological era. One of the Twelve Great Ages. The earth rotates one cycle on its axis in 26,000 years (25,920 years to be exact). This is called a cosmic year, star year or a platonic year. Gaia passes through these eras as she passes through a different constellation each time. During that journey, man goes through all kinds of developmental phases. A star month lasts 2165 years. Since the beginning of the era we were in the Age of Pisces, which was initiated by Jesus Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph). This period is characterized by a low vibration, identification with the personality, power, hierarchy, materialism and separateness. Emotions in the Age of Pisces are fear, jealousy and hatred. On December 21, 2020, the Aquarian Age begins. Big changes are coming, because the Aquarian Age is much more about soul consciousness, energy, equality, freedom, humanity, truthfulness and connection. Man is going to realize again that he is one with all that is. The Aquarian Age has many names. The fifth dimension, the Christ consciousness, the heart consciousness, the Michael consciousness (Rudolf Steiner), the Dwapara yuga (Hindu yugas) and the age of giving (Kabbalah). In the transition period of today, the 1920s, the old power structures are collapsing and making room for the new.


Baltazar is Arthur and Britta’s teacher. He is inspired by Altazar Rossiter (see A). Baltazar is ninety-four in 2044 (May 13, 1948), but looks younger. He is a teacher in the diamond ray of the thirteenth dimension. He dresses like it’s still 1980, always wearing a white shirt with buttondown buttons and brown corduroy pants. Baltazar lives underground in a community in Washington D.C. and controls a cell of lightworkers operating in the capital. He becomes the main teacher of Simon and Sophia.

Bertrand de Gouth

The Gouth is the Minister of Love. He is a vaccine fanatic, a chip expert and the one who maintains control. He’s ninety-four years old in 2044, but looks like sixty because of the adrenochrome. The Gouth is a snake, slippery and mean. On the surface, he’s kind and considerate. He is the most important minister in the government and probably the smartest man on earth. The name Bertrand de Gouth is the birth name of Pope Clement V who, together with royal advisor William De Nogaret and the then French king Philip the Handsome, destroyed the Knights Templar in the fourteenth century.

Consciousness Dimensions

There are thirteen dimensions of consciousness on Earth. The first three dimensions have a low vibration and are material and dualistic in nature. From the fourth dimension the vibration goes towards the etheric. The fourth dimension is a frequency of high consciousness, but also the frequency of Reptilians and Archons. From the fifth dimension onwards the heart consciousness opens up and duality becomes considerably less. From the seventh dimension onwards there is unity consciousness. The thirteenth dimension is equivalent to enlightenment.


About 450 BC a prince was born in what is now Lumbini, Nepal. Siddharta Gautama. After a rich life, this prince decided to renounce his family and palace at the age of twenty-nine and took up a wandering existence as a yogi. Six years later he came to complete enlightenment. From the age of thirty-four until his death at the age of eighty, he traveled around India preaching his teachings wherever he could. After his death, four hundred of his disciples gathered and shared their stories of the Buddha’s life.


The stories of the Buddha’s four hundred disciples became ancient Buddhism. called the Hinyana or small vehicle. Later the Mahayana came into being called the Great Vehicle. Well known mahayana schools are Zen Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. From this last branch emerged Vajrayana Buddhism, or the Diamond Vehicle. Buddhism assumes that through detachment from attachments, desires, and identification, the illusion of the seven veils of Mara (the Buddhist head archetype) can be seen through and ignorance can be transformed into wisdom. Hatred becomes love and desire becomes generosity. The seven veils are also seen as a name for the matrix, or the hologram.

Buddha Nature

When a Buddhist sees through the illusion of separateness and can see through the identification with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers within him or herself, it coincides with his or her Buddha nature. The Buddha nature is what in Advaita Vedanta is called the I AM and in Gnosis the spirit or divine spark: that part of a human being that is already enlightened and one with everything.

Britta Light

Britta, along with her husband Arthur Light, is one of the great leaders of the lightworker movement. She was inspired by Birgit Christina, a close friend and student of the author. She lives on the spaceship Diamond Ray, along with Arthur and their team of fifty lightworkers. Britta is fifty-four (28 March 1990) years old in 2044, but she looks ageless because of her high vibration. She’s permanently in the seventh dimension. Britta has a full slim build, long thick curly black hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. She awoke at age 30 after years of addiction. From that moment on she dedicated her life to lightwork. Britta was a high priestess in both Mu and Atlantis and has access to all the memories of all her incarnations. She is immeasurably wise and loving and one of the main forces behind the liberation of humanity. She is an excellent healer and has a direct contact with the Akashic Records. Britta works with the Galactic Federation, Baltazar and other lightworkers. Britta wears white robes.


In fact, the Source cannot be expressed in words. It is beyond our human capacity to understand. The Source is where everything originated from, the universal creative, the Brahman, the unity. According to the gnosis, the Source expresses itself in the trinity of the Father, the Mother and the Son (Christ) who in turn expresses himself in the Pleroma. The Source is not the same as Yahweh, the Catholic god of the Bible. This god (with a small g), is in fact an entity. According to the gnosis, he is the head Archont, the Demiurge or Satan who created the earth and man as a copy of the real Pleromatic creation to hold human souls captive. This Yahweh has created a make-believe reality, hologram or matrix, and has pretended to be the only god, the creator of everything. In fact, he pretends to be the Source, but has nothing to do with the all-encompassing light of the original Source.

Causal body

This body is in the same place as the physical body, but protrudes. It is most dominant where the mental body stops and passes into the spiritual body (higher self and soul). The causal body is the causal body (cause = cause) where karmic information is stored. Over ninety percent of what a person experiences in life is karmic and therefore from another life or dimension. Karma is multidimensional and a past life that causes karma does not have to be one of your own, but can belong to an ancestor, an entity or any other person.

Read: The essence of transformational coaching by Robert Bridgeman.


This term indicates the emergence of everything that man is not. Man is Source in the temporary manifestation of a human being. Anything that is not Source and is within the illusion of separation is called conditioning. The physical body, the emotional body with emotions and traumas and the mental body with thoughts, memories and beliefs are conditioning. Even the spiritual body with the karma from other lives and dimensions, the higher self and the soul are technically conditionings.

Read: The essence of transformational coaching by Robert Bridgeman.

Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy is, in fact, a conspiracy. Conspiracies can be harmless, but they can also be wide-ranging. Often truths that don’t fit an existing paradigm are dismissed as conspiracy theories. This can have major consequences. Think of the persecution of heretics and Jews, the burning of witches and the extermination of Cathars and Templars by the Catholic Church. In fact, conspiracy theories are healthy for any society because they put the established order under the microscope. It becomes very dangerous when conspiracy theories are censored. This is a sign of the pursuit of absolute power by governments and rulers. Other examples: In the 1930s – 1940s, conspiracy theories were censored in Germany to give Nazi Germany free rein. In 2020, conspiracy theories about the agendas of the oppressive Elite were censored to give them free rein in the Great Reset and Agendas 21 and 30. In the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the term conspiracy theorist was glamorized by the CIA so that any form of criticism could be suppressed.

Read: Everything you need to know by David Icke.


The virus that causes COVID-19 is called corona. This virus was supposed to be a killer virus to get humanity under its thumb. However, it was found to have a mortality rate of only 0.2 percent, making it not much more dangerous than aggressive flu. The coronavirus, however, was repeatedly presented as a killer virus through clever manipulation and marketing, so that far-reaching measures such as lockdowns, emergency laws, curfews, keeping a distance, face coverings and the like could be introduced. Society was pressured until the vaccines came. To be able to prove vaccination, the chips were introduced. Once the vaccinations were in place, more aggressive versions of the virus were released in Britain and South Africa, among others, to prolong the crisis and tighten measures even further. The situation in 2044 clearly shows where this can lead.


Energy centers that are the links between a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Each chakra has its own place, colour, corresponding sound and properties. A human being has thirteen chakras. The earth star below, the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye, the crown chakra and the five lotus chakras above the head. Also the thymus in the chest, which is called the crystal or collection point, is often counted as a chakra. Also the chakras are always in all thirteen dimensions. Up to the fifth dimension, chakras have funnel-shaped spiral forms. From the sixth dimension, they are perceived as crystalline forms.

For specialists in chakras see: www.riannemanten.nl and www.heartsoulutions.com


Channeling is raising your state of consciousness, allowing you to connect with guides, light beings, galactic beings, the Akashic Records, your higher self, your soul and even Source. When you channel you get access to information that can come to you in light codes, thoughts, images, words, sounds and music. There is a danger in channeling light beings. The archangels and ascended masters of Yahweh’s hierarchy are often channelled. Instead of the light, in fact the unlit is then let through. Therefore, when channeling, it is important to only allow in information from beings and information sources that are in direct love connection with the original Source. Famous channelers are Janosh, Kryon, Bashar, Pamela Kribbe, Elizabeth April, Lee Harris, Christina von Dreien and Abraham Hicks.

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is one of the expressions of Source. It has different names such as the heart consciousness or the unity consciousness. It is a collective consciousness of love and compassion that humanity is awakening to. Yeshua Ben Joseph, or Jesus, brought this consciousness to planet Earth around the year 0. Together with his wife Mary Magdalene and the twelve apostles the Christ consciousness was spread. Out of an attempt to stop the spread of this consciousness by the Roman rulers, the Catholic Church arose from 150 AD.


There are chromosomes in every cell of the body, they are made up of a substance called DNA. Each cell contains forty-six chromosomes, divided into twenty-three chromosome pairs. A chromosome is a carrier of part of the hereditary material of an organism. Mutations in the second and seventh chromosome pairs created anatomically modern humans 200,000 years ago that have remained the same to this day.

Diamond beam

The diamond ray is a word for the frequency of the thirteenth dimensional light that comes directly from Source. Also called Pleromic light. Perfect unity light that heals and connects. The starship Diamond Ray is named after this ray and after Baltazar who incarnated in working with this ray.


Deoxyribonucleic acid is a carrier of hereditary information in all known organisms and viruses (except RNA viruses). A DNA molecule consists of two long strands that, twisting like a double helix, always connect two opposite nucleotides. The sequence of these nucleotides is called a DNA sequence. These sequences provide hereditary information about and for the carrier. In cells, DNA takes the form of chromosomes. On these chromosomes are genes. The sequence of genes determines the information: the genetic code. Human DNA contains more than 4,000 defects, whereas in gorillas and chimpanzees there are only hundreds. The major difference between ape and man are the second and seventh human chromosomes (of twenty-three chromosome pairs). Both of these have been manipulated for 200,000 years, creating the neocortex and complex speech. According to mainstream science, ninety-seven percent of our DNA is useless. Only three percent is the basis of all coding in our bodies. Spiritually speaking, you can sense the fallacy of this. DNA is multidimensional and has a cosmic core; the Source. There is also soul DNA, karmic DNA, mental DNA, etheric DNA and physical DNA. In this time of ascension, humans become aware of the remaining ten strands of DNA and we move to twelve strands of DNA. The twelve dimensions up to the thirteenth dimension, the Source. DNA can be manipulated in many ways. Scientific, but also spiritual. Deprogramming, reprogramming and programming is done within various methods such as the Altazar Rossiter Method. For example, much of the DNA is contaminated with past traumatic events and by slave programming from the Anunnaki and Reptilians. This programming can be transmuted and replaced so that a person can fulfill his or her full potential.


Draco-Reptillians are the ancestors of the nobility and clergy. The term blue blood has to do with the greater amount of copper in Reptillian blood. The bloodlines that come from the Reptilians are the Elite lines on Earth. They worship the Draco-Reptillians in a form called Satanism and carry out the agendas of their rulers on Earth. Dracos are the royal race of Reptilians. This humanoid people is from the Draco galaxy. Draco-Reptillians are the most violent of all Reptillians and indeed of all races in the universe. They are feared everywhere. Draco-Reptillians reside in non-visible light, just outside the light spectrum perceptible to humans: in the fourth dimension. Draco-Reptillians do not feed on solid food, but on lower energies such as emotions of fear, depression, hatred, anger, guilt, shame and aggression. Humans are programmed to feed the Draco-Reptillians and their Reptillian servants with these low vibrational energies. Children’s teeth in particular are considered a delicacy for them. Draco-Reptillians can take possession of a human through the reptilian brain and make them do whatever they want. Something that happens especially frequently in war situations such as in former Yugoslavia, Darfur and a little longer ago with the Nazis in the Second World War. Hybrid Dracos can manifest in the third dimension and live on Earth. These hybrid people are the Elite within the Elite. Draco-Reptillians, in turn, are controlled by the Archons. More information: See Reptilians.

Read: From Anunnaki to Illuminati by Jaap Rameijer.


