Here in France we also had a curfew until 8pm.

Until we got used to it…

That’s when the government set the clock to 6pm.
While infections were actually going down.

In Israel, the vaccine rollout is the most developed.
And the measures have been tightened up nonetheless.

The English version is coming.
And later, when everyone is used to it, there will be an even heavier variant.
So that everyone can stay inside again.
Vaccinated or not.

Always a measure.
Get used to it…And the next measure.
Get used to it…
And on with the next measure.

πŸ‘‰ First, it was about deaths.
πŸ‘‰Too much for ICU beds and pressure on care.
πŸ‘‰ Then to infections.

And in a few minutes, nothing.
Then everyone will be so conditioned that there will be no need for a trigger.

It is a scenario that has played out thousands of times in history when totalitarian regimes developed.

Only there’s one difference from before.
The collective human awakening of today.
We’re already in Aquarius.
It’s only a matter of time until humans are too conscious to be oppressed any longer.

Just as Gandhi rose peacefully in his day.
Are people going to do that soon?
You’ll see…

“Oppression can only occur with the consent of the oppressed.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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In Process


Fierce trials over the last three months.

My father is in the process of healing his family karma through reincarnation therapy.

And I resonate full force.

His healing process is my healing process and I have no choice but to go along and do my own inner work on this piece.

For 12 years now I have been doing deep inner process work with myself. But nothing I’ve worked through before has been as intense as this one.

I’m going for it, too, I have to say. In the run-up to the publication of 2044, I find it wonderful to be able to heal a large piece of (family) karma. That just makes me a better channel and instrument when it erupts next.

Session after session I undergo. With my teachers and mentors, with colleagues and friends.

I’m working through pieces I didn’t already know in relation to my father, my grandmother, my great-grandparents, some relevant past lives and much more.

A rain of insights pour over me day after day. Meditating, contemplating, writing, talking about it with like-minded people. (Besides work and family of course) And sometimes just dive into a movie, socials, cigar moment, or book. It’s all part of the process.

But how heavy it feels… Everything hurts. My chest area, my stomach, my back, my shoulders… and I’m tired… exhausted…

Process work is not necessarily nice if you’re in the middle of it. I have no desire or energy for anything. I don’t look the part to me (which is totally ok). I feel run-down and saggy. It’s just what it is and it’s all part of the game.

Inner process work is not a quick fix either.

Everything is felt and lived through.

There is no other way to achieve true integration.

It’s also very nice and rewarding in a paradoxical way….

It’s like I’m simultaneously allowed to slog through the mud and swim in a tub of champagne.

But I enjoy it intensely.

It gets even brighter inside.

Go deeper and deeper.

And, uh…

I know I’m doing this for the generations before me and for myself.

But especially for the generations after me. My sons and their descendants.

Deep thanks to my wife Monique, the children, my brother and partner Hans Wijnen the Bridgeman team, the Terranovians and all the friends and family who give me so much love, support and space.

And to all the facilitators who help and support me in the processes.

And of course a big thank you to my parents for making this possible by doing their own inner work.

I have a feeling we’re going to see a few more big floors in the next few weeks….

X Robert Bridgeman

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I don’t write much about Corona anymore. Consciously.

I don’t write much about Corona anymore. Consciously.

I’m coronamoe…

I watch the show from my home, here at the Pyrenees with popcorn and compassion.

I’m so glad we could get away just in time.

I feel terrible for all those people who are in trouble. Businesses going bust, child abuse doubling, all those people getting lonely…

I see the fear that is being sown. The new reality being created and the agenda behind it.

Once you see through the method and approach used, you can no longer not see it.

For example, I read about a GP who had posted on Twitter that he was the only GP in Groningen’s Coronapost who had not seen any patients that evening.

The GP, Rutger Hempel, wrote on Twitter that not a single corona patient had arrived at the ‘only corona post in Groningen’ by Monday evening.

Immediately, alarm bells went off in the establishment.

The standard state media offensive of character assassination, creating disbelief and having specialists claim the opposite was immediately underway.

The GP was butchered in the news: Read the news here.

The man was threatened and attacked on Twitter to the point that he took his Twitter account off the air. How he got it into his head to feed the conspiracy theorists…

The next day, the doctor backed down and said he didn’t mean it.

The media caught on and forgave the erring son….Read the message here.

The above example is exactly how the Inquisition went about persecuting heretics eight hundred years ago.

I find that so fascinating…

How those mechanisms come back again and again in history.

Just watch me:

Curfew’s coming up.

The lockdown has been extended.

Then the vaccine is distributed.

Soon everyone who can and wants to will be vaccinated.

And dream of freedom.

But the curfew will probably still be there.

The lockdown might be pulled over the election.

People will think up new reasons to argue that.

Wouldn’t the elections just move to September? Or even further?

If you think it’s going to get better soon

Could come home from a cold coffee.

The strategy is simple:

If you throw a frog into a pan of boiling water, it will jump out.

If you put a frog in cold water and slowly bring that water to a boil, the animal dies.

It’s the same with people now. Step by step more is taken away from them, they are pulled deeper into the illusion.

Just like the Inquisition did back in the day…

People are going to attack and betray each other. Blaming each other. Onward and upward. It’s as old as the hills.

And Rome is exactly where this all comes from. For 2,000 years the same thing…

Suppose you continue this current pattern. The pattern of increasingly stringent measures and increasing mass hypnosis.