The Devil is also called Lucifer. The fallen angel who split off from the Source, from unity. He then created his co-creators (angels, archangels, Archons) and began to create his own creation within creation. However, Lucifer lacks one essential aspect: he knows no love. His creations are by definition finite, physical and separated from the Source. The story of Lucifer matches that of Yahweh, of the Buddhist Mara, and of the Gnostic chief Archon Yaldaboath who created the fake creation.

Read: 13,000 years trapped in a pyramid by Peter Toonen.

Elite and satan worship

2020 was an important year of transition for humanity. The laboratory-created virus COVID-19 gave the Elite a chance to strike a carefully planned blow. The Ameropean Elite is made up of the richest and most wealthy people in the world. Royal houses, high nobility, the Vatican, families like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, big industrialists, top officials, bankers and politicians. The Chinese and Russian Elites have their own composition. This Elite seeks absolute power on earth and a reduction in world population to have more space and quality of life for themselves. The Reptilians, in turn, are controlled by the Archons. These unlit beings, unlike humans, are not blessed with a soul. They have no divinity in them and feed through the energies of divine beings such as humans. In particular, the low vibrational energies of a human being such as fear, pain, panic, suffering, hatred and homicidal lust are food sources for Archonts. The Reptilians serve their Archontic masters and keep humanity in a consciousness of fear in order to serve as nourishment. They traditionally use kings, nobility and church to oppress humanity. In 2020, they took a more cautious approach. With the transition of the new consciousness and the advent of democracy, freedom of information, journalism, technology and higher human consciousness, they operate more behind the scenes and humans are held captive in a hologram called the matrix. This hologram falls or stands with people’s beliefs and conditioning. All humans together create this illusion and the Reptillian Elite uses media, education, governments and other institutions to negatively influence human conditioning.

Energetic body

This body is also called The etheric double. It is located in the same place as the physical body, has the same shape, but is only larger so that it looks like a border around the physical body. This body is usually perceived as transparent or white. It is associated with emotions, blockages, trauma and the emotional imprint of karmic wounds.

Read:Start livinglighter today by Robert Bridgeman.


See also archangels. Angels are manifestations of divine light, forms of consciousness of love expression. Like the archangels, angels within the counterfeit creation are servants of the unlit. The original Pleromic angels are representatives of the light.

Enki, Ninhursag & Enlil

Enki and Enlil were, according to the Sumerian clay tablets, Anunnaki princes who were given control of the earth by their father King Anu. Ninhursag was the wife of Enki. Enki and they managed the gold mines in Zimbabwe (the ruin of their home is still there). Enlil, as the eldest son, was responsible for Anunnaki affairs on the entire planet Earth. He lived in the city of Eden in Mesopotamia. Enki and Ninhursag were scientists and created the human race through DNA mutation. The DNA of the Anunnaki was mixed with DNA from probably Homo erectus. After a few attempts, this resulted in the AMM (Anatomical Modern Man). The couple felt love for humans and, through constant DNA interventions, ensured that the human race continued to evolve. The first man was a slave man who could only work in the mine. From this the slave woman was created who could bear children. Then people got more and more brain power. 200,000 years ago, an intervention in the second human chromosome enabled the neocortex of the brain and humans became self-aware, empathetic and self-regulating. A mutation of the seventh chromosome during the same period gave humans complex speech and song. Since then, humans have remained pretty much the same. Enlil was not happy with the upgrading of humans who he saw as slaves and he exiled a large portion of the people about 100,000 years ago. Enlil helped man establish ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Sumeria, Egypt, and Central and South American civilizations. Enki is identified with the man with the white beard who appears in many myths of ancient civilizations. He is also seen as the serpent in the Bible and as the Greek sea god Poseidon. Enlil is also seen as Yahweh, Yaldaboath and Zeus. The Anunnaki were giants compared to humans and lived to be many thousands of years old: a DNA modification they did not pass on to us humans.

Reading tips: The Twelfth Planet and Beyond Genesis by Zecharia Sitchin.


(According to the gnosis) The original angels who created the universe. Emanations of light that express themselves in the Pleroma (also known as the fullness, or cosmic light). Eons are named as Truth, Wisdom (Eon Sophia), Mind, Love, Goodness, Giving, Community, Providence and many more.

Read: The Nag Hammadi scriptures translated by Jacob Slavenburg and Willem Glaudemans.

Eon Sophia

(According to the gnosis) The Eon of Wisdom. Eon Sophia falls from the Pleroma into the Kleroma. In that fall, she accidentally created darkness. In order to redirect the chaos, she had to provide order or cosmos. To guide the cosmos she created the Demiurge, the chief Archon Yaldaboath. This created a namaste creation; the stars and planets, including planet Earth and on it life and man. In man, souls from the Pleroma are suppressed. Sophia does what she can to assist these souls.

Eon Christos

See Christ Consciousness.


Ego or I is a complex concept of which there are several definitions. For the author, the ego is an identification mechanism. It can identify with different parts of a human being. The lower ego or LEGO identifies with: the outside world, the personality layer, the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body. The ego can also identify with the higher layers of man. The higher ego or HEGO identifies with: the multidimensional karma, the higher self and the soul. An ego that identifies with the I AM or the inner unity is enlightened. Ego is not behavior or character. What is often seen as ego in a person are more the behaviors, needs, desires, protection mechanisms, inner-child pieces, a trauma or pain piece and the like from which a person can react to events in life. Ultimately, all forms of ego are illusion. At the same time, the ego is the means of transport through time and space by which Source expresses itself in the temporary form of a human being. Without ego, there would be no human existence.


There are different types of entities. 1. A human being who has died. The physical body has been let go, but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are still intact. Often these entities attach themselves to the aura of living descendants. So they have a body to live in. These entities cannot pass through to the light because their vibration is too low. This may be due to trauma in their lives, unresolved (family) karma, dishonesty, fear, hatred and anger – for example, being killed or abused while alive – or guilt and shame about their own actions. A healer can help these entities in their cleansing process, so that they can still go to the light. 2. Extraterrestrial entities. Beings that live in the light spectrum beyond human perception. Both dark beings like Reptilians, and light beings like Galactic Federation members. The reason 2044 does see creatures like Emperor Draco by William de Nogaret and Assanah by Simon, Sophia and Baltazar is because of the specific vibration of the main characters. Draco and Assanah were not visible to other people. 3. Archontic entities and demons. These dark creatures feed through pain and suffering in humans. Like the Archontic creature Arthur pulled from Simon’s belly. 4. Angels, archangels and other light beings. These light entities can either be connected to the original Source or serve the forces within the matrix.

Read: The essence of transformational coaching by Robert Bridgeman


The Essenes was a Jewish-Gnostic movement that lived around 150 BC in Qumran, Israel, and in surrounding towns and villages. They called themselves the children of light. Others, like the Romans were called the children of darkness. Through the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in caves near Qumran, we know quite a lot about the Essenes. The Essenes believed that the immortal soul is imprisoned in the body. They lived in self-imposed poverty and shared their possessions. Money, food and even clothing were common property. The Essenes are thought to have been healers, through the laying on of hands, thought-power and prayer healing. Yeshua, Jesus Christ, was probably also an Essene. Just like his parents Joseph and Mary and his wife Mary Magdalene. The Essenes are known as detached, pure and wise people with healing gifts and superhuman powers.


Strictly Jewish spiritual movement. Pharisees lived as ascetics. They fasted and prayed a lot, but were also known for their outward spiritual display. Also, the Pharisees have a bad name as hypocrites and hypocrites. In the Bible, Jesus Christ regularly takes issue with this cult. They were out to crucify him and he in turn condemned them. ‘You, Pharisees, clean the outside of the cup and the bowl, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness. Fools! Surely the one who made the outside also made the inside? Luke 11:39, 40. In the end he even cursed them: ‘Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you are blocking people’s entrance to the kingdom of heaven. You do not enter it yourselves, nor do you admit those who want to enter. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you devour widows’ houses and say long prayers for appearances’ sake. You will be judged more harshly than others. Matthew 23:13-36. Eventually, the Pharisees in turn pressured Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus. The apostle Paul was reportedly proud of being a Pharisee’s son. As founder of the Roman Catholic Church a remarkable fact.

Fibonaccis spiral

The fibonacci series of Leonardo of Pisa starts with 0 and 1 and each next element is the sum of the two previous elements. 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, et cetera. Every addition of ten numbers is divisible by eleven. The fibonacci sequence is used in music, think of the thirteen keys of a piano octave. This structure also occurs frequently in nature. For example in the structures of sunflowers, snail shells, shells, pineapples, artichoke flowers, branches and leaves on trees, flowers and bulbs. When you divide the sum of two consecutive numbers by the greater of the two and keep doing this, the golden ratio is approached. A geometrical phenomenon that was used in the construction of ancient temples and the pyramids of Cheops, but also in vegetables, the human body, et cetera.

Philip the Handsome

Philip IV of France (1268 – 1314), nicknamed the Handsome, was the French king who dissolved the Templar Order. Together with Pope Clement V, a pope he himself had put on the throne of the Vatican, and his advisor William de Nogaret, he assassinated Pope Boniface, the patron of the Templar Order and then, on the night of October 13, 1307, rolled up the heart of the Templar Order by arresting two thousand Templars, including their Grand Master Jaques de Molay. The Templar Order had become too powerful and the king had large loans outstanding with them. In 1312 De Molay died at the stake cursing Philip the Handsome and Pope Clement. A year after that, both had died. Philip Fair is the English corruption of Philip the Handsome in 2044. Minister Clemens is named after the Pope and Minister Bertrand du Gouth bears the civil name of Pope Clemens V. Emperor Draco is a symbol of this Pope. Just as De Molay cursed King Philip and Pope Clement just before his death, Baltazar cursed Philip Fair and Emperor Draco just before his death. With the same effect as De Molay. Within a year, they’ll both be gone. The King’s advisor William de Nogaret is the inspiration for the eponymous Minister of Truth in this book.


Designation for Mother Earth

Galactic Federation of Light

Intergalactic alliance between several highly developed civilizations, such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Alpha Centaurs, Andromeans, Sirians, Lyrans and Vegans. George Lucas’ Star Wars films are based on this federation of light. They keep the galactic order and balance in our universe. By the law of free will, the federation members are not allowed to intervene on planet Earth, as long as humans (unconsciously) consent to their own oppression. However, by means of crystal codes, energy gates, crop circle messages, channeled messages and energetic downloads into the collective human consciousness, the Galactic Federation exerts positive influence on humans and on Gaia.

Sound codes

Sound consists of vibration, which is indicated by the unit hertz. The hertz range of a sound affects the receiver of that sound. By giving music a certain hertz-frequency, it can be used for awareness, increasing vibration, healing and so on. The number of hertz is determined by the frequency of the A-tone of an instrument. The most listened to music is produced in 440 hertz, this frequency resonates mainly with the cognitive part of a person. Until the Second World War, lower hertz frequencies were mainly used. The Nazis played their music at 440 hertz because of its exhilarating effect. In the 1950s, the international community decided on 440 hertz as the standard for music. The best known lower frequency is 432 Hz. This vibration is seen as the frequency of Mother Earth. The whistling of birds, the chirping of crickets and other nature sounds are also 432 Hz. Other frequencies are: 174 Hz, pain reduction/ 285 Hz, healing/ 396 Hz, positive effect on fear and guilt/ 417 Hz, transforming negative energy such as trauma and emotional blockages/ 528 Hz, stomach chakra and love frequency/ 639 Hz, is the frequency of the heart. It stimulates positive feelings and improves relationships/ 741 Hz, stimulates intuition/ 852 Hz, mental balance and universal order/ 963 Hz, pineal gland stimulation and connection to higher consciousness. These frequencies are called the Solfeggio Frequencies. Above 1,000 Hz. the crown chakra and the lotus chakras are stimulated. In healing sessions, 10,000 to 12,000 Hz is also used. used. The frequency of dolphins goes up to 500,000 Hz.

George Washington

Washington (1732 – 1799) was the founder of the United States. In 1775 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the colonial forces. Together with French forces, he defeated the British armies and in 1783 the US was declared independent. In 1789, George Washington became the first president of America. He commissioned the construction of the city of Washington on the Potomac River. In 1799, Washington died of laryngitis. In 1752, George Washington was initiated into Freemasonry. He laid the foundation stone of the Capitol in Washington dressed in his Masonic broach. The capital is a stronghold of Masonic symbols and geometry. Of the sixty-five signers of the US Independence Act, at least nine were Freemasons. The area under and around Washington has probably been inhabited by humans for more than 20,000 years. The Indian tribes were forced to leave the area by force.


Geometry or geometry, comes from the Ancient Greek meaning: Measuring the earth. It is one of the oldest sciences. Sacred geometry is a geometric symbolic language. Images come through much more directly than words. This geometry is known from water crystals, crop circles and the structure of human DNA. The flower of life is also a well-known sacred geometry, also drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Other forms are the merkaba, the platonic bodies, the vector and the pyramid. Crop circles are a well-known form of geometry transmission by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, such as the Arcturians. The twelve spheres in the middle are often seen as the twelve strands of DNA in humans which are interpreted as twelve of the thirteen dimensions. Sacred geometry activates unconscious programs in humans. It is therefore ideally suited to spiritual development. A well-known form of this is Arcturian geometry as passed on by artist and spiritual teacher Janosh Stoffers. An important geometric development on Earth at this time is the transition from the flower of life geometry to the crystal field. The flower of life is based on the fibonacci series of Leonardo of Pisa. Each The fibonacci series is used in music, think of the thirteen keys of a piano octave. This structure also occurs frequently in nature. For example in the structures of sunflowers, snail shells, shells, pineapples, artichoke flowers, branches and leaves on trees, flowers and bulbs. When you divide the sum of two consecutive numbers by the greater of the two and keep doing this, the golden ratio is approached. A geometrical phenomenon that was used in the construction of ancient temples and the pyramids of Cheops, but also in vegetables, the human body, et cetera. The flower of life and golden section are seen as the blueprint of the matrix. The crystal field goes beyond the matrix and has an exponential growth.


The word gnosis comes from the Greek word for knowledge. It means knowing from within. In fact, gnosis is as old as mankind. Usually, however, gnosis refers to a movement in early Christianity. The Catholic Church saw them as heretics and a danger to Catholic doctrine. Until 1945 not much was known about this original movement. In that year a jar was discovered in Egypt near the place Nag Hammadi, containing over fifty writings from a period of 200 BC to 300 AD. Within the Gnostic doctrine, the creator is the omnipresent. Every human being has a divine spark within them. The creator, or Source, expresses himself in the Father, the Mother and the Son (Christ) who then in turn expresses himself in the Pleroma or original creation. Within the Pleroma are the Eons (see Eon) of which the Eon of wisdom, Sophia, came to a one-sided creation. She gave birth to chaos, to darkness. Sophia brought about the cosmos, or order, and appointed a Demiurge to guard that order. This Demiurge, or head Archont in turn created the planets and stars and eventually man. According to the Gnostics, the Demiurge, the god of the Bible, is therefore in fact Satan who keeps the human soul imprisoned in the physical body and the fake creation (the matrix). The human mind (Spirit, I Am or Buddha nature) corresponds to the Pleroma. The soul, however, corresponds to the Demiurge and is trapped in the emotional and mental. The body corresponds to the earth. Ultimately, gnosis is about man remembering his divine core and freeing himself from the prison of soul and body. Detachment from the lower parts is essential for a gnostic. Inner alchemy in which transforming lower drives such as desire, longing and attachment were essential for unification with Source. Well-known Gnostic communities were the Essenes, the Cathars and the Manichaeans, all of whom were persecuted as heretics by the Catholic powers. The Cathars in southern France, for example, held that the god of the Bible was Satan. They also rejected Catholic splendor and many Catholic customs and values. The Cathars had to pay for this with a crusade in which they were destroyed in thirty years by the army and the Inquisition.

Read: The Nag Hammadi scriptures translated by Jacob Slavenburg and Willem Glaudemans.

Gnosis – School of Simon Magus

Simon Magus was also called Simon the Magician. He is considered a magician from present-day Israel. Simon is first mentioned in the New Testament Acts of the Apostles. He is also considered the founder of modern Gnosticism. Simon healed people and freed them from evil spirits. The school of Simon Magus is considered to be the most reliable source for Gnosticism from the Christian sources. Magus was said to be an incarnation of a great power and had many followers. Simon de With is an incarnation of Simon Magus.

Divine spark

The divine core in every human being. The divine spark comes from gnosis and represents the essence of the human being. In essence, man is inseparable from Source. We humans are the Source, in the temporary appearance of a human being. Through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditioning, man has forgotten that he or she is Source. The spiritual process of self-realization is about letting go of these conditioning layers and transmuting them (transforming them into a higher vibration) in order to reach the core. A purification process of letting go of what you are not, until you are one with who you really are. In the Advaita Vedanta this is the I AM. In the New Age the I AM Presence. In Buddhism the Buddha nature and shamans refer to it with Spirit.


Up until the 1990s, UFO abductions were the order of the day worldwide. Suddenly you heard very little about it. Did the Greys find what they were looking for? The Zeta Reticulans, or Greys, are a common breed. They are small, humanoid, with grey skin and large heads and big black eyes. The UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was also reportedly from the Greys. Greys by nature are creatures devoid of empathy and mentally inclined. The decades-long abductions served as an investigation. The Greys wanted to integrate empathy and other human faculties into their own DNA. In the 1990s this seems to have succeeded and since then a hybrid species exists.

Book tip: UFO’s just exist by dr. Ir. Coen Vermeeren.

Greater China

This empire is the third most powerful empire in the world in 2044, next to Ameropa and Great Russia. The empire consists of present-day China, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, the Indian continent, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, all of Korea and Oceania. China has been under the spell of the local Reptilian Elite since Mao Zedong (1883 – 1976) seized power in 1945. The atrocities of the regime and its excesses, such as the genocide of the Tibetans, speak for themselves. China destroyed more than six thousand temples in Tibet and to this day is trying to destroy Tibetan culture, which descends from the Mu empire in the Indian Ocean (200,000 – 50,000 years ago). The Red squadrons are wreaking havoc on the Tibetan people. Fortunately, Tibet’s political and spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, was able to flee the country and many Tibetan Buddhist temples have been rebuilt in various places in India. According to official figures, Mao Zedong was responsible for 40 to 70 million deaths through starvation, mass execution and labour camps. The foundation for the Elite system was laid in China well before the year 2020. By 2020, there was already facial recognition on the streets. There was already a point system for obedience among citizens and children in school were kept in check with portable brain scanners. In 2044, Chinese oppression is many times more severe than that in the other two empires.

Greater Russia

This empire is the second most powerful empire in the world in 2044, next to Ameropa and Greater China. It consists of Russia of 2020, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the rest of Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, the entire Middle East as well as Turkey and parts of Eastern Europe.

Golden section

See fibonacci sequence.

Heinrich Himmler

The Reichsführer-S.S. was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany. The S.S. or Schutzstaffel translated security squad. He was the head of the S.S., of the entire German police force, of the concentration camps, of the Gestapo and the Sicherheidsdienst and of parts of the German army. Himmler, along with Hitler, dreamed of a 1000-year empire of Aryan, pure Germans. He was interested in the occult, in spirituality and in primal cults and nature beliefs. The S.S. had a lot of symbolism, especially Germanic and Celtic symbols, rituals and customs. But also the Cathars, Templars, Egyptians, Western shamanism and gnosis fell within Himmler’s field of interest. At the end of the war, Himmler secretly began peace negotiations with the Allies. These rejected him and Hitler was furious when he heard that his faithful had betrayed him. He took away Himmler’s titles. Not long after, Himmler is said to have committed suicide to avoid the criminal trials at the Nuremberg court, where a handful of Nazis were tried. According to the official story, he was buried in an anonymous grave. The chances that he enjoyed a generous pension in Argentina for many years to come, just like his assistant Reinhard Heydrich, are perhaps just as high.

Crop circles

Geometric and complex shapes laid out in fields of grain or other crops. They are sometimes up to hundreds of feet tall. The oldest known description is from 1678. Three centuries later, in 1978, crop circles were found near ancient Celtic sanctuaries like Avebury and Stonehenge. Seven thousand crop circles have been registered in sixty countries, most of them in Great Britain. Also in the Netherlands cropcircles occur. Crop circles are seen as geometric messages for humanity. They are high vibrational fields that expand the consciousness and provide cosmic downloads for the earth and its inhabitants. Mostly they are made by Galactic Federation members like the Arcturians, but also by humans and nature beings.

Great Reset

Total takeover of humanity by the Reptilian Elite. See also: Illuminati.

Heart Chakra

The energetic heart. Located around the site of the dimple in the diaphragm. From there, a spiral funnel to the front and a spiral funnel to the back. As with all physical chakras except the root chakra and the crown chakra. The heart chakra is seen as the gateway to the soul. The soul is the gateway to Source and thus the heart chakra is also a direct pathway to the universal love of Source. Spiritual development starts with opening what the cabalists call the place in the heart. The heart chakra opens, allowing the seeker to reconnect with the higher consciousness. The thymus, or crystal point is called the higher heart chakra. See also: Thymus.

Sacred masculine

The male has suppressed the female for thousands of years. However, the sacred masculine was also suppressed. This divine consciousness expresses itself through strength-in-vulnerability, through self-confidence and gentle decisiveness, and through compassion and wisdom. The sacred male is represented by Yeshua ben Joseph, Shiva, Sakyamuni Buddha, Lao-Tse and many others.

Holy female

The masculine and feminine have been out of balance for thousands of years. The ruling Elite was hell bent on suppressing the feminine, socially, religiously, spiritually, and socially. The sacred or divine feminine involves elements such as universal love, trust, bedding, connection, wisdom and female mastery. Every human being, male and female, has the sacred feminine within them. The sacred feminine is represented as saints in different cultures and regions. Think of Shakti (Hinduism), Mary Magdalene, Isis (Egypt), Quan Yin (China), Tara (Tibetan Buddhism) and many others. At this time it is essential to heal and restore the feminine and to realize and balance the sacred feminine with the sacred masculine.


The peak of the witch hunt in Europe was between 1450 and 1750. The last executions took place until late in the eighteenth century, and in countries like Cameroon and Saudi Arabia, witchcraft laws exist to this day. During this period, the Roman Catholic Inquisition, the papal court, and its supporters literally hunted down women, and to a lesser extent, men suspected of being in league with the devil, heretics, or otherwise deviating from Catholic dogma. Official figures put the maximum at 100,000 people, but other sources put the number at eight million. Official estimates are based on reported executions. But by far the majority of slaughters went unreported, or were lost in time. Until the year 1,000 approximately, the Church officially denied the existence of witches and wizards. Slowly but surely, persecution increased. It started with torture and got worse and worse. From 1326, the Inquisition started to persecute witches on a larger scale. However, the peak was between 1550 and 1650. Many were tortured and ill-treated. Treason was common and one witness was enough for a conviction. If you got a trial. Whipping, stretching, burning, walling up alive, drowning and the most horrible torture methods imaginable. The persecution of witches was one of the ways in which the Reptilian Catholic Church could encourage fear and suffering in order to feed off of it. It was also a powerful means of eradicating original nature beliefs. These were people who were respected by society in ancient Celtic times: seers, oracles, healers, midwives, herbalists, hermits, amulet makers, sorcerers, magicians, et cetera. The Church wanted the exclusive right to spirituality and destroyed her opponents, who had to pay the same price as the heretics, the Templars, the Jews and the Muslims.

Hertz music

See sound codes.

Humancontrol department

Within organizations in 2044, the humanresources department has been transformed into a humancontrol department. The name says it all. The main function of this department is to monitor employees and management.


Multidimensional space (officially: space of more than three dimensions). A group of people can join and connect in a multidimensional hyperspace. By raising the vibration in that space with light and universal love, such a space becomes elusive to the darkness in the first four dimensions. An ideal space for healing processes and information downloads. A hyperspace is not subject to 3D time and space and thus can contain huge amounts of people.

I AM presence

The I Am comes from the Advaita Vedanta, non-dualism and the New Age. It refers to the part of every human being that is already enlightened. In essence, every human being is one with Source. In Buddhism, this is called the Buddha nature. In gnosis this is the divine spark, in shamanism it is called Spirit (see also Advaita Vedanta).


The Illuminati is a collective term for the royal bloodlines and the Reptillian Elite. This secret club was officially founded in 1776, but has been around for thousands of years. She infiltrated the Masonic Lodge. There are letters in which George Washington warns the Freemasons about this infiltration. From that moment on, the Illuminati, also known as the Cabal, later the New World Order, conspired to establish absolute rule on earth. In order to circumvent free will, this was done mainly behind the scenes so that the power grab remained unseen by most world citizens. Illuminati members infiltrated governments, large international corporations, the judiciary, the media, and organizations such as the United Nations, the IMF, the World Economic Forum and countless others. Army and secret services were also infiltrated. Agenda 21 was one of the goals for the period up to 2021. This was followed by The Great Reset. A total takeover by the Reptilian Elite. The Illuminati have their own black pope. Involved are orders like the Jesuits and the big families like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and others. Royal houses, the Vatican, the S&P 500 companies, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, secret services, central banks, major media companies, pharmaceutical organizations, Wall Street, tech companies, arms dealers, governments, Hollywood and TV and so on also play a role. All modern wars stem from this pyramid. The goal? Total power over humanity. One world government, one world economy, one – digital – currency, one army, one jurisdiction. In the book 2044, the Illuminati – called Elite – succeeds in this. In reality, Agenda 21 will fail due to the exponentially increasing fifth dimensional vibration on Earth, the mass awakening of humanity and the assistance of the Galactic Federation.