Suppose you extend that to 2044.

So what’s the world like?

People won’t even notice.

They’ve forgotten how it was.

When they were free.

And that’s why I wrote 2044…

To give my kids a reference book.

A reminder of how it once was.

Or not so gloomy after all?

Would there be a way out?

Would escape from oppression be possible?

2044 goes all the way back to the dawn of mankind 200,000 years ago.

And takes you to the year when everything changes forever.

2044, the mystery of the fifth dimension

X Robert

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There are four prisons in life…

There are four prisons in life…
Warmth, light, pleasure and sound.
Every human being is to some extent stuck in these phenomena.
Not for nothing do most people dislike their opposites.
Not from cold, not from dark, not from pain and not from silence.
Life consists largely of avoiding the above.
Lampposts and lights in the house, warm clothes and were shower, comfortable furniture and television and music.
We’re trapped without even realizing it.
Because it has become normal.
After all, everyone’s a prisoner…
But what would happen if you got out of this prison?
Which, by the way, the doors are open…
What would happen if the cold were your friend?
When you lose your fear of the darkness around you and the darkness within yourself?
If you were less pain-averse and pleasure-seeking?
If you would find the silence within yourself… and keep it.
You can train yourself in all these areas.
Not that you have to live permanently in a cold, dark, silent cave πŸ™‚
But freeing yourself from the prisons of heat, light, pleasure and sound helps you to no longer depend on them.
So that you can enjoy it and be free of it at the same time.
It is a process of practice and training that is so rewarding….
Read more about it in my book Rest! In which I discuss these prisons and describe what you can do to get out.
X Robert

Rest. Secret recipe for quality of life

Life is getting busier and busier. More and more stimuli, information and things that demand your attention. Smartphones, media, deadlines. In a week, you will receive as much information as you would have received in a lifetime a hundred years ago. It’s clear that the hustle and bustle is at the expense of something. Having something on your mind all the time is detrimental to your quality of life. To unwind you go on holiday, perhaps to a faraway place, but is that really necessary? What if you could experience peace here and now? When you’re busy, but you don’t have to worry anymore? You understand how your brain and nervous system work and you have the right techniques to experience more peace? And how do they actually provide peace and quiet within Google? This book teaches you to integrate peace into your life in order to live more relaxed, more intensely and more consciously.

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Spirituality and money

Within spirituality, money is often a complicated topic.

When I started giving energy healing sessions in our home in Saigon, Vietnam in 2010, a German neighbor came up to me.

Did I charge for my sessions?

Of course, I said, I have to live off it too.

He said it was all wrong. Spirituality should not cost money, he thought, also my gifts would diminish if I would ask money for them.

It was easy for him to talk.

He also gave energy sessions. Only he could do that for free…

Because he had a high-paying job on the side.

Over time, I encountered more people who thought the same way as the German neighbor. People who resented the fact that I charged money for my services. All of them had either a secure job or inner issues with money.

The argument usually is that spirituality should not cost money because it belongs to everyone

I can relate to that to a certain extent.

Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and vibration is Universal.

But the time and skill it costs the person passing it on may well be calculated. Just like a doctor, or a lawyer. They also draw on Universal medical and legal knowledge. As I draw from spiritual knowledge.

Nowadays I don’t do 1 on 1 sessions anymore. Everything goes into training groups, retreat groups, workshop groups. And then you automatically enter a new dynamic where team members are paid and location, promotion and catering costs are added. The bigger your reach gets, the more costs you’re going to incur. My previous life as an entrepreneur often comes in handy in this work. You’d be surprised how much has to be arranged behind the scenes for a training course, an event, or an online course.

The idea that spirituality should be free is pretty old-fashioned. But not right either. Spiritual traditions in which free lessons and healing are given do have sources of income. Whether it was the Apostles of Jesus, or the Cathar Church, or Indian Yogis, shamans and medicine men, or Buddhist monks, all were funded from the environment. People gave them food, money and shelter which allowed them to share their lessons. Or they worked at it.

When I meditated for three weeks in 2011 in a traditional Theravada Buddhist monastery in Thailand, I didn’t have to pay anything for it. I was allowed to make a donation according to my own means.

During that period I was allowed to go on a begging tour with the abbot and the monks of the monastery.

We walked at sunrise with a wooden begging cap around our neck to the nearby village and there the villagers were ready with food and drinks.

They donated them to the convent.

Beautiful symbolic gestures.

However, the monastery and all its monks, guests and buildings would never survive on the scoops of rice, the packets of drinks and the stews that these people brought.

On Sundays the parking lot of the monastery was full of Mercedes and BMWs.

Then the rich from the area came for their special sessions with the abbot.

They made the big donations.

They paid for the renovations.

They arranged for the trucks with food to arrive.

They made it possible for the monks and for yogis like me to meditate and live in the monastery.

In Asia it has been normal since time immemorial that the wealthy, through donations, maintain spiritual institutions for the use of the less wealthy. At another meditation retreat in Nepal, local donors lined up happily at the entrance to the meditation hall so that the yogis could thank them, on the way into the hall, for their dana – an ancient Indian (Pali) word for generosity.

Spirituality has never been free.

Only those who have the security of alternative sources of income can afford that luxury of giving away spirituality.

When Monique and I, pregnant with our eldest, returned to the Netherlands in 2012 we had nothing left.