Illusion of separateness

Ignorance of the inseparable connection with the Source of every human being. Illusion of the separated individual, the I, or the ego.

International Organisations

Organizations infiltrated by the Reptilian Elite and serving its interests.

Examples are: United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum (WEF), International Monetary Fund (IMF), all central banks, NATO, European Union and OPEC. Secret societies such as the Freemasons, some Templar Orders, Bilderberg Conference, Club of Rome, Club of 300 and more. As well as large non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi. And other organizations like John Hopkins University.


Energetic transfer. Usually by a teacher on a student. During an initiation, energy is transferred as a kind of download. This can be knowledge and wisdom, but also an entity. At the coronation of kings and queens, also an initiation, the transfer of the king’s entity is clearly visible to those with an eye for it. In Tibetan Buddhism, masters transfer their vibration to their successors and students through initiations. The Cathars knew the consolamentum, the initiation through symbols and laying on of hands. Also in healing traditions such as reiki, the student is initiated by the master through symbols. Initiations are often done with the help of symbols.

Jacques de Molay

(1240 – 1314) Last Grand Master of the Templar Order. See also: Philip the Handsome.

Jeffrey Epstein

(1953 – 2019) Billionaire and sex offender. Epstein raped and prostituted dozens of underage girls. He was arrested and died under suspicious circumstances in his cell before it could come to a trial. Epstein was associated with the likes of Prince Andrew of England, former US President Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and countless other Elite members. His story and arrest and the resulting testimonies and statements of the many victims are visible evidence of the Elite Pedophile Network. Together with the numerous child abuse cases within the Catholic Church and statements like those of the Belgian child pornographer Marc Dutroux, they ensured that child abuse by the Elite no longer belonged to the realm of conspiracy theories. A Netflix documentary called Filthy Rich was made about Jeffrey Epstein’s life, arrest and death.

Childhood trauma

A childhood trauma is the result of a negative event in a person’s childhood. This can be something small, from a moment when a child experiences no attention from its parents, to something larger, such as sexual abuse over several years. Every moment a child does not experience love, a traumatic blockage occurs. These traumas are stored by the energy system for healing later in life. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this, so the traumas become part of the personality structure. Behaviors, fears and patterns are created around the traumas to compensate. Most childhood traumas are karmic in nature: karmic wounds from other lives. It should be noted that karma is multidimensional and not linear. The wounds can originate from other lives – from ancestors, entities and other beings, for example – as well as from a past life of the person in question. Karmic wounds and childhood traumas as well as learned compensation behavior can always be transmuted by a good transformer and/or healer.

Read: The essence of transformational coaching by Robert Bridgeman.

Jesus Christ

The Biblical name of Yeshua ben Joseph. The human bearer of the Christ Consciousness. Was born around the year zero in what is now Israel, reportedly as a scion of an Essene sect. Yeshua grew up in a Jewish society and around the age of twelve traveled to Egypt, where he was initiated into the gnosis. In the years up to his thirties he travelled through what is now India and became an enlightened yogi. Legends speak of his years in Tibet as a student of Tibetan Buddhism. In 1887 a document about this was found in a monastery in Ladakh, on the border of India and Tibet: The Gospel of Issa. Issa is a name for Yeshua. Yeshua returned to Palestine around the age of 30 and began working as a healer and preacher. Soon a movement forms around him. He channels the Source and brings the light of the Source to earth. Much to the annoyance of the Reptillian rulers in the form of the Romans, who later crucified him. His image on the cross is used as a trophy by the Christian Church to this day. Yeshua survives the crucifixion and moves with his wife Mary Magdalene and their children Sarah and Joshua to the south of France where they continue their mission. The later Cathars are descendants of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and passed on the Christ consciousness in an unbroken line through the consolamentum, the apostolic laying on of hands. Among the Cathars were members of the bloodline of Yeshua and Mary.

Reading tips: Conversations with Jeshua by Pamela Kribbe and The Gospel of Issa by Paul van Oyen.

John Kissinger

Kissinger is the special advisor on Reptilian affairs. He’s a tall, graceful man of eighty-four, but he looks fifty due to intensive use of adrenochrome. Kissinger keeps tabs on ministers and officials on behalf of the Reptilians and is a liaison with the Chinese Empire and the Russian Empire. Kissinger is half-breed Reptillian, a son of Emperor Draco, but looks human. Except when he gets angry, then his eyes turn yellow and his pupils ecliptic, then his skin gets green scales. In his normal state, Kissinger has black hair with graying temples, gray eyes and a handsome appearance. His name was inspired by that of Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon’s right-hand man.

John Lennon

(1940 – 1980)

Made his name as a member of the Beatles. Lightworker who did his lightwork especially after the Beatles stopped. Alone and together with his partner Yoko Ono, he made music(Imagine, Give peace a chance) and held manifestations (Bed-In for Peace) to broaden the consciousness of mankind and to call attention to love, peace and tolerance. Lennon, along with the other three Beatles, studied with Maharishi Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation. He was also influenced by Deepak Chopra (also a student of Maharishi Yogi). Lennon has indicated several times that he had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and that he channelled information and music as a musical medium. John Lennon became too much of a threat to the Reptilian Elite. The Beatles legend was killed in front of The Dakota, a building complex, in New York City in 1980 by Mark Chapman, who held the devil responsible for his actions. Chapman was an elite marionette who was influenced by mind control. See also: MK-Ultra


Jewish mysticism from Israel. Until recently, it was only available to Jewish initiates. The kabbalah tells the story of creation and enables the practitioner to look the Creator in the eye through connection with other practitioners. Kabbalists believe that working in small groups, or tens, is necessary to transcend the individual ego. By giving unconditionally to others the Kabbalist develops the same vibration of giving as the Creator has so he or she can become one with the Creator. According to Kabbalistic teachings, humanity is nearing the end of a six thousand year cycle that began with Adam, the first human being. Kabbalists live in the year 5782 (in 2021) and assume that humanity will collectively awaken in two hundred and eighteen years. Until then, man decides for himself whether he wants to remain in a consciousness of ego, suffering and oppression, or whether he wants to exist in a consciousness of giving, divinity and freedom. This has everything to do with the choices he makes and almost roads end up at the collective awakening. Late last century, the Kabballah was released by Rav. Dr. Michael Laitman. Laitman was for twelve years a student of one of the last great kabbalists and after his death decided to open the kabbalah for non-Jews. He has millions of followers from countless countries and gives great meetings all over the world.

Read: Kabbalah for Beginners by Dr. Michael Laitman


The law of karma is the law of cause and effect. Something happens in time and space and that always triggers the next action. Karma is not necessarily a personal thing. If a tree falls and shatters your foot, it’s not intentionally directed at you. So it is with karma. It’s multidimensional. Every human being lives with the karma of others, of ancestors, deceased relatives, entities and other beings. Besides this karma, there is also your ‘own’ karma, from previous lives you have lived. Ninety percent of everything you experience in your life, positive and negative, stems from karma. You are born with karmic wounds that may be healed. These express themselves in childhood traumas that keep returning throughout life, until they are healed. In fact, that is the essence of negative karma: energy that was once put into a low vibration and is now waiting to be healed. Until it is healed, the negative vibration continues to have a negative effect on the life of the bearer of that karma. As she heals, the effect diminishes. There are numerous methods for healing karma, including the Altazar Rossiter Method, the Bridgeman Method, and Reincarnation Therapy. Meditation forms like Vipassana and Tibetan Dzogchen help to see through karma, so that it can increasingly be released.

Readers tip: Spiritual intelligence by Altazar Rossiter and Existence right by Maarten Oversier

Karmic contracts

These are agreements made at the soul level. It can be a debt settlement from another life, but also an agreement to support each other. Karmic contracts you can have with your parents, brothers, sisters, partners, children, friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and with complete strangers. Someone you just met in this life may have been an acquaintance of yours for thousands of years. Abuses such as incest, oppression and forms of slavery are also often karmic in nature and are embedded in karmic contracts. You may also have entered into karmic contracts with entities, institutions, rulers, gods, ancestors, Archontic angels and demons. Often these contracts establish a dependency relationship with the individual. An Archont that is allowed to feed on your fear, or a karmic entity that came with you from another life and sabotages your life as revenge for what you did in that life. Also consider karmic curses that may have been pronounced upon you. Finally, vows are also karmic contracts. If in another life you have taken a vow of poverty, chastity, or fidelity to a person, ruler, institution, or god, these vows and promises are fixed in karmic contracts. As a healer, it is essential to recognize these contracts and help people transmute them. All the above mentioned karmic agreements and contracts can be transformed in the NOW. All karmic debt can be settled.

Read: The essence of transformational coaching by Robert Bridgeman

Karmic wounds

See childhood traumas.

Karmic debt

See karmic contracts.


In the southern French region between Toulouse in the north, Albi in the east, the Pyrenees in the west and the Mediterranean in the south lies the department of Oceania. Once an independent county under Count Raymond V who was indebted to King Peter of Aragon who lived on the other side of the mountains. Oceania was a wealthy and liberal country where original Christianity was noticed in the Catholic anals around 1163. The Cathar Church had its own dioceses and was well organized. The church looked up to this heresy, christened by the church Catharism. The Cathars called themselves good Christians. They believed in reincarnation, they rejected the god of the Bible, and they did not eat meat and poultry. They lived as Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) as Essene must have lived and that was against the grain of the pope. The priests of the Cathars were called bonne hommes and bonne femmes (Good men and good women ). Cathar priests and church officials were both men and women. The Cathars were gnostics. They believed in Eon Sophia and the Yaldaboath that imprisoned man in the body. They were descendants of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene whose Christ consciousness they passed on as Holy Spirit through the consolamentum. The Cathars believed that Jesus did not have a physical body, did not die on the cross and therefore did not resurrect. They knew only one prayer; the Our Father and rejected all Catholic sacraments such as confession, the Eucharist and marriage. Catharism increasingly took hold in the region, even among nobles and high-ranking people. Pope Innocent III decided that things could not go on like this. Since 150 A.D., the church had done everything in its power to destroy gnosis. Gnostics were virtually exterminated except for Eastern European communities like the bogomiles. In 1209, the Pope launched a major offensive against the Cathars. A crusading army, led by the Papal legate Arnaud Amaury and the Northern French robber baron Simon de Montfoort, was formed and moved into the Cathar territory. They murdered, robbed and burned and were allowed to keep stolen goods and land. Many tens of thousands of holy men and women died on huge funeral pyres where they were often killed by the hundreds. The last official stronghold of the Cathars was the castle of Montségur. This was taken in 1244 after a year of siege. Two hundred and twenty Cathars were burned at the stake. They were reportedly standing on the pile singing and hand in hand when the wood was lit. Cathar priests did not fear death. According to legend, the treasure of the Cathars was snatched from the back of the castle before the surrender. She was never found and is the subject of many stories and theories. Chances are that these are writings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. The soul of Catharism was never defeated by the Catholic Church.

Readers tip: The Way of the Cathars by Marcel Messing and The History of the Cathars by Michael Roquebert

Emperor Draco

Draco is the leader of the Reptillian civilization in the galaxy Draco. He interferes with the affairs of planet Earth in person, as humanity is the main source of food for the Reptilians. Reptilians are astral fourth dimensional beings and they have no physical body. They look like a mix between human and lizard. There are some ten billion Reptilians in all parts of our universe. They are a great power waging wars against other civilizations such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians and other members of the Galactic Federation. Emperor Draco has a sojourn on earth in the city of Uruk, the ancient capital of the Sumerian empire in ancient Mesopotamia, now the southeastern province of Iraq, three hundred miles south of Baghdad. His headquarters were built on an ancient star portal left behind by the Anunnaki. On the ruins of the ancient, monumental Eannea Temple stands a huge futuristic building where Draco’s great hall is made and he conducts his earthly audiences. In this story, Emperor Draco represents the personification of Pope Clement V who, along with Philip Fair and William de Nogaret, destroyed the Knights Templar. See also: Draco-Reptillians and Reptillians.