No money, no house, no employment record.

We could not rent anything, buy anything and had to make do with a house of friends that was for sale.

There we started all over again.

And now, eight years later, we have it good.

With its own centre near the Pyrenees, with a thriving Academy and so much more.

Abundance is part of spirituality.

When I was at the Osho International Meditation Center in Puna, North India in 2011, I learned how the great master

Osho combined abundance and spirituality.

He said goodbye to the old paradigm in which spirituality was linked to chastity, celibacy, poverty and asceticism.

Of course those roads also work when it comes to Self-realization, but there are more roads that lead to the same city.

Modern spirituality is no longer about stepping out of life and abstaining from sex, wealth and abundance.

We are not people who want to achieve spiritual awakening.

We are spiritual beings seeking human awakening.

For me, it’s all about bringing spirituality into all dimensions of life.

Of course there are conditions. But these are individual to each person.

For me, those conditions include daily meditation and yoga, regularly transforming my dark parts, abstaining from killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, giving much and generously to people and animals in need, and abstaining from meat consumption. It all contributes to raising my vibration.

For you, that may look very different.

I believe that abundance is part of life.

A quote from Brazilian visionary Ricardo Semler fits me well:

“I want to upgrade the lives of others, without downgrading my own.”

And that’s how I see it.

I have a certain idea about quality of life and I work hard for that. With the money that comes in, I can live the life I want and at the same time help others who need it more. (For example through our ANBI foundation Bridgeman Foundation).

Having trained over 200 Transformation Coaches over the past 8 years, I see how remarkably many coaches and healers struggle with charging money for their services.

Most of the time these are not based on principles, but on deeper traumas and limiting beliefs from the family atmosphere and other lives.

When the coach, or healer resolves these within themselves, the fees can be asked and the door to abundance opened.

By the way, a big misconception in the minds of many coaches and healers is that the hourly rate symbolizes the value of the coach.

That’s deficit thinking.

The hourly rate you charge doesn’t determine your value, it determines the target audience you work with.

If you ask little, you serve a target group of people with little money.

If you ask a lot, you serve a target group of people with a lot of money.

It’s that simple.

I myself have segmented my services so that I can help everyone.

My training zen retreats cost a little more and attract people who can and want to pay that.

And for people in it with less disposable income, I have numerous podcasts, meditations and online courses that are free, or very affordable. Also, some of the Transformation Coaches I’ve trained focus on people with small budgets.

That way my material is available to everyone.

Through our foundation we organize a sponsored youth program so that the material can also reach them.

And together with my friends Tijn, Juno and Janosh we set up the Facbook platform From 3D to 5D where everything is free.

I’m not describing this to pat myself on the back. But to show you how to experience and share abundance with others.

As a spiritual teacher these days, you are also a social entrepreneur.

Once I learned from a teacher to see myself as a divine distributor. Spirituality comes to me in many ways in bulk and I let it flow back to others. Money comes to me in large amounts and I let it flow back to others. Energy comes into me in a big way and I flow it back through. Et cetera, et cetera.

I hope I can inspire you with this post to be a little more generous with your money and thus be able to contribute more to others and the world.

Abundance is there for everyone. It is your beliefs and old blockages that are holding you back.

If you work on that, you too may live in abundance.

And don’t think of the multimillionaires who try to suck all the money on earth to themselves and shamelessly leave billions of people in poverty.

If you are a tonnonair, or even a millionaire, you are not even close to these super rich people.

Therefore, do not be ashamed of your abundance. It only shows that you have done your inner work. So in, so out after all.

Finally, a few tips for you to open the doors of abundance in your life:

  1. Many people do not seem to understand that money is not matter, but energy.

One of the best ideas that ever came to me is to open an energetic bank account.

On that (energetic) bank account is 10 million euro.

And every time I need money I take it out of that bank account and make the energetic money physical.

Since I’ve had this account I don’t worry about money at all. Every time I want to buy something, the money comes to me automatically. No matter how big the investment.

  1. Another thing that has helped me tremendously is an affirmation from Bob Proctor that I learned from a Proctor coach in 2008. This one goes like this:

“I am grateful and happy now that money, through more and more channels, in ever-increasing amounts, is constantly flowing into me”

Recite this affirmation as often as you can, feeling the money flowing into your life from all sides.

  1. To live in abundance, it is essential to dissolve your inner blocks to making money. Doing transformational work allows you to allow abundance into your life.

There are still countless tips and tricks about opening the doors of abundance and about manifesting your desired reality to give. Hence, I am going to give an online manifestation course for you.

So that you too can optimize your life. Because I assume that you, like me, can and will only mean more to the world if you have more resources.

And finally:

The German neighbor in Saigon from the beginning of this blog was wrong.

My gifts have only increased and my vibration and spiritual powers are completely independent of money and rates.

What is most important is that you let go of the importance of money.

I have no idea how much comes in to us and what most things cost that we offer.

I don’t want to deal with that at all.

My work consists of teaching, creating and helping people.

Fortunately, I have excellent companions and team members who are willing to do so. Thanks to them, I can do what I do.

Thank you dear friends!

Live long and prosper!

X Robert Bridgeman

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Inner Wealth

What have you resolved to do this new year?
What will you leave behind in 2020?
And what exactly do you take with you?
What new habits, thoughts and inspirations would you like to integrate into your life?
What do you want to achieve?
Who would you like to be?
What would you like to experience?
What are your big desires for the new year?
And where do your wishes come from?
From your mind? Out of human will?
Or from the deep whispers of your Soul?
Can you listen?
Really listen?
Hearing the whisper demands silence.
Silence yourself.
Understanding the whisper requires trust.
Trust in yourself.
Following the whisper takes courage.
Courage in yourself.
You’re already rich.
It doesn’t matter how much money, or resources you have.
You are rich when you can hear, understand and follow the whispers of your Soul.
Because the wishes from your human will are often conditioned, contrived and temporary.
But the desires from the whispers of your Soul are pure, authentic and eternal….
In 2021, you won’t have to behave the way society expects you to.
You no longer have to conform to what your environment asks of you.
You no longer have to be the one that others are comfortable with.
You can be you…
The way you were when you were born.
The way you were before you were born.
As you are in all those dimensions in which you are authentic.
Sometimes it seems like that real you is held off by a thick wall.
Like you can’t reach it.
Like you’re living a life parallel to the one you came to…
That wall is illusionary.
It consists of conditioning.
She exists in a matrix of separation and fear.
Freeing yourself from that illusion…
Just step back.
A matter of being quiet.
A matter of listening.
Not with your ears…
Not with your mind…
But with your whole being.
To the whispers of your Soul.
Soul desires cannot help but come true.
That’s a cosmic law.
Soul desires can only become reality.
And all you have to do is hear them.
To feel…
And trust them.
Because they show you the way.
The way to a life beyond your conditioning.
A life beyond the expectations of your outside world.
Because they show you the way to who you really are.
And to the destiny that you actually have here on Earth.
You’re already rich.
Stinking rich.
You’re already living large.
You feel rich already.
You already know rich.
To live in abundance you don’t have to be outwardly rich….
It’s already you inside.
I wish you faith and courage.
2021 is your year.
And she started today!
Enjoy it to the fullest!


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Reflections on the transition from 2020 to 2021

From my favorite place on Earth
-the initiation cave of the Cathars-
I wish you a magical, prosperous, healthy and loving 2021.
It feels good to share words of inspiration with you on this last day of an eventful year.
Because, no matter what happens in the world and in your life, for your Soul it is all one big adventure.
Therefore, stay close to yourself and trust that you are in the eye of the storm in the fifth dimension and above.
You will see the hurricane of measures, fear-mongering, vaccination requirements and oppression raging around you.
But in the eye of the storm is peace and you are safe.
As long as you keep working on raising your vibration and keep devoting yourself to transmuting your own darkness.
Won’t the storm carry you away and you’ll be a beacon for others.
From the standpoint of your I AM essence, life is even a crumb in a huge cake.
It’s like a roller coaster ride.
You’ve had countless ones and will have countless more.
Don’t let them scare you.
As long as you continue to live from love, trust, connection and compassion, nothing can happen to you.
The unlit is in the first 4 dimensions of consciousness and barely has a grip on the 5th.
As my old wise meditation teacher Dingeman Boot often says:
“In life, it doesn’t matter what comes at you.
All that really matters is how you handle it.”
And so it is.
As long as you continue to deal with everything that happens in the illusion of this world from a 5D+ consciousness, things will remain calm with you.
The world is a hologram within which humanity is kept artificially in the third dimension, by fourth-dimensional unlit beings.
Humanity’s ascension to 5D means that these beings are losing humans as their energetic food source.
And they don’t like that.
Hence the “sudden” pandemic, the lockdowns, the corporate shutdowns, the vaccinations-with nanotechnology, the chips.
To keep humanity in a low consciousness of fear and suffering.
But it’s a rearguard action of the unlit.
The ascension of the light in the human being is unstoppable.
And they know it.
Who are they?
You can recognize them easily.
A mnemonic device:
Spirituality is light, love, unity and connection.
Anything that tries to force man into ignorance, fear, division, and into the illusion of separateness, by definition serves the unlit.
Sometimes consciously, much more often unconsciously.
You and I are seeing this.
Our job is to show others that too.
Not by convincing, but by inspiring.
We certainly don’t have to sit still.
If we take peaceful action from 5D out of love and wisdom, that’s all right.
Shining light on the unlit, in ourselves and around us is our life task as lightworker.
And that’s not always pleasant.
When you face the dark pieces in yourself and in the world.
You often seem more like a darkworker than a lightworker.
But it’s what we have to do.
Focusing only on increasing vibration is not enough.
Just where the darkness transmutes, the light can enter.
It is good to treat these unlit forces with love and forgiveness.
But they certainly don’t need to be given undisturbed space.
My own input into early 2021 is my new novel 2044 which denounces the events of today and shows what will happen to humanity if we continue like this.
A book that shines a blinding spotlight deep into the darkness.
Channelled and written from love and compassion.
In addition, in 2021 I may again train dozens of transformation coaches and meditation trainers at

Bridgeman Lightworker Academy


HUMAN Potentials

. Lightworkers who in turn inspire others.

Next year I may also help hundreds of people with transmuting their darkness in the many transformational retreat weeks on

Terra Nova


I am also allowed to realize nice projects with my brothers








Bridgeman Foundation

we’re going to make the world a little more beautiful.