Persecution of heretics

The persecution and execution of Gnostics, shamans, natural believers and other non-Catholic teachings. For this persecution, the papal Inquisition was established in the 13th century in the Cathar region of southern France. The members of the Inquisition came mainly from the Dominican order. Torture, hanging alive, trials by fire, expropriation and burning on pyres were common, as were the yellow stars which Jews were obliged to wear and the yellow crosses which heretics were obliged to wear on their clothing. The Inquisition is seen as the Catholic Gestapo that spread fear and destruction throughout Europe. Part of the persecution of heretics was the genocide of the Cathars.

Climate Crisis

Temperatures on Earth fluctuate. Ice cores drilled into the Antarctic floor show that the fluctuations have had a rhythm of some kind for 400,000 years. Temperature rises and increasing CO2 are common developments and they always go down. In this day and age, however, the rapidly increasing CO2 also seems to be the effect of human activity. Huge emissions of CO2 in the industries, meat and transport sectors, combined with the massive deforestation on earth have caused the CO2 increase partly due to human actions (but certainly not only because of that). There is an ecological crisis going on, that is clear. Natural areas and biodiversity are declining, the ice of Siberia, the Arctic and Antarctica is melting and the oceans and air are polluting at a rapid pace. The solutions are tricky. Is it in renewable energy for consumers? Is it in stopping virgin forest felling for cattle feed and timber? at the rate of fifty-five football fields of rainforest per minute. Or is it in hydrogen-powered cars? Is it in developing technology for cleaning up air and water? Can we stop using fossil fuels? Should something be done about the consumer society, the use of plastic? Energy use in homes, offices and factories? That humanity has an impact on the ecosystem seems obvious. That humanity has a major impact on the climate is less obvious. Galactic influences and cycles of the earth probably have an even greater role. The fear among many people is that the Elite will use the climate crisis as an excuse for control measures. Instead of investing in free energy, as Nikola Tesla developed it, they are investing in landscape-polluting windmills and electric batteries and solar cells that also end up in landfills after a life cycle. There is a chance that the earth is moving towards a new ice age after this peak. A study of the peaks and troughs of temperatures on earth over the past 400,000 years shows that increases in CO2 are often followed by periods of extreme cold. It is the opinion of the author that every person is allowed to take his, or her, own responsibility. When it comes to consumption of consumer goods, energy, food and emissions, everyone has a role to play. In addition, it may call for an end to the use of fossil energy and an end to the deforestation of rainforest for timber, cattle feed and agricultural land reclamation. The most polluting industries are owned by the Elite. Therefore, the best thing humanity can do for Mother Earth is to ascend beyond the reach of the Elite and take back control of the Earth. The combination of consciousness and galactic technology is the key to the New Earth.

Read and watch tip: www.stoppenmetvlees.nl

Crystal Codes

Codes in a higher crystal vibration with which access to conscious dimensions can be gained.

Crystal dot

The thymus, the point on the chest between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. This point is called the gathering point, the crystal point, the crystal cave, the higher heart chakra and the happiness centre. It is an essential point to open and transmute to a higher vibration in spiritual development. Along with the root chakra, the heart chakra and the pineal gland, it is one of the most important points of the energetic body.

Crystal spiral

Exponential further development of the flower of life. Where the flower of life carries the boundaries of the Matrix, the crystal spiral is limitless and endless. 6D+ vibration.

See geometry and chakras

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the upper chakra of the physical body. It’s a spiral funnel up into the cosmos. Below the crown chakra is the third eye chakra (pineal gland) and above it is the first of five lotus chakras; the higher self chakra. A well activated crown chakra provides a good connection with the higher self, the soul and Source. A closed crown chakra can lead to skepticism, separateness and ignorance.


The term kundalini comes from Sanskrit meaning the coiled one. It refers to the life energy as it manifests in the human pelvic area. A coiled energy snake lying on the perineum. This energy can be activated. The most common kundalini activation is through sexual acts (often unconsciously). Life energy is often confused with sexual energy. All sexual energy is life energy, but not all life energy is sexual in nature. Kundalini energy can also be activated in case of deep emotions. You can learn to activate the kundalini energy through yoga forms, breathing exercises, meditation, shamanic breathing, pain cone stimulation, pelvic floor stimulation and tantric exercises. This produces pleasant and powerful sensations that can be overwhelming at first. Kundalini energy is both transformational, creative, healing and empowering. It plays an important role in the self-actualization process. In Buddhism, kundalini is usually called rapture or rapture , a sensation that can also occur in deep meditation.

Quantum mechanics

A physical theory that describes the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level. Modern physics that teaches about the behavior of energy particles and waves. Quantum mechanics discovered the properties of matter and of the matrix, or hologram, in which humanity lives, in the last hundred years. Quantum mechanics can be found in the development of computers, nuclear energy, the MRI-scan, mobile phones, nano- and laser technology and the like. Scientists even discovered that matter can be in two places at the same time, that matter can be influenced from a distance and that matter behaves according to the observer’s filters. Phenomena that have been known within spirituality since time immemorial.

Quantum leap

A change from one quantum state, to another quantum state. Apart from linear time and space. In light of the ascension of humanity a possible spontaneous and sudden collective transition to a higher vibrational field. With all its positive consequences for Mother Earth and humanity.


One of the subgroups of the Sioux Indians in North and South Dakota. The Sioux, consist of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota (language groups). The Lakota are the most famous. Their leaders like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse are legendary. The Sioux as a whole have the spiritual leader Arvol Looking Horse. He is the holder of the White buffalo calf pipe. This white bison woman appeared to the Sioux long ago and made the prophecy that when the white bison returned to earth, humanity would face a fork in the road. She can then choose a path of light and love, or a path of destruction and ego. For several decades, white bison have returned in numbers. The Sioux indicate that the time of transformation is now.

Viewing tip: The documentary More than a pipeline by Robert Bridgeman, about one hundred and fifty years of oppression of the Sioux.


This island region was located in the Indian Ocean. The name Lemuria indicates an area and was first used by biologist Philip Lutley Sclater. This researcher found fossils of the same animals in India and Madagascar. This can be explained by the fact that India and Africa were once adjacent to each other when the land mass on earth was one big continent called Pangea. However, the empire that was located on the islands in the Indian Ocean was called Mu. The people of Mu came to Earth 200,000 years ago. They were a highly developed race called the Alithir. They were highly evolved 5D beings who embodied love and compassion. About 50,000 years ago the collective vibration on earth became too low for them and they left for other dimensions. The heads on Easter Island are depictions of the Alithir of Mu. Much of today’s spiritual knowledge stems from these people.

Watching tip: The videos of Matias de Stefano on www.gaia.com

Flower of life

See geometry.

Slate lines

Over the entire planet Earth lies a grid of energy pathways. These orbits are called ley lines. Ley lines that cross each other form energy points, or power points. Traditionally, these points were used to practice spiritual practices, ceremonies and rituals. The Catholic Church has made a habit of building churches and cathedrals on the sites of power around the world, hijacking this energy for its own gain. Chartres Cathedral and Notre-Dame are important examples. Fortunately, there are still countless sites under dolmens, pyramids and other megalithic buildings.


Lightworkers were often present as devas and angels at the start of planet Earth, four and a half billion years ago. Lightworkers are also beings who were involved in the creation and enslavement of humanity 200,000 years ago. They are descended from various alien races and owe a karmic debt to humans. They have been trying to repay this debt for thousands of years. Many lightworkers incarnated over the past 200,000 years in various spiritual capacities. During the time of the Empire of Atlantis, many lightworkers were guilty of experimentation and abuse of power. Many later incarnated to assist humanity in the ascension process and in liberation from the consciousness of suffering. Lightworkers came as seers, as shamans, as witches, as Buddhist monks, as yogis, as spiritual teachers, as Cathars, as heretics, as mediums, as oracles, as magicians, as Essenes and Templars. Often they were persecuted for their messages. Many lightworkers have also had the necessary incarnations as ‘ordinary people’ in order to fathom their humanity. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, hundreds of thousands of lightworkers have incarnated on earth. The great incarnational streams of lightworkers began in the 1950s and expressed themselves as the hippies, the new age children, the crystal children and countless others. Many lightworkers don’t know that they are lightworkers until they are activated by conscious lightworkers or by extraterrestrial forces. Starseeds are lightworkers who have never had an incarnation on earth before. They come from other universes to assist humanity’s ascension and have their first life in a human body. Lightworkers are connected in a network that has been spreading ever since 2012. In 2044 there are countless lightworkers on earth, conscious and unconscious of their lightworkership, who actively offer counterweight to the Elite and their excesses. The main tasks of lightworkers are to raise their own vibration and the vibration of humanity, as well as transmute their own unlit and that of humanity. The lightworker movement is led by Arthur and Britta Light.


Lilith is a demonic female figure in Jewish mythology. She was first mentioned in the third century AD and developed into Adam’s first wife. She was a symbol of evil, disease, the night, seducing men, extramarital sex and infanticide. However, that is the official (Reptillian) reading. Another view is that Lilith was the woman before Eve who was cast out. She was too equal to Adam, too strong and too free-spirited. For that reason she was exchanged for the submissive Eva. Which reading is true for you is up to you.

Lotario Segni

Segni is the Minister of Prosperity. He plays a supporting role in the book. The name Segni is the birth name of Lotario Conti di Segni, the birth name of Pope Innocent III. The pope who called for the gruesome crusade against the Cathars that led to their extermination.


These Lion people, who come from the galaxy Lyra, are considered the oldest ancestors of humanoids. They are associated with the sun and the element fire. They are high frequency beings that assist humanity in their ascension and are members of the Galactic Federation.


A gnostic movement, started by the sage Mani (216-276) from Mesopotamia. During his youth he received revelations from Jesus Christ, who, according to him, had incarnated on earth several times. The Manichaean church became large in Persia and parts of the Western Roman Empire. Eventually Mani was captured, tortured and reportedly even crucified. Mani wrote seven major works on his thought, which was essentially gnostic. See also: Gnosis.


The king of illusion in Buddhism. With his seven veils, he keeps humanity in ignorance of their true selves. Mara is compared to the Christian devil/ Yahweh/ Yaldaboath. When the Buddha came to enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in India, Mara tried everything he could to stop the Buddha from being liberated. The armies of Mara are sensual pleasure, attachment, hunger and thirst, desire, sloth, fear, doubt, greed, hypocrisy, fame and self-glorification. The Buddha’s teachings are broadly about overcoming these armies within man himself through lifestyle and meditation.


The hologram, or illusion, in which man is held captive. The first matrix was constructed by the Anunnaki and later taken over by the Archons and Reptilians. The matrix is a mirror of the collective human consciousness. Humanity creates this matrix through the beliefs and world views it holds as a collective. As long as humans live in a third dimensional consciousness of fear, the matrix will mirror this back as reality. When humanity as a whole has a fifth dimensional + consciousness of love and wisdom, the matrix will mirror it back as reality. The Reptilians and their Elite do everything in their power to keep humanity in ignorance, separateness and fear, with the goal of feeding off the pain and suffering that humans create for themselves in this way. Because Archons and Reptilians are fourth-dimensional beings, humanity will be freed from them once it enters the fifth dimension as a collective. The illusion of the Buddhist devil Mara and the fake creation from the gnosis refer to this matrix which David Icke refers to as a hologram.

Reading tip: Everything you need to know but have never been told by David Icke.


A people in southern Mexico consisting of over twenty nations. Eight to nine million Maya still exist in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. However, the original Maya culture is still passed on only through a few priests and elsewhere. The first Maya culture existed from about 2000 BC to 250 AD. There are still Mayan constructions like El Castillo at Chichen Itza. The Mayans were developed and had their own writing, mathematics, spiritual cult, and profound cosmic and astronomical knowledge. Mayan documents were almost all burned (except for four books) by the Spanish conquistadors because they were considered pagan. The Mayan calendar describes the Earth’s 26,000-year cycle that ended in 2012 or 2021 (depending on the translation) and ushered in a new era of humanity. The Tzolkin calendar of two hundred and sixty days, thirteen tones and twenty signs is still applied today. The Maya can be traced back to Atlantis and their culture is continued by the Hopi Indians in Arizona. They believed that 13,000 years ago the axis of the Earth was directed toward the heart of the Milky Way and over the past 13,000 years has been rotating further and further away from that heart. The Earth axis facing the heart of the Milky Way symbolizes an enlightened, connected and loving humanity and the Earth axis turned away from the heart represents a separated, unconscious and fearful humanity. Another translation for the dimension theory. The more the axis of the Earth is directed toward the heart of the Milky Way, the higher the dimension that humanity is collectively aware of.