Presenting every Monday at 11am


and I host the Spiritual Talk Show on

From 3D to 5D
We will also be launching an online Transformation coach training in early 2021.
And much, much more…
All this together with our fantastic team of now 35 colleagues within our 4 organisations.
Without them I was nowhere…
Now enjoying the last day of 2020.
I’m sure I’ll run into you somewhere online, or offline in 2021 πŸ˜‰
And until then:
Let us continue to trust in the ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension.
It’s so visible and so obvious.
So many people are already awake.
Especially now that we’ve entered Aquarius.
We’ve come this far…
Let’s keep up our light work.
So we can reach critical mass…
And the turnaround becomes visible.
So that in 2021 we can come a little closer to a world in harmony.
There are millions of lightworkers on and around planet Earth.
And every day more of us wake up.
And we have increasing help from the Galactic Federation.
They’re not coming to save us.
But wait until we enter the fifth dimension itself.
And support us where they can.
They are like our Galactic big brothers and sisters, patiently watching their younger brother learn to walk by trial and error.
They see how the older 4th dimensional brother tries to stop humans in that process.
But they know that’s a finite story.
We’re waking up.
Keep your back straight and the rudder forward, focused on your Destination.
Have compassion, forgiveness and love for the unlit forces and their helpers.
They don’t know any better either.
We go forward with courage.
Together we are strong.
In light and love.
For 2021, I wish you all the best.
Live long and prosper.
And may the Source be with you.
I love you πŸ₯°
From the Pyrenees I greet you.
For the good of all!
🌞ne L
Robert Bridgeman

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What we can learn from Gandhi in these times

What we can learn from Gandhi in this day and age.

In memory of Mohandas ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

The name Mahatma Gandhi is much mentioned in these days of protests and demonstrations. Mahatma means great Soul, or great teacher. And for good reason.

It was in 2010 that my wife Monique and I stood in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s tomb in New Delhi on a trip through India. It was an impressive moment to be so close to this great man. Since my late adolescence this man has inspired me and I did a lot of research on his life and work.

The events in the world in the year 2020 provide a wonderful moment to elaborate on the Mahatma, the Great Teacher. Much of the information I’m sharing with you now, I got from books and the internet. If you find any additions or inaccuracies, I would appreciate it if you let me know at

Gandhi, after studying law in London, was working as a lawyer in South Africa when, because of the colour of his skin, he was expelled from the first-class compartment of a train by a white conductor. This humbling experience would change him forever. He vowed to eradicate this “disease” of inequality. He focused on civil rights of Indian immigrants. It resulted in the first attempt to kill him.

In 1906, Gandhi introduced the phenomenon of SATYAGARA, which means fidelity to the truth and is often translated as PASSIVE, or CONFIDENTIAL SALVATION. He called on Indians in South Africa to peacefully resist oppression. Gandhi had the important condition that the resistance should be completely FELT-FREE. There wasn’t even any name-calling allowed.

For seven years his followers were mistreated, imprisoned and humiliated by the government. But they didn’t use force. When Gandhi returned to India in 1915, he saw how the Indian people were oppressed by the British. He decided it couldn’t go on like this.

He realized that a relatively small English elite was oppressing the vast Indian people. He also realized that this was only possible because Indians LIKE to oppress.

“Oppression can only happen with the consent of the oppressed.”
Mahatma Gandhi

From 1918, Gandhi led the great CIVIL DISABILITY movement, which spread throughout India. He was arrested, but hundreds of thousands of Indians came together in peaceful resistance to force his release.

Gandhi inspired his followers to place themselves outside the system of the English and even exchange English clothing for traditional woven Indian clothing so that the English clothing trade (which had Indian cotton worked by Indian workers to sell it as clothing then to Indians for far too much money) would fall.

In 1922 he was imprisoned again for several years. It was March 1930 when he started a SATYAGARA, non-violent resistance, against the English taxes on salt. His followers and he walked 400 kilometers to get salt from the coast. The famous ZOUTMARS.

Despite 60,000 people being imprisoned, the movement continued to grow. It took two more arrests of Gandhi, thousands of dead followers, hundreds of thousands of imprisonments and 3 attempts to kill him himself, but Gandhi won.

After 90 years of occupation, India freed itself from the yoke of British rule in 1946. Simply by no longer participating in the system.

Gandhi was a spiritual man. He studied the Bhagavad Gita -one of the most important Hindu scriptures- daily. He meditated intensively and he lived what he preached. Every day he read from the Gita to his followers in his ashram.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the hero Arjuna is taught by the deity Krishna how life works during a war where Arjuna leads one of the armies. Krishna disguises himself as a coachman and mentors Arjuna’s horses.

Gandhi saw himself sitting on the back seat of his life’s carriage, letting himself be driven by his God. He was inspired by higher forces in his decisions and choices. According to Gandhi, the people of India could only overcome if they practiced ‘absolute self-control according to God’s laws’. And victory they did.

Unfortunately, on January 30, 1948 at 5:17 pm, the Great Soul was shot by Nathuram Godse, who is said to have been a Hindu religious fanatic who disagreed with Gandhis policy of unity between Muslims and Hindus. His entire career he had said that one would not be able to recognize his mastery until he was in his God at the time of his death. And it worked.

His last two words after the three shots to his chest were HAI RAM…which means O GOD. He died conscious and in God’s hands.

A million people came to his funeral. His birthday, October 2, was declared the International Day of Nonviolence.