An ancient and experienced soul who has the ability to read the Akashic Chronicles. In these chronicles, past and future of each person can be found. A medium can communicate with the spiritual world and with the deceased who are there. A distinction must be made between a medium and a psychic. A psychic can read the energy field of a person or object and extract information from it. This is a substantially different ability than reading the Akashic Records and communicating with spirits.

Mediums in The Netherlands: Jo Suijkerbuijk, Bonnie Bessem and Elayne Lussenburg (websites, see inspiration list)


A merkaba is a body of light that every person has that is shaped like a six-pointed star, consisting of two opposing pyramids. The bottom of the upper pyramid (point above the crown) runs approximately over the knees and the bottom of the lower pyramid (point below the feet) runs approximately up to the chest. In higher dimensions, the merkaba may have a crystalline field or a geometric shape. An activated and functioning merkaba is like a living, rotating field of light, spirit and consciousness, between your heart and brain. The merkaba is connected to the chakra system and protects the energy field of an individual. Mer means vehicle, Ka stands for light body and Ba for the higher self. It is seen as the light vehicle with which the higher self travels through time and space.

Teacher tip: Drunvalo Melchizedeck


The four ministries are inspired by Orwell as a paean to his book 1984. They have been modernized in the elaboration. All ministries have headquarters in Washington D.C., the capital of the Ameropean Empire. They also have offices in all provincial capitals. Former countries are counties in 2044. In the offices, the consultants and the officials work. All office buildings look the same. Forty-four-story concrete towers.

Ministry of Peace This ministry is about war and arms trade. The war is against fictitious terrorist organizations. It is also waged by the Elite against their own subjects. Constant threats of war help to maintain the threatening atmosphere that every totalitarian society needs. This ministry also helps to oppress people in the areas between the three great empires and to destroy ancient temples and sacred sites to erase history, in cooperation with the Ministry of Truth.

Ministry of Love This ministry is about state security. It is responsible for enforcement and monitoring. Chips, monitoring people, vaccinations, policing, courts, health care, artificial intelligence and automation fall under this ministry.

Ministry of Prosperity This ministry is about the economy. The economic system exists through mass consumption. People are kept poor and the economy is manipulated.

Ministry of Truth This ministry is about propaganda. The Elite are in possession of the absolute truth at all times and spread it through news, entertainment, education and art. Within the three great realms, almost any distortion of thought can be carried out with impunity. The lie becomes truth. There is only one true version of history. The old newspapers, books, magazines, films, sound recordings and photographs are burned in the tubing of the so-called memory holes. A new one will be in the archives. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets – anything that could shed light on the past is systematically changed.


Trauma-based mind control was developed by Nazi scientists in World War II. Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele was particularly known for this. When, after the war, the Americans transferred leading German scientists to America with Operation Paperclip, these mind-control techniques were also made available to the CIA. The basis of the later, hotly contested project MK-ULTRA, in the 1950s and 1960s. The techniques were used to incite their victims to terrible things. For example, the assassination of Gandhi, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, and the assassination of John Lennon were committed by individuals brainwashed in this way. Something that would happen many more times in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Also, these mind-control controlled individuals were often employed as politicians, movie promoters, administrators, military leaders, celebrities, and human traffickers in order to strengthen control over various parts of society.


See Lemuria.


Everything in the universe is multidimensional. All thirteen main dimensions are always present in all planets, stars and living beings. There are numerous sub-dimensions. Every human being is always present in all thirteen dimensions. A person’s consciousness determines which dimension he or she is aware of. Mother Earth realizes that she has passed the sixth dimension, which gives humanity the possibility to ascend with her.

Mythological creatures

Creatures considered to be the results of DNA experiments by the Anunnaki: Giants (Nephilim), sphinxes, goblins, centaurs, cyclopes, dragons, mermaids, Pegasus, nymphs, unicorns, et cetera.


Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazi party (National Socialist German Workers Party, NSDAP) ruled Germany, and in the last six years of that period it ruled ever larger parts of Europe. The party had come to power because the Reptilian Elite in Europe wanted a buffer between themselves and the Communist Party that had come to power in Russia, killing the Tsar and his family in the process. European royal houses feared communist revolutions in their own countries. With the help of American investors, the initial capital for the Nazi party was raised. Then Adolf Hitler was used as a stooge. Hitler was a Reptillian shapeshifter, as were most of his henchmen. Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Martin Bormann and other Nazi leaders. The Hindu symbol of happiness was reversed into the swastika. And when you flip a symbol, you also flip its effect. It became a symbol of suffering, unhappiness and hatred. The same force that had fed the Roman Empire was now feeding the Nazis. The external similarities are striking. The eagle as a symbol, the ranks in the army, the greeting – Avé Caesar and Heil Hitler are performed in the same way – and many other parallels. The global elite supported the operation. The Nazis were actively supported by countries such as Japan, Vichy France, Austria and Italy. The Japanese began a similar annexation operation in Asia. American business and German business operated together to finance the war machine. There are numerous eyewitness accounts of American soldiers who found Ford engines in German trucks, for example. The giants such as Standard Oil, Alcoa, Dow, Dupont, Remington Arms, General Motors, Ford, Goodyear, Procter & Gamble and Union Carbide had concluded agreements with German cartels as Thyssen Krupp, Mannesmann, IG Farben, Siemens and Schering. The concentration camps functioned, besides being energetic food for the Reptilians and a way to pump very low vibrations into the matrix, as work camps for these companies and their shareholders. The Reptilian Elite thus financed both sides and increased its wealth exponentially on the backs of European citizens, many tens of millions of whom died tragically and hundreds of millions of whom were severely traumatized, which was the purpose of the whole war. Prescott Bush, the father of U.S. President George Bush Sr. was CEO of the Union Banking Corporation in New York. This bank functioned as a money laundering station for Nazi funds. Banker and big industrialist Fritz Thyssen was the bridge to Adolf Hitler. The Dutch royal family also banked with Thyssen through a company in Rotterdam. In 2003, documents were released in the US endorsing this. After the Nazis were defeated, the high-ranking officials were received in Argentina. Politicians, scientists and other specialists were brought to the United States through Operation Paperclip. The Elite did not abandon its puppets.

Link tip: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

Nag Hammadi scriptures

Gnostic writings found in December 1945 in central Egypt near the site of Nag Hammadi by an Arab farmer Muhammed Ali al-Samman. He found an old jar with a book inside. They turned out to be no less than fifty-two writings, in twelve leather bindings. Due to carelessness of the finders and the fact that only in 1952 the first book, the Jung-Codex, could be bought from Egypt by the Dutch professor Gilles Quispel. It was not until the 1970s that photographs could be taken of the remaining writings. Some of the writings include: the Gospel of Thomas, with one hundred and fourteen sayings attributed to Jesus, the Gospel of Truth, the Secret Book of John, and the Gospel of Philip. They were originally written in Greek, 200 years after Christ. They were then translated into Coptic and buried around the year 367. Probably the writings were hidden by monks to prevent them from being destroyed. The Archbishop of Alexandria had issued a letter in that year stating the canon of the Bible, and the Nag Hammadi scriptures were not included. To avoid punishment and excommunication, the writings were hidden, only to be found sixteen hundred years later. These writings provide an uncensored look into gnosis. They also shine a different light on Jesus Christ than the Bible. Jesus acts as a wisdom teacher and the way of Jesus in the Nag Hammadi scriptures is an inner path. See also: Gnosis.

Read: The Nag Hammadi scriptures translated by Jacob Slavenburg and Willem Glaudemans.


Mythological giants that appear in the Old Testament. Nephilim are also seen as one of the outcomes of DNA experiments by the Anunnaki.

New World Order

The New World Order (also called One World Order) is the ambition of the ruling shadow elite to create total domination, based on a fascist ideology. This includes one world government, one monetary system, one world army and one world religion. See also: Illuminati.


Home planet of the Anunnaki. It orbits the sun at a rate of 3,600 years. It’s called Planet X. According to Jaap Rameijer the existence of another planet in our solar system was mentioned in 1983 in The New York Times. There were even pictures of it. Shortly thereafter, the reports disappeared from the news and were not mentioned again. Niburu means ferry or ferryman and probably entered our solar system about 4.5 billion years ago.


The process of awakening has several layers. Awakening means awareness. In the first phase of awakening, the seeker discovers that there is something not quite right about the reality he or she lives in. This leads to the understanding that the seeker is not what he or she has identified with up until this point. This peeling off process continues until the seeker comes to the realization that he or she is Source in the temporary form of a human being. During this process, the seeker gains more and more insight into the illusion of existence. Ultimately, the awakening process leads to complete and all levels of existence awakening to oneness with the Source, a state of being called enlightenment. Humanity is also awakening as a collective. More and more people are noticing that the reality that is presented to them is almost false. An awakening process without spiritual embedding can therefore lead to feelings of fear, of struggle and of anger.

Revelation of John

The last book of the New Testament. Revelation describes an apocalyptic period on earth. This story describes the coming of a beast to earth: ‘Woe to you who inhabit the earth and the sea, for the devil has come to you, and he has great wrath, knowing that he has little time. The heathen worshiped the dragon. And there arose a second beast out of the earth. With two horns and it spoke like the dragon. And it exercised all the power of the dragon, so that all the earth worshipped the dragon.

A cut that in 2044 stands for the Catholic Church: “An angel came down and showed the great whore with whom the kings of the earth have fornicated. They became drunk with her fornication. And the merchants, thanks to her, had become the great ones of the earth and became rich through her opulence. She was a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of the names of blasphemy and had seven heads and ten horns, which stood for ten kings. The woman was clothed with purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. And in one hand she had a golden cup full of the abominations and impurities of her fornication. She was the mother of abominations on earth.

The Revelation of John ends on a positive note: “And there was a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. And the holy city, the new Jerusalem, made of pure gold and adorned with beautiful jewels and precious stones, came down from God out of heaven.’


Forecaster with prophetic gifts. Passes on messages from the gods. The most famous oracle ever was the oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece. The motto of this oracle was: Know thyself. Oracle cards are cards with a message or a prediction.


Bhagwan’s name at birth was Rajneesh Chandra Mohan (1931 – 1990). His first spiritual name was Bhagwan. Later he changed his name to Osho. Bhagwan was an enlightened master who led the Bhagwan Movement. Initially in the late 1970s from Poona in India and from 1981 to 1985 in Oregon, USA. Osho developed profound therapeutic healing methods and meditation forms that were far ahead of their time. Ranging from chakra meditations, sound meditations and kundalini meditations, to dynamic meditations and dance meditations. His spiritual contribution to human consciousness was beyond all forms of intellectual understanding. Osho became enlightened at the age of twenty-one. He taught philosophy at the Sanskrit University in Jabalpur. Twenty-one years after his enlightenment, in 1974, he moved to Poona where he founded Poona 1. Traveling to Oregon, founded the town of Rajneeshuram there. This city had its own infrastructure. Its 10,000 inhabitants had shops, a school, leisure facilities, offices, business premises and even an airport. Due to mismanagement of Osho’s secretary Sheila, abuses arose in many areas. Violence, political, sexual and criminal. Osho had to take responsibility for this when he found out. Sheila was sent away and the FBI was allowed to investigate in the city. Which led to Osho’s arrest. He moved back to Poona where he died in 1991 from the effects of the treatment the US government and FBI had given him by moving him to twelve different prisons and poisoning him, probably with radioactive material. Unfortunately, Osho’s brilliant spiritual depth is often overwhelmed by misconceptions. For example, about his views on sex, on wealth and on freedom. Also the very limited documentary Wild Wild Country, in which the abuses in the commune predominate, but in which not a word is said about the spiritual depth of Osho. According to Bhagwan, every human being is a potential Buddha. Every human being is capable of experiencing unconditional love and becoming enlightened. There is no need for man to reject or suppress anything in the process. Osho was concerned with inner flourishing. Deepak Chopra on Osho: ‘These brilliant insights will benefit all those who yearn for experimental knowledge of the pure potentiality inherent in every human being.’ The fourteenth Dalai Lama about Osho: Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.‘ According to the author of 2044 Osho is the next Buddha.

Parasites (energetic)

Consciousnesses that feed on human suffering such as pain and fear.

Pope Clement

See Philip the Handsome.

Pedophile networks

Networks of collaborating paedophiles, often Elite. Within the Vatican, these networks have traditionally been particularly productive. The Jeffrey Epstein case demonstrated the existence of these networks. Marc Dutroux, the Belgian pedophile and child killer stated under oath that he recruited children for Elitel members. Children are kidnapped from orphanages and institutions and even grown in special facilities. These children are also used for the production of adrenochrome.


Priests and priestesses of the Cathars. See Cathars.

Philip Fair

Fair is the prime minister of the Ameropean empire. He looks human, but he’s a half-breed Reptilian. He is the son of Emperor Draco and a half-brother of John Kissinger. Fair looks like an old man with big bags under his eyes and a bald skull. In 2044, he (August 13, 1930) is one hundred and fourteen, but you’d give him seventy because of the adrenochrome. He looks and acts sympathetic, but in fact he is the devil himself. The name Philip Fair was inspired by the French king Philip the Handsome, or Philip the Fair.

Pierre Charles L’Enfant (1754 – 1825) American engineer. Mason. Founded and designed the city of Washington with George Washington.

Pineal Gland

Epiphysis. Small organ at the back of the limbic system in the human brain that is associated with high states of consciousness. When stimulated, the pineal gland produces a neurotransmitter called DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT is released during spiritual practice. Meditation, breathing and yoga exercises, as well as psychedelics like ayahuasca and mushrooms can stimulate DMT production. The pineal gland is the center of the third eye chakra and is also called the seat of the soul. A well-developed pineal gland contributes to spiritual freedom, detachment, insight, intuition, wisdom and clairvoyance.


The Pleiadians are humanoid beings from the galaxy Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. They are compassionate, loving beings who want to help humanity where they can. Pleiadians live in the fifth dimension and above and have no physical body (although they can become physical for a short time.) Pleiadians are part of the Galactic Federation of Light.


Predictions of future events. There are surprising parallels to be found in different prophecies of different cultures in various time periods (seemingly) unrelated to each other. Some examples:

  • The Mayans announced a transition of consciousness for humanity in 2012.

From separation to connection, from fear to love.

  • The transition from the astrological Age of Pisces (fear and power) to the

Aquarian Age (love and wisdom).

  • The transition from the Hindu Kali yuga (matter and darkness) to Dwapara

yuga (energy and connection) around the year 1900.

  • The kabbalistic transition from a consciousness of taking to a consciousness of

in these last two hundred years before the end of a six thousand year time cycle.

  • The transition from the third dimension of fear to the fifth dimension of love.
  • The coming on earth of the Christ consciousness, or the Michaelmas era (Rudolf Steiner).

In addition to these prophecies, there are countless others that herald this movement of human consciousness. Not least the biblical gospel of Revelation.

Operation Paperclip

Secret operation at the end of World War II, in which high-ranking Nazis were brought to America to start a new life. These Nazis often ended up in scientific institutions, politics and government organizations including the CIA and FBI.


City in Oregon USA between 1981 and 1985. Founded by Osho and his sannyasins. At its peak, about 10,000 people lived in this city. After five years of conflicts with local residents, the FBI invaded the city in 1985 and arrested Osho.


Like the Draco-Reptillians, these creatures come from the galaxy Draco. It is located to the north of the earth and is visible from the northern hemisphere throughout the year, draped, as it were, around the constellation of the Little Bear (Ursa Minor). The reptilian brain in our heads also comes from Reptillian DNA. The reptilian brain has great influence on aggression, fear, rituals, greed, lust for power, worship, hierarchy and violence. One of the reasons the Elite like to work with symbols is because they act directly on the reptilian brain. During stress, in survival situations, in poverty, or when emotions are strong, the reptilian brain takes control. Addictions are also programmed through this part of the brain. Whether it’s booze, drugs, working, sugar, tobacco, or any other kind of substance. The guilt or shame program also contributes to reptilian consciousness. Reptilians come in all shapes and sizes: from humanoid, to green scaly, to creatures with horns, tails and wings. They range from malicious to benign. Reptilians on planet Earth live mostly in underground bases and reside in the fourth dimension, beyond the perception of most humans. Like the Draco-Reptillians, they feed on low vibrations.

Read: From Anunnaki to Illuminati by Jaap Rameijer.

Roman Empire

Began expanding in the sixth century BC and grew to an empire of some six million square miles and one hundred and twenty million inhabitants. Officially, the empire’s reign lasted until 395 AD, when it was divided into the western and eastern Roman Empires. The last empire came to an end in 1453. The Roman Empire was a stronghold of the Reptilian Elite. It was constantly at war, sowing death and destruction in Europe, parts of Asia and North Africa. Countless people were kept as slaves and gladiatorial fights (usually to the death) were the popular entertainment. The Romans brought the Celtic tribes to their knees, destroying natural beliefs and original societies. The symbol of the Roman eagle later reappeared in Nazi symbolism in Germany and in American symbolism. The Romans brought technology, modernization and prosperity to all of Europe. After the fall of the great empire, it merged into the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic Church

This church still has about 1.2 billion followers, making it the largest sect in the world. The church is the continuation of the Roman Empire, where the emperor became the pope and the senators became cardinals. The army commanders became bishops and archbishops and the soldiers became monks, deacons and priests. The Church has largely determined the course of world history. In 325 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine convened the First Council of Nicae. All the high-ranking church leaders at the time gathered together. Until then, Christianity had been suppressed by the Romans and seen as a danger, but Constantine saw opportunity. During the Council, the woman was written out of the Bible and the canon was determined. Of the thirty-one original Christian writings and gospels, six came into the Holy Scriptures. The Father, Mother and Christ became the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ wife, Mary Magdalene, was relegated to the status of sinful prostitute. The Catholic faith was born with the church continuing the Roman oppression of Europe. The Church was guilty of almost all the great humanitarian disasters of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Not only did she cause the crusades to Jerusalem, she was also (co-)responsible for the persecution of heretics, the burning of witches, the destruction of the Knights Templar, the genocide of the Cathars and of indigenous peoples in North and South America, as well as the suppression and conversion of countless indigenous peoples throughout the world. A little research shows that over time, the popes were among the scum of the earth. Mostly noble candidates bought the papal chair which was used for self-enrichment. Countless times a pope was murdered by his successor. Cardinals were not much better, and archbishops and bishops were often also landlords with their own armies and warfare. We cannot deny that individuals have come to wonderful deeds in the name of the Church and the Christian faith, but it should be clear that the Church is not and was not a tool of a merciful God, but a vehicle for the Reptilian Elite and Archontic forces.

Read: The Deception of Rome by Maurits Prins.


Wealthy Jewish family who, along with a number of other similar families like the Rockefellers, hold power on earth. The Rothschild family is originally a banking family. Among other things, she is considered the owner of Israel. In the 1917 Balfour Declaration, then English Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour authorized the Rothschilds to form the state of Israel, which happened in 1948.

Readers tip: 13,000 years trapped in a pyramid by Peter Toonen.


Spiritual movement and brotherhood that originated early in the seventeenth century based on the work of Christian Rosenkreuz. Its foundation consists of a mixture of Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Alchemy and Gnosis.


Follower of Osho. Sannyas means freedom. Sannyasins are traditionally Hindu seekers, usually living in a temple, ashram, or commune. Osho gave this name to his followers. Whereas sannyasins in traditional teachings lived ascetically, Osho was satisfied when his sannyasins denied the world and left their physical lives behind. They surrendered to him as guru. Many sannyasins transferred their properties to the Bhagwan movement, which was not mandatory. Sannyasins were provided by the movement. The income came from the profits of companies inside and outside the commune for which sannyasins worked.


King of demons. Often seen as the devil who embodies the king of evil. The fallen angel Lucifer. Satan worship is frequent on the earth. Often they are Reptillian, or Archontic forces that are worshipped and for which rituals and sacrificial ceremonies are organized.

Simon de With

Simon de With in 2044 is a handsome, well-preserved, strong and trained man of sixty-one. Simon is 1.93 m tall and he weighs 85 kilos (born on 21 June 1983). Simon has a high self-doubt, is overly punctual and very much on his own. He doesn’t get along well with other people and is more into systems. In 2023 he worked for the AIVD for fifteen years, where he had started at the age of twenty-five immediately after his law studies (cum laude, Leiden). He was scouted by the AIVD for his study scores, his sports achievements and his extensive knowledge of conspiracy theories and spiritual teachings. His father was a hippie in the 1970s and a member of the Osho community in Poona where he met Simon’s mother. His parents were sanyassins, followers of Osho. Between 1981 and 1985 they lived in Rajneeshpuram, the city of Osho in Oregon USA. In 1985 they left for the Netherlands and lived in the Osho commune in Amsterdam. In 1991 Osho died. Simon was born in the spiritual community with Osho as his teacher and followed lessons of this great master as a child. He was sexually abused between the ages of ten and thirteen by a male commune member, Uncle Willy, his father’s best friend, and became damaged. The abuse came to light and his father believed his friend and not Simon. Simon carries it around with him as a secret. The little boy in him is still ten years old and so is his emotional state at some points. Actually, he only starts to mature around sixty-one. From the age of fourteen he began to resent his parents and everything they stood for. He moved in with his uncle and aunt in Amersfoort and went to secondary school. He immersed himself in spirituality, conspiracy theories and alternative news and became increasingly resistant to spirituality. He took up karate and got the black belt, the third dan. He specialized in various martial arts such as kung fu (brown belt), kickboxing and later within the AIVD he was trained in the Israeli defense method krav maga and various other modern methods. During his fifteen years with the AIVD, Simon had taken part in numerous international operations and was an excellent marksman, tracker and spy. During the last six years of his AIVD career, he specialised in online espionage, hacking and digital warfare. He had been involved in the online attacks on nuclear power plants in Iran, the fall of Saddam Hussein and the overthrow of Gaddafi during the Arab Spring. Simon had been scouted at age forty by Minister William de Nogaret of the Ministry of Truth. In 2023, he was a specialist in a massive global operation to connect all social media platforms, news agencies, app communication platforms and government systems into one total control system: The Ministry of Truth. The operation lasted ten years and Simon did well. He built up a good relationship with the minister, but did not endear himself to his colleagues. He was trying to make a career out of the backs of his colleagues. De Nogaret would have preferred to keep Simon, but his behavior and attitude made that impossible. As a result, he was worked out and ended up in an office position within the Dutch branch of the province in 2035 at the age of fifty-two. He was given the rank of inspector 1st class. The nine years to 2044 he spent rewriting history and world events. He became addicted to alcohol (preferably single malt whisky from Scotland and Ireland) and in 2044 lives lonely in a small apartment in The Hague, near the ministry. He has one friend, Erik Bosch, with whom he has regular contact and who goes on a woman-hunt in the dark districts of the city. Erik works as a department manager at the Ministry of Love. Simon is hard on his colleagues, is overbearing and betrays them at the slightest sign of human control. His colleagues don’t like him and only his manager Annette van der Boom is secretly in love with him. Simon also carries the name Santoshi from his Oshot days, but keeps that hidden. Simon is blindly sailing on the system and looks up to the people in power, the ministers and their advisors. He is considering a chance to rise through the ranks to where he feels he belongs: just below the top. A loyal soldier of the system. Simon wears a blue nylon uniform with three gold shoulder stripes expressing his rank of Inspector 1st Class.


The oldest civilization in recorded history that flourished in Mesopotamia, present-day southern Iraq, from the fourth millennium BCE onward. This area, where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers flow into the Persian Gulf, was called ki-en-gir, the land of civilized rulers, by the Sumerians themselves. Sumer was the name the Akkadians later gave the area. The Sumerians were extraordinarily advanced. They had written language, developed religion and art. Because of the hundreds of thousands of Sumerian clay tablets that have been preserved, much is known about this society. Some of the clay tablets tell of the birth of mankind through the experiments of the Anunnaki.

Sophia Aleoni

Sophia is a woman of fifty-four years of age (May 24, 1990). A handsome, slim appearance with dark blond hair and almond-shaped blue eyes, 1.75 m tall and she weighs 60 kilos. Sophia was born near Bologna, Italy. She grew up without any noteworthy events and studied communication sciences in the city. After graduating, she immediately went to work at the Ministry of Truth in the province of Italy. She specialized in social media campaigns and especially anti-campaigns. Sophia’s father was an Italian notary who was a secret member of the Templar Order, which had gone underground again in 2023. Her father had initiated her into gnosis and the Templar tradition. Sophia found out when she was twenty-nine that she was a lightworker. She was introduced by her father to Arthur and Britta Light, the leaders of the lightworker movement. Through her father’s contacts, she was offered a job at the Department Headquarters in Washington D.C. In 2020, she meets and joins the teacher Baltazar. They meet in secret, with other lightworkers, in a secret ranch on the outskirts of town. In 2044, she is added to a special team for the Department of Truth in Washington. There she meets Simon de With, falls in love with him and helps him escape from the Ministry. She brings him to Baltazar and from then on Simon and Sophia are together as a couple. The name Sophia Aleoni was inspired by Monique van Leeuwen, the author’s wife, and her first name is a nod to the gnostic Eon Sophia.