When Monique and I stood at the Master’s grave, his power was still palpable. The power of truth-telling and non-violence. A power that appears to be essential in these times. I see many parallels in the current world domination by a small Elite and a world population that tacitly allows it.

What would happen if the people of earth withdrew this permission? This raises a number of questions for me:
– Can we throw off the yoke of the Elite who oppress us modern world citizens through nonviolent and loving civil disobedience and peaceful protest?
– How would it be if we liberated ourselves by focusing on OUR Bhagavad Gita. Namely the 5th DIMENSION of love and compassion, the Christ Consciousness?
– Are we able to control ourselves in love, patience and trust as Gandhi taught his people?
– From this loving self-control are we able to no longer participate in the system that keeps us small, just as Gandhi and the Indians no longer participated with the English?
– Are we willing to make the sacrifices that the Indians did back then? And are our leaders willing to run the risks that Gandhi and his leaders ran?
– And what can we learn from this great master? He fought NOT AGAINST the English, but FOR the freedom of his people.

June 21, 2020, the final solstice, was a global spiritual reversal. The people of planet Earth have awakened. People are fed up with the lies, deception, manipulations and control mechanisms of the last (1)3000 years.

“It’s enough,” many people think, and it’s noticeable. The non-violent and peaceful movements from love are now truly on the rise. Worldwide.

What would happen if we all stood up as one now? From our own authenticity? Each in his or her own way?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t join any party, movement, or group. I stand in my own authentic power. But I do support any group that stands up for freedom on the basis of truth-telling and peaceful protest. I do this through my meditation, lightwork and inspiration.

What is your authentic way of getting up? What is your personal contribution? We are going to experience the power of people rising up in large numbers from peace, non-violence and love in the coming time. And as in the time of Mahatma Gandhi, the people will transcend the small group of oppressors.

Compared to Gandhi, we have an easy time. We shall not be killed by thousands, or imprisoned by hundreds of thousands. And we live in a much higher collective consciousness vibration than in the beginning of the twentieth century.

So, what are we waiting for? Are you ready for this?

What a magical time to be alive.

One Love
X Robert

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Reaching your goals

Achieve your goals? Make it happen!

Postpone. A silent killer. But who doesn’t procrastinate? I’ll give you five strategies for achieving your goals by taking action.

“Some people want it to happen

Some wish it would happen

Others make it happen”

It is sometimes said that 95% of mankind does not achieve what they want or can achieve because of procrastination. On the other hand, there would be 5% who do manage to achieve their goals. This 5% is successful in (almost everything) they undertake.

Surveys, no matter how thoroughly done, can always deviate slightly from reality, but personally I think this particular survey comes close to the truth. From my own observation, I think I can distinguish three categories of people:

  1. People who don’t want to grow, have no desire for self-development and think everything is fine.
  2. People who really want to grow and develop, but for whom it is difficult or not always successful.
  3. People who grow and develop no matter what.

Do you belong to group 2? Then this blog is written especially for you.


Longing for something you don’t have is bad luck, right? So how can you pursue goals? A point about which, understandably, you may be confused.

The Buddha said:

The secret to being unhappy is having what you don’t want and wanting what you don’t have.”


So if you have goals you would like to achieve, if you want to take action and get things done, it is important that you are first satisfied with your life as it is now. That you accept what you have and what you don’t (yet) have. Only from this acceptance can you achieve your goals without having to fear that you will not succeed. After all, your life is already good.

Taking the above into account -and that is the paradox- it is also vital that you are hungry for what you want to achieve. Your hunger and desire gives you the power to make the goal you seek, the desired outcome, come true. In other words, be happy and content with what you have, but at the same time be hungry for your goal. Just don’t get attached to the outcome: whether or not you achieve your goal should not affect your sense of happiness. Whatever the outcome, it’s good either way.


There are two major misconceptions when it comes to achieving your goals. The most important of these is that failure should not be allowed. Look familiar? Failure is the worst thing that can happen to many people. So much so, that the fear of failure keeps people from growing.

The second misconception, is that discipline and willpower are the way to growth and development. If you don’t possess these characteristics you might as well quit.

“Success is 99% failure.”

The above quote is from Soichiro Honda, founder of the automobile and motorcycle factories of the same name. And he was right. In the Netherlands, failure is terrible. People who fail are failures. Because of this collective view, many people stop pursuing their goals when things don’t work out for a while. And yet it is precisely at these crucial moments that perseverance is of the utmost importance: you are so close! There is no artist, athlete or scientist who has not failed time and time again before breaking through.

Dare to fail; rejoice! Only then will you eventually get where you want to be.

Discipline and willpower are very useful qualities when you want to get things done. However, they are temporary features and they also cost a lot of energy. Remember: even the most strong-willed people eventually break down if they don’t have a stable strategy. They won’t last. Setbacks become sledgehammer blows, resilience and flexibility disappear and giving up or becoming burnt out are the consequences.

Motivation, inspiration and strategy are far greater and more sustainable forces than discipline and willpower when it comes to manifesting your desires.

It’s about being strategic. We can learn from top-class sport: top-class athletes do not focus on winning or losing the match, but on the process of becoming better and better. Every game is an opportunity for growth, regardless of the outcome. It’s because of that attitude that matches are won. And does a top athlete not win the competition, but has he or she improved a personal record or experienced other growth? Then it’s a valuable profit.

I would like to introduce you to five strategies for achieving your goals that I have based on five laws of nature. Natural laws, like the law of gravity, are inexorable and insurmountable. If you try to deviate from it, you make it extremely difficult for yourself. So if you go with it and work with it correctly, you make it much easier on yourself. Unfortunately, laws of nature are often unknown to most people. We’re going to make a difference today.

Take the following example: you want to write a book, but experience resistance and reluctance every time you sit down to do so. You may feel the fear that it won’t work out after all; you’ll make a few classic mistakes that can be circumvented by the right strategies.



If there is one thing certain in life, it is that everything is constantly vibrating – or vibrating. Everything around us is energy: everything consists of vibrating molecules and atoms. The air you breathe and even your thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) consist of and because of energy.

Every vibration has a certain frequency (so do you). The interesting thing is that different aspects of you can vibrate at different frequencies.

You can have a very high vibration in your career and be chairman of the board of a multinational, but at the same time vibrate physically at a very low frequency, be overweight and have unhealthy eating patterns. You can vibrate at a very high frequency spiritually and experience compassion and bliss, while in your relationship you are constantly upset by your low vibration on that level. In short, it is essential that you manage your vibration in all areas of life.

Each vibrational frequency has an energy gateway to the next layer. Writing a book, for example, is such a gateway. Once you have published a book you vibrate (within that aspect) on a different frequency and attract other people and experiences: think of co-authors, publishers and so on.

An important, complex project at work, can be the energy gateway to the next career frequency. Optimizing your body can be the gateway to a whole new fit and energetic physical frequency. When you see it that way, it can be an enormous motivation to make what you put off come true. It is the gateway to a new phase in your life, a step closer to your goal.

Strategy & Action:

Map out the approximate frequency at which you vibrate per area of life. Within the Bridgeman Method, we distinguish ten life areas: Personal growth, Health & physical, Relationships & love, Professional development & career, Spiritual development, Training and courses, Finances, Self-confidence & life challenges, Home & family and Giving & contributing to the world. Go over each life area what it takes to get to the next frequency and see if it is one of the projects you are putting off. Use this information to motivate yourself.


It is important that you follow what you want. That you are confident that it will work and that you have a good plan to achieve a product or result.

In the example I outlined earlier in this blog, I long for books, theater shows, and a movie. I am 100% confident that they will all be successes and I have a plan in place for both books, the show and the movie. Following that plan is the process.

Step by step, whenever there is inspiration and time. I have a clear vision of the end product: I can see, feel and hear it. With that I put an image in the field and I can let the law of attraction do its work. I’m already vibrating on the frequency of what I want to achieve. Essential is that I am willing to let go every moment. If one of the projects is unexpectedly unsuccessful, then I have not failed, but learned. In doing so, I surround myself with people who are already vibrating at the right frequency. Writers when it comes to books, theatre makers when it comes to theatre and so on. We’re picking up each other’s vibrations. Not for nothing is the saying:

Tell me which 5 people you hang out with the most and I can tell you how you’re doing’.

Strategy & Action:

Make a list: not a to-do list (that’s a thing of the past) but a creation list. A list of everything you want to accomplish: You use this list in much the same way as a to-do list. You look at it daily and take action on the points you can take action on. The difference is that you simultaneously visualize the outcome of the points and trust that they will become reality. For each point, think about whether there are other people who could do this for you and what you could do for them in return. In this way, let what is on your list come into being.


The law of rhythm says that everything comes and goes, rises and falls. The same goes for the inspiration and commitment you need to do or develop something. You can’t force yourself to sit down and work if your system isn’t ready for that at the time. Therefore, let go of the idea that things have to be done a certain way at a certain time. The most important thing is to make the decision that you are going to do this project and finish it.

I am currently writing two books (my fifth and sixth), developing a theatre programme and making a documentary using this system. I’ve decided that I’m going to publish those books and the movie is a done deal. Now I let go of the outcome and take the steps necessary for it as it presents itself.

The inspiration for my books comes and goes. Sometimes I have a sudden inspiration and write 20,000 words in a day. Then I have another two weeks of no inspiration and do other things. It’s not about whether things get done: it’s about whether the process is up and running.

Strategy & Action:

Look at your creation list each day and feel what inspires you most to do things that day. You’ll notice that some days project x will suddenly be on the rise and everything you need to do for it will flow effortlessly from your hands. The next day is more suitable for project y. Afternoons are good for different actions than mornings. Experience what works best for you.


So above, so below. So in, so out. Everything in the Universe is connected to each other. In consciousness, but also on a material level. Suppose you would look at the earth from the moon, then you would see one small ball in an immense space. On that sphere, separations are an illusion: it is one organism of which all people, energies, thoughts and actions are a part.

Eckhardt Tolle says beautifully: You are the universe in the temporary appearance of a human being. Everything that happens outside of you, also happens inside of you and vice versa. This makes your outside world a kind of mirror, a dashboard on which you can read how your inner world is doing.

When it gets very busy outside of yourself, it makes sense to look for peace within yourself. What’s really going on? You might ask yourself. If you experience a lot of stress because you want to or have to meet certain deadlines, is that right? Or have you imposed yourself from willpower that this is how it should be?

If things seem to be getting too much, let them go. Go and do something else: meditate, go for a walk, have a beer with a friend – I’ll tell you what. Don’t take your life so seriously, your environment is a reflection of yourself and that environment starts with your thoughts, emotions, personality and physical body. You have it. You’re not it.