Souls from other galaxies and parts of the universe, or other dimensions, most of which have not yet incarnated on planet Earth many times. Starseeds are here with a specific mission to support humanity and Mother Earth in ascension. Baltazar’s grandson, Caspar, is a typical starseed. Clairvoyant, with vivid memories of past lives and a deep wisdom seemingly out of place with his young age.


Galactic Federation spacecraft.


A person who comes closer to his or her soul destination notices more and more synchronicity in existence. Seemingly random events based on synchronicity often seem like coincidences, but occur when a person is authentic and is on his or her soul’s path. Carl Jung already mentioned this concept.


Extraterrestrial humanoids from the galaxy around the suns Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C. They are members of the Galactic Federation and work closely with the Arcturians.


Tantra (Sanskrit: tan = expansion; tra = liberation), is a hundreds of thousands of years old mystical tradition aimed at spiritual expansion and liberation. In tantra, the emphasis is on the development of human strength, both through meditation and through direct confrontation with difficult circumstances to overcome fears and weaknesses. Tantra can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The Buddhist tradition strongly influenced by Tantra’s writings is particularly Vajrayana, also called Tantric Buddhism. Tantra can also be used to bring the male and female energy together in an exchange of energy and consciousness. Tantra is then a key to sexual pleasure and awareness. Osho was a great advocate of tantra as a tool for overcoming the ego and attaining enlightenment.


The Templar Order originated in Jerusalem around the year 1100. Templars were fighting monks. The knights dug under the temple of King Solomon and found, according to legend, a treasure. They then left for Rome where they were immediately absorbed into the papal order as monk knights. They were enormously wealthy and built castles all over Europe and the Middle East. The Templars had their own spiritual experience that was separate from the Roman Catholic faith. It was much closer to Gnosticism. They became so rich and so powerful that the French king Philip IV, also known as Philip the Handsome, decided to put an end to them. He had huge debts to the Templars and considered them a threat to his power. The king had their patron Pope Boniface killed and put a confidant of his own, Pope Clement V, on the Vatican throne. On Friday 13 October 1307 King Philip had Templars arrested throughout the country. They were imprisoned and accused of heresy. The Pope ordered all Christian rulers in Europe to do the same. All possessions of the order went to the king and the church. On March 18, 1314, the last Grand Master of the Order, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake. From the stake, De Molay pronounced a curse on the king and the pope, both of whom died within a year of it. The Templars still hold a firm position in the US Navy, NATO and the United Nations. They work with positive military, light workers and White Hats. There are two types of Templar orders, those infiltrated by the Illuminati and the free orders.

Terra Nova

Latin for the New Earth: the earth and humanity beyond the fifth dimension.

Center of the author in southern France: www.terranova.center

Thich Nath Hahn

Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher. He was exiled from Vietnam because of his mediation efforts in the war between America and Vietnam. Martin Luther King nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. He founded the Zen center Plum Village in France and published numerous books on awareness along the path of the Buddha.

Read: The books of Thich Nath Hahn.


Displacement by breaking down and rebuilding atomic structures in another place. In 2044, people can also be moved in this way.


Higher Heart Chakra. See also: Crystal point.

Tibetan Buddhism

Originated in the 3rd century AD in Tibet. From India, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism came to the Tibetan plateaus through a teacher named Padmasambhava and was blended with the local Bön tradition. Local gods were incorporated into the Tibetan Buddhist structure as enlightened masters. The Tibetans are descendants of the inhabitants of Mu and possess original knowledge that merged with Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism has four schools of which the Gelug is the most powerful. The spiritual and political leader of Tibet is the Dalai Lama. The Tibetan movement has a lama tradition. Lamas are reborn as tulku. The present Dalai Lama, for example, is the fourteenth incarnation of himself. Lamas are Bodhisattvas. Enlightened souls who choose to come back to earth to guide humanity in the enlightenment process. Lamas have high states of consciousness and are skilled in many forms of magic. In the 1950s, China invaded Tibet and began the genocide of the Tibetan people, Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. See also: Greater China.

Read: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche.


The conversion of energy or matter into another energy or matter.


Philosophical movement that assumes that the evolution of man is perfect and man may take his further development into his own hands. Through scientific and technological intervention, mankind as a species can still be adjusted. Transhumanism is mainly about mixing the human body with electronics, biotechnology and neurotechnology. With the goal of creating the transhumanist. A superhuman with extraordinary physical, emotional and cognitive capabilities. Chips and nanotechnology in the body are transhumanist in nature. Transhumanism struggles with the soul and consciousness. These cannot be replaced with technology. Transhumanism is opposed to a spiritual development that is precisely about simplifying and turning inward. Technical aids replace the body’s own capabilities. Man is perfectly capable of regulating the autonomous nervous system, of self-healing and soon even of telepathic contact with others. Ninety-seven percent of the DNA and brain capacity of humans has yet to be discovered. On the contrary, technological intervention is moving people further away from bodily faculties. The control aspect is also often underestimated. The Reptillian Elite wants nothing more than for humanity to evolve into a transhuman race. The control possibilities thus increase exponentially.


The conversion of energy or matter into a higher form than the energy or matter in question.

For example transmuting fear and trauma into love.

Teertha, Ananda. (Paul Lowe)

Therapist and healer in Osho’s centre Poona 1, in North India. Even before the commune left for Oregon. Teertha considered herself an enlightened therapist and started experimental therapy groups. No-limit therapeutic experiments were conducted in these encounter groups. Participants were allowed to physically express their inner anger and sexual frustration. Even on each other. This could lead to fights, hand-to-hand combat and sexual assault. Meetings became so extreme that Osho finally stopped them. They had their time according to the master. Teertha took a leading role in the commune and left a few years later.

Universal intelligence

Name for the Source, the Brahman, the Unity or the All.


Conscious unification with Source or thirteenth dimensional consciousness. Every human being, as a multidimensional being, is already enlightened, only he or she is usually not aware of it. See also: Awakening.

Fifth Dimension Prophecies

In Europe, ancient predictions tell of the transition from the astrological Pisces period of fear and power, to the Aquarian period of love and unity. In the Middle East, it is the Kabbalistic prophecies and the Gnostic writings. In India it is the yugas and in South America the Maya and Toltec writings. In the Bible, these prophecies appear in The Revelation of John. All tell roughly the same story about the end of oppression and the rise of a New Earth; The Terra Nova.

Free Will

Our galaxy is in the free-will zone in the universe known to us. Every being has the right to free will and may choose to be separated from Source. Humanity unconsciously chooses by choice to be oppressed by the Archons and Reptillian Elite. Helpers such as guides, angels and the Galactic Federation can only intervene when humanity collectively rejects the oppression.


Worldwide occult society that is divided into lodges. It is originally an organization for the spiritual development of its members. The organization was infiltrated by the Illuminati. The best known Masonic lodge is the Italian P2 lodge known as the Shadow Government of Italy. See also: George Washington.

William de Nogaret

The Nogaret is the Minister of Truth. In 2044, he is sixty-one years old (December 21, 1983), but his daily use of adrenochrome makes him look like a forty-year-old man. He’s 5’8″, has brown curls and bright blue eyes. A handsome and athletic man who always wears the Elite’s white suit with five platinum stripes on his shoulders. Nogaret is not married and he has no children. His career began as a software entrepreneur after studying law at Stanford University. He created an empire that became the largest in the world. In 2007, he sold much of his business to Bertrand de Gouth, the current Minister of Charity. He made a career within the Elite and during the great control operation of 2023 he is appointed the first Minister of Truth. De Nogaret believes in the system he serves. He is an ardent Satan worshipper and has regularly participated in sacrificial ceremonies from his ministerial role, even in Uruk, the seat of Emperor Draco. William is a sympathetic man who simply sees no harm in the Reptilian forces and the Elite. He sincerely believes that it is best for humanity and the planet this way. The name William de Nogaret was inspired by the right hand of the French king Philip the Handsome who overthrew the Knights Templar along with Pope Clement V. The original William de Nogaret, according to legend, single-handedly murdered Pope Boniface, the patron of the Templar Order.

Winston Churchill

Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British Conservative Party politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955. Churchill’s first term in office coincided with the Second World War. The quote: ‘History is written by the victors’ comes from him.

White Hats

Undercover agents in the service of light. They have infiltrated organizations and governments to shine the light and create resistance from within. These are often lightworkers. Many Templars are also White Hats. Counterparts of the Black Hats.

Root Chakra

Also called base chakra or earth chakra. A funnel-shaped spiral that runs from the perineum to the earth. Below the root chakra is the earth star chakra between the feet and down into the earth. The root chakra is first of the seven physical chakras. In survival situations and stress, the pelvic floor area cramps and the root chakra closes. This can lead to feelings of fear, separation, uncertainty and insecurity. A well developed root chakra gives the opposite; love, security, connection, grounding and inner safety.


Time joints from pre-Hindu sources. Time cycles of 26,000 years. The Kali yuga is the period of fear, power and matter. The last Kali period lasted from 700 BC to 1900 AD. Since then human consciousness has been in Dwapara. A period of energy and connection. After Dwapara comes Treta and after Treta comes the Golden Age Satya. After Satya, human consciousness sinks back to Kali in 13,000 years.

Zecharia Sitchin

Scientist (1920 – 2010). Sitchin grew up in Palestine. He was a great Bible scholar and read the cuneiform scriptures. He collected clay tablets such as the Sumerian tablets and translated them. Sitchin wrote seven books about his discoveries of which The Twelfth Planet has been translated into Dutch. Cabaret artist Bram Vermeulen made a theatre play In the beginning about the work of Sitchin. You can find it on YouTube.

Read: From Anunnaki to Illuminati by Jaap Rameijer and all books by Zecharia Sitchin.


Spiritual development process leading to unification with the Source.


Expression of the Source. It is the connection between the I Am – Buddha nature or divine spark – in the Source to the lower self. The soul is caught in karma and the wheel of birth and rebirth. Within the gnosis, the soul is seen as the domain of the Demiurge. The divine spark is within the domain of Source.

Soul group

Group of people with the same soul or connected souls who incarnate together. This can be within family structures, spiritual societies, lightworker groups, et cetera.

Soul mission or soul destination

The soul’s destiny in this life. This is in line with previous lives and the karma that the soul is allowed to go through, on its way to liberation through unification with the oneness soul. Those who find and follow their soul mission in this lifetime have a life full of magic, happiness and synchronicity.

Solar Plexus

Stomach chakra or solar plexus. Associated with power, willpower, standing up for yourself and in shamanism the solar plexus is the seat of the ego.


Historical book, written by George Orwell. 2044 is an homage to this book. I read 1984 in my teens and became influenced by it. See also the QR code video by Peter Toonen at chapter 1 about 1984. The sketched society and world division in 2044 is based on the book 1984 by George Orwell. I read the book when I was eighteen and it has always mesmerized me. Especially since I realized that the world Orwell drew was an enlargement of the world as it is today. The ministries of Truth, Peace, Abundance and Love were inspired by 1984. Orwell, however, did not take into account two developments in his book:
The spiritualization of humanity and the expansion of human consciousness and the ascension to a five-dimensional consciousness of love.
Help from alien peoples and the impact of galactic events on humanity.
Thanks to these two influences, 2044 will end differently…
3D printer
A three-dimensional printer that can produce objects based on digital construction drawings. Originated in a project by MIT and 3D Systems in 1990. Printing in 2020 will only be possible for objects based on raw materials such as plastics and metals. In 2044, a 3D printer can also print food and beverages without the need for raw materials, based on quantum mechanics.
5G – 13G
The 5G communications network is a continuation of the 3G and 4G networks. Seemingly an enormous advance in speed and application possibilities. With 4G, data is sent in 50 milliseconds, whereas with 5G this is only 1 millisecond. This allows information to be uploaded and downloaded faster. International payments will run more smoothly. The 5G network also enables emergency services to work in a more coordinated way. The Internet of Things, in which reality will connect objects to each other, is thus coming closer. Ambulances can communicate with traffic lights and police computers with artificial intelligence in street cameras and facial recognition with bank details, mobility and the like making police investigations more effective. The 5G network is distributed in the Netherlands via the 3.5 gigahertz frequency band. It consumes much more energy than 4G and requires many more 5G masts. The disadvantages of 5G are numerous. Firstly, enormous quantities of trees had to be removed for the construction of the network. They were blocking the radiation. Second, increased surveillance capabilities can lead to increased control in the wrong hands. Thirdly, the radiation has a negative effect on humans, animals and plants. The radiation also lowers the collective consciousness. The 5G networks are the beginning of city matrices within which people can be fully controlled. The combination of nanotechnology injected with vaccines and the forthcoming handchips means that physical, emotional and mental processes in humans can be manipulated from the outside. Few people realize that 5G is the march to 13G and beyond, any upgrade to the communication networks will amplify the big-brother effect on society.