Strategy & Action:

Take a good look at your surroundings. Start from within, with the thoughts in your head, the state of your body, the emotions you feel. Go out from that starting point: to the relationships you have, your work, what’s coming up, your projects, deadlines and other people’s opinions. Observe the bumps and strains. In what areas is it not right, where does it go wrong in your life. Follow those tensions inward and examine where they come from. Do the same with the projects you’re putting in front of you. Where in yourself are you blocking? What fear, emotional blockage, limiting thought or belief is holding you back from achieving your goals?


All animal species -and therefore all humans- are by definition pain-avoiding and pleasure-seeking. This is an ancient survival system in your brain: our brain is a survival device. That serves you primarily to stay alive and reproduce. You can also use it to become happier and develop yourself, but that only comes secondarily.

Deep in your brain is the Pain-Generation-Principle, the PGP. This mechanism traditionally avoids pain – after all, that can mean death. It seeks pleasure at the same time. That could mean something to eat or a chance to reproduce.

When you procrastinate, it means that somewhere in your brain pain is linked to the project you’re putting off, for example because it’s something new that you don’t yet know how it works. Or because it seems like a lot of work, while you associate work with pain. It may also be that the fear of failure with its associated pain is stagnant. Either way, the key is to reverse engineer the PGP and learn how to use it. You do this by linking pleasure stimuli to the outcome of your project: if you make it clear to your brain how nice and tasty it will be when you have achieved your goal, you ensure that your brain will pursue this pleasure and help you to turn your project into reality.

Strategy & Action:

Make sure you are sitting or lying down comfortably. Close your eyes and visualize your project as successful. See in your mind’s eye what life will be like when your project is completed. Feel how you feel. See how people treat you, what opportunities arise because you have passed through this energy gate, what new people you meet and how good that feels. Make this image-with-feeling as strong as possible and add all the pleasure stimuli you can think of for yourself. You can exaggerate as much as you want. Every time you look at your project with a negative charge, don’t see it coming or feel reluctance, repeat this enjoyment visualization.


You now have five rock-solid strategies for achieving your goals. It’s time for action. If you work with the above strategies every day for a week or three, you will give yourself a chance to integrate them into your life. If you want help with it, turn to a Lighter Life Coach trained by me.

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The Truth

In this day and age, polarization on Earth seems to have increased dramatically. It’s been a long time since people and opinions were so opposed to each other as they are now. Some swear by empirical science. Only what can be perceived with the senses is truth. The other believes he or she is a soul, communicates with aliens, and works with energy. A third is convinced that everything is one and that duality, time and space do not exist. Who’s right?

All three are correct. There is no single truth. The reality we live in is multidimensional. There are numerous truths that coexist. For the purposes of this article, we will divide them into three groups. The relative reality, the spiritual reality and the absolute reality.

Relative reality

Within this truth exists only what you can perceive. Only what can be scientifically proven with multiple double-blind research publications, involving randomized subjects, that are also peer reviewed. This is the reality of everyday life. The dimension of time and space, of duality and opposites and of good and evil.

Man is a physical being, death is the end and consciousness arises in the brain. The planet we live on is a resource and all life is subservient to humans. Free will is a high good to which every human being is entitled and is associated with the brain.

The spiritual reality

This truth assumes that relative reality is a hologram, or a matrix. Human reality has an origin in the Soul. Man is an eternal being in the temporary form of a person. A person with karma, guides and higher gifts. The Universe is vast and multidimensional. There are countless other civilizations living on other planets. Mother Earth is a living being that is changing in vibration to new dimensions.

Humanity is moving into this new frequency, a process that is described as: 3D to 5D. Duality exists in a much lighter form. Good and evil translate into light and darkness. Consciousness is the field in which everything happens. The brain is a receiver and a translator of the collective field. Free will springs from within the Soul and determines how life is experienced. Everything is a choice. Man is creator of his own existence.

The absolute reality

Everything is one. Duality does not exist (non-duality). Time and space are illusions that have sprung up in the human mind. Also, different dimensions do not actually exist. There is no inside and no outside, no yin and no yang, no coincidence and no Soul. Everything is a large collective awareness, in which phenomena appear and disappear spontaneously and through cause and effect. The eternal NOW.

Free will does not exist. There is no form of Self to which free will can be related. Man is the I AM (Advaita Vedanta), the Buddha nature (Buddhism) and the Spirit (Gnosis).

These three realities are increasingly merging in this day and age. Despite the polarization, more and more people seem to be awakening from relative reality. They experience that there is more than can be demonstrated by the senses.

Also, the realization dawns that the world we live in is a Matrix, an illusion that in fact does not exist. The spiritual reality reveals itself. Often the realisation dawns fairly quickly that everything is one. Absolute reality mixes with relative and spiritual reality. The conditions for self-realization have been laid down.

Embrace the three realities

Each of these three realities are limited in themselves. If you only believe in what can be proven scientifically, then you are missing out on a great deal of life. When you believe only in the reality of the Soul, you miss the essence of unity. But, when you only believe in the absolute unity, you miss the expressions of that unity in the other two realities.

The Bridgeman Method embraces these three realities consisting of scientific research, spirituality and non-dualism. Together, these three fields form the pieces of the puzzle that leads to the HOMO UNIVERSALIS. The new man. The master of three worlds.

Live long and prosper!

Warm greetings,

Robert Bridgeman

